From Kenny G in a clock tower to parties in Pacific Heights castles, these 11 event planners have created unique experiences throughout San Francisco. On numerous, less-fortunate occasions, poorly planned events have turned into public spectacles. Lest we forget the tragic comedy of Fyre Festival or the much more grave outcome of the Altamonte Festival of 1969, the importance of hiring experienced and well-prepared event planners can make or break your day.

Glow Events
#1 of 11 Best Event Planners

At Glow Events, they recognize that the most special days are the ones that we spend with our friends and family. However, they also understand that they can be the most migraine inducing. Offering a full range of services, they assure that they will take care of even the most minute detail. From the venue to budget, start up to clean up, they have got it taken care of. They customize their pricing and never approach a wedding, special holiday, or social occasion the same way. Working on a timeline and budget that works best for you. Glow prides themselves on being able to work with even the fragmented design ideas you might have in your head. Why? Because they are dedicated to giving you an event that both looks great, and works flawlessly.

Shannon Leahy Events
#3 of 11 Leading Wedding & Event Planners

While everyone knows that wedding planning is one of the most stressful undertakings out there, it is all for a good cause. So you can have a beautiful and fun party to celebrate the beginning of your new life! No one understands that more than Shannon Leahy of Shannon Leahy Event Design & Planning. Renowned for her calm and relaxed demeanor, she vows that you will have stress-free experience that you can look back on with joy for the rest of your life. She can back up these claims too. She has been featured in numerous magazines and blogs praising her for her ability to completely transform any space into the most magical place on earth, all while making sure you and your guests have the time of your lives.

Alison Events
#4 of 11 Top-Notch Events Coordinators

Alison Events Planning and Design know that it is nearly impossible to enjoy your event while still managing to make sure that things are running smoothly. That’s why they take care of all the behind the scenes things and let you enjoy the party that you deserve. Whether you are seeking a destination wedding across the world, or have a local business party that needs sprucing up, this global event planning firm will work tirelessly to ensure that your every need has been met. They consider you and their vendors as their friends, and they work like it. Ensuring that no compromise is made, and that you get the best event for your budget with any aesthetic you want.

Event Solutions
#5 of 11 Top Event Planners

By listening to your objectives and expectations, Event Solutions is able to provide a customized product that both meets your expectation and saves you money. Offering a wide service of event planning, they are prepared for the unique, intimate destination wedding, or the largest, most impressive corporate party. With their specialty in floral design, they are able to create certain aesthetics that other’s outsourcing can’t possibly match. They pride themselves on their creativity and ability to handle every detail so you can rest easy and have fun surrounded by the vision that you started with not that long ago. From beginning to end, Event Solutions offers a seamless and enjoyable experience at even the most fixed budget.

The staff at SFist is regularly invited to events throughout the SF Bay Area. From product launch parties to restaurant openings to the occasional socialite gathering held in a rich guy's Pacific Heights castle (if that's your thing), we've seen events range from grungy to 'Kenny G at the top of a clock tower.' Regardless, of the purpose or intended aesthetic, the best events are always managed by one of SF's many talented event planners.

Besides the obvious, there is a multitude of reasons that events with experienced planners turn out better than their amateur equivalents.

  1. Budget Management
  2. Vision Mapping
  3. Cost Savings
  4. Risk (And Disaster) Mitigation
  5. Aesthetic Attainment
  6. Day-of Relaxation

#6 of 11 Leading Event Planning Companies

At Inspire, they have tasked themselves with providing the best and most affordable services that they can. Specializing in company picnics, corporate conventions, and galas, they seek to impress, or dare say, inspire, their guests and seek to give them an experience that they will remember for years to come. They’re comprised of a diverse and highly reviewed team that pledges to work tirelessly to bring your vision to life. With packages and prices that are suitable for every kind of budget. Planning is a no brainer at Inspire, allowing you to relax and enjoy your event while they handle everything from start to finish.

Kennedy Events
#7 of 11 Top-Notch Wedding & Event Planners

Specializing in corporate events, Kennedy Events excels whether they are working behind or in front of the scene. They offer a high level of service by utilizing their 20+ years experience and systems that have proven to be tried and true. Kennedy solves your problems before you are even aware they are there. Instead, you get to enjoy your event that they assure will exceed your expectations. All you have to do is to meet with them, craft your vision together while agreeing on a comfortable budget, and then they take care of the rest. They prove that strategy is just as important as style, and they continue to succeed in the San Francisco area.

Anna Marie
#8 of 11 Best Events Coordinators

Based upon their recent success, it is no surprise that Anna Marie Events was ranked as number 4 on San Francisco Business Times Fastest Growing Private Companies. They encourage prospective clients to seek out their previous clients and ask them; Anna Marie provides the utmost service. Basing their reputation on their professionalism and sheer creativity. Anna and her experienced team of professionals offer clients their 20+ years of experience, and a network of professionals that are willing to negotiate to make sure that you have an event that you can remember, at a price that you can afford.

#9 of 11 Leading Event Planners

Looking at ABCey’s client list, it is easy to see that they have the experience to back up their promise that there is no event that they can’t handle. Big corporate launch parties or small conferences, they have got you covered. They claim to know every spot in the city and have a dedication to ensuring that you get the best results possible. Ensuring that your event with them will blow away even the most unwilling participants. ABCey cares about their event’s guests and understands that they define how the event goes, and they tailor their experience to ensure that your guests leave fully impressed with your company.

Mandy Scott
#10 of 11 Top-Notch Event Planning Companies

With features in bridal magazines and even more awards, Mandy Scott has consulted with a variety of high class clients with both her wedding planning and corporate function skills. She understands that working with you is a privilege, and works tirelessly to ensure that you are happy with your event. She promises to give you her closest attention and care when it comes to helping you with your upcoming function. Starting as a hard working entrepreneur, Mandy has proven herself to be able to handle any variety of complications that come her way.

Alicia K Design
#11 of 11 Best Wedding & Event Planners

With smart yet hip designs, Alicia K Designs has been recognized as one of the original San Francisco’s first event planning companies. They capture your guests attention and have them leaving with a lasting impression, and memories they will cherish for a lifetime. Their Dream Team is packed full of experienced and hardworking professionals that will work tirelessly to make sure that your wedding or special event is as stress free as possible. Offering a wide variety of services, it is easy to see why many consider them the one place to go for all of their event planning needs.

The above list includes event planning service providers that SFist's staff believes in and trusts that they are highly capable of providing superior services. In some cases, they are the largest companies in this field in San Francisco. In some cases, variable listing fees effect the ranking position of the companies, but every one could be considered as a strong contender among the top moving companies in San Francisco. You should do your own research before selecting a company or individual to provide services to you. To learn more about SFist's classifieds listings read more here.

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