It's no secret that San Franciscans love dogs. You might not know this, but SF was even named the top dog-friendly city by Veterinary Practice News a few years back. In fact, there's a saying, "San Francisco has more dogs than children," and in a 2020 report, San Francisco was found to have 139.87 dogs per 1000 residents - the third highest in the nation. Per Census data, only about 13.4% of our population are children, so while the numbers are certainly close, the fact remains: SF loves dogs. We were number one for dog-friendly restaurants, and ranked among the top few for pup-based infrastructure, number of parks, and more, so it stands to reason that we probably have some of the world's best dog walkers, too. The list below includes SFist's picks for the top San Francisco dog walking teams. Why is this list free to read?

Fido Spot
#1 of 11 Best San Francisco Dog Walkers

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Pack Play as low as $27 / walk
(No Minimum)

Highly ranked by doggie-owners and loved by their dogs, Fido Spot is SFist's top-dog walker in San Francisco. This close-knit team emphasizes fun and good behavior in all of their dog pack play sessions, whether on- or off-leash, each of which is an option for your pup. Fido Spot makes scheduling walks easy with just a couple of clicks through their web portal and mobile app walk planner. They not only offer dog walking services, but they also provide boarding, grooming, and training. Each dog walker at Fido Spot is carefully vetted with background checks and references, and he or she must also go through a rigorous training program before being allowed to handle dog packs. Dog Pack Play sessions are walked in manageable groups with like-sized or personality compatible dogs to allow socializing and playing together in a safe and fun environment. Bad weather won't be a problem either with the company's dog walkers who are dependable, rain or shine. Owners will come home to dogs that are happy and more relaxed, having spent all that excess energy on fun and exercise. This app-based dog walking company provides convenient and affordable services.

Sniff SF
#2 of 11 Top Dog Walking Companies SF

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Group Excursions = $45 / walk

Sniff San Francisco is a dog walking and daycare company based in San Francisco, California. They have been ranked as the Best Dog Walking Service among dog walkers in San Francisco by Thumbtack two years back to back. They are fully licensed and are insured by Pet Sitters Associates. Sniff San Francisco dog walking employs outings that are customized to the individual needs of different dogs. Free consultations are available for clients to ensure that any concerns or issues are resolved. Training & boarding services are also provided. The company is also involved in several charity efforts to local animal rescue centers and to other causes, such as the Clean Air Pledge, where net proceeds are donated to the Bay Area to improve air quality.

Citizen Hound
#3 of 11 Leading Dog Daycare Services in SF

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$135 to $205 / Week
(5-Days / Week Min.)

Citizen Hounds is a certified pet daycare facility that offers quality care for furry friends. The company in San Francisco has trained staff who provide plenty of love, attention, and playtime to keep the dogs happy, healthy, and entertained all day. Citizen Hounds offers various services, including dog walking, feeding/watering, and providing playtime in one of our many play yards. The company stands out from other dog walkers due to the ability to have a good relationship with the pets and the clients who own the pets. Pet daycare SF also offers dog training facilities, and the client is in a position to have the dog training schedule from their phone.

#4 of 11 Top-Notch SF Dog Walkers

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Off-Leash Adventure = $50
(3 Walk Min.)

PrimePaw is a San Francisco-based San Francisco Dog Walkers. They will be able to provide professional, caring, and quality service for your furry friends. They pride themselves on providing excellent customer service and taking care of the best interests of their clients. Prime Paw goes the extra mile for all their clients, including training plans to suit everyone’s needs and specialized services that fit any lifestyle. They offer 24-hour drop-in pet care, overnight pet sitting, and 4-hour dog walks. San Francisco Dog Walkers will provide the best care for your pets. They also offer grooming services for your pets. They are passionate and equipped with the tools to provide the best care for your furry friends. They are dedicated and professional in their work. Prime Paw offers flexibility to their clients and will accommodate special requests for different lifestyles such as work schedules, vet care options, or holidays.

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#5 of 11 Best Dog Walking Companies SF

WAGS is a company in San Francisco that takes care of dogs. They offer boarding, grooming, and walking. Boarding is on a 2-acre ranch, so dogs have a lot of space to run and play off-leash. They conduct grooming near the front window, so people can watch the process. Finally, WAGS is the best dog walking company in the Bay Area. They take the dogs to the finest dog parks in the city for exercise and social interaction with other dogs. The company was started in 2002 by dog lovers Johnny and Tyler. They have many years of experience and good testimonials from their customers.

Gotta Go
#6 of 11 Top Dog Daycare Services in SF

Dogs are a part of the family for many people, and when you have to go out of town, it's important to have someone who can take care of your furry friend. That's where Gotta Go Dog Walkers in San Francisco comes in. They are among the best dog walkers in San Franciso due to the fact that their entire staff loves taking care of animals. They offer a variety of services that will make sure your dog is well taken care, whether its while you're away on a trip or busy during the work day. There are a lot of dog walkers in Francisco, but not all of them are created equal. Gotta Go Dog Walkers is one of the best of the best. They love dogs and they take care of them like they're our own. Gotta Go offers a variety of services, including daily walks, feeding, and watering, providing fresh bedding and toys, and even taking them to the vet if necessary. They'll make sure your dog is happy, healthy and tired from all the fun. If you're looking for the best dog walkers in Francisco, look no further. Contact Gotta Go today to learn more about their services.

Happy Tramps
#7 of 11 Leading SF Dog Walkers

Happy Tramps is one of the top-reviewed pet daycare in San Francisco. It boasts a team of certified dog experts who guarantee the health and safety of your dog throughout the day. The pet daycare SF also provides owners with photo and video updates of their dogs throughout the day. This way, you can watch your dog learn, play, and interact with other dogs. The pet daycare prides itself on providing personalized care for your dogs. Their dog experts build packs based on each dog's play style, size, and relationships. At Happy Tramp, there are several packages and rates from Monday to Friday, including on-leash walks, puppy visits, and group ventures. You can contact them for more on their rates and services.

Pet Camp
#8 of 11 Best Dog Daycare Services in SF

Pet Camp is a high-quality pet sitting service in the heart of California that specializes in short and long-term boarding for your pets. They have created a stylish, comfortable, and safe environment for your pet's home away from home. Their staff is experienced with all types of animals, including dogs and cats. Being the best San Francisco dog walkers, Pet Camp offers a unique service where they take your dog on an off-leash hike on the trails. They also provide an interactive and quality experience by providing your pet with quality playtime, socialization with other pets, healthy meals, and much more.

The Tiburon Dog Butler
#9 of 11 Top SF Dog Walkers

The Tiburon Dog Butler is a San Francisco-based dog walking company that offers professional, attentive, reliable, and environmentally conscious pet care services. The owners vet them and all of their staff members to ensure you're getting what you deserve regarding your furry friend. Their prices are fair, based on affordability and they have various flexible options for every individual's needs met in the most efficient time frame. The Tiburon Dog Butler offers doggy daycare and boarding services for dogs of all ages. They have a large play yard where your dog can run and play off-leash, providing ample room to socialize with other dogs and humans to learn to respect and respond to proper commands. They also offer private one-on-one dog training exercises centered around improving your dog's obedience as well as ensuring that they are in good health.

Roaming Hound
#10 of 11 Leading San Francisco Dog Walkers

Roaming Hound is a San Francisco-based dog walking company that offers high-quality, convenient, and affordable dog walking services. They are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for both our clients and their dogs. All Roaming Houds walkers are experienced professionals who love dogs and are passionate about providing excellent service. They offer a variety of dog walking services, including private walks, group walks, and puppy visits. Roaming Hounds also offers dog sitting, dog training, and dog daycare services.

#11 of 11 Top-Notch Dog Walking Companies SF

LoLo's is a trusted pet daycare SF option for those looking for someone to care for their pet when they cannot do that. Pets that are cared for by LoLo's receive love from someone who has experience dealing with pets and who enjoys interacting with them. The pets that are part of this daycare experience are given attention, the chance to run around and exercise, and the food and medication that they need to stay healthy. This pet daycare option is one that offers peace of mind to those who need to spend some time away from their pet and want to know that their pet will be in good health when they pick them up again.



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