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After decades of exploring San Francisco, we've meticulously turned even the most well-hidden of stones. We've eaten the best foods, lounged in top parks, worked with the most-experienced craftspeople and practiced with the greatest coaches. With such a tenured knowledge of this great city, SFist has dedicated itself to providing guides for you to access the best of everything San Francisco has to offer - even if it means we'll have to wait in longer lines for our favorite, unknown taqueria or dim sum from now on.

Best Food & Drinks in S.F.

Best Sushi Best Bakeries Best Xiao Long Bao (Soup Dumplings) Best Chinese Restaurants
Best Pasta Best Bagels Best Taco Tuesday Best Ramen
Best Hook Up Bars Best Ice Cream Best Candy & Chocolate Store Best Cocktail Bars
Best Korean Restaurants Best Chinese Noodles Best Burritos Best Cheap Eats
Best Bloody Marys Best French Fries Best Tacos Best SFO Food
Best Fried Chicken Best Piano Bars Best Bars with Views Best Bay Area Pizza
Best Local Breweries Best Steakhouses Best Wine Bars Best Vegan Restaurants
Best Veggie Burgers Best Pizza SF Best Mac & Cheese

Best Shops in S.F.

Best Tattoo Shops Best Spas Best Women's Clothing Boutiques Best Marijuana Stores
Best Wine Stores Best Suit Makers Best Local Fashion Labels Best Shoe Stores
Best Flower Shops Best Adult Toy Stores Best Record Stores

Best Places in S.F.

Best Music Venues Best Movie Theaters Best Private Clubs Best Swimming Pools
Best Urban Hikes Best Dog Parks Best Local Theaters Best Sunny Places
Best Bay Area Tattoo Shops Best Independent Bookstores Best Public Restrooms Best Hikes in North & East Bay
Best Niche Museums Best Museums

Best Services in S.F.

Best Locksmiths Best Debt Equity Companies Best Residential Real Estate Agents Best Advertising Firms

Best Miscellaneous in S.F.

Best Stand Ups Best Quotes about SF Best Hip Hop Tracks about SF Best Oakland Date Nights
Best Murders Best Bike Rides Best Local SF Legends Best Songs about SF
Best SF-Centric Novels Best LGBTQ Parties & Clubs Best Storytelling Events Best Things to Do