If you failed to find yourself a cuddle buddy or f**kfriend to tide you over the holidays, you're likely on the lookout for somebody to warm your bed during these chilly winter months. Below, we bring you a roundup of spots around town where you're most likely to get lucky almost any night of the week — depending, of course, on your standards and level of intoxication at the time. And we don't call them "singles bars" anymore, because c'mon now... we're in the capital of polyamory here.

The 500 Club
Part sports bar, part neighborhood watering hole, part Mission dive, the 500 Club is an unrivaled spot for any type of making out. Celebrate your connection with a first kiss while sitting at one of the booths and nursing a few PBRs. Make out with the cute boy you’ve been crushing on at your friend’s birthday party while posing for pictures in the photo booth. Get your grope on in the bathroom line. Whatever kind of improper behavior you care to do, you can do it at the 500 Club. — Katie Sweeney
500 Guerrero Street at 17th Street


It's been long heralded as one of the spots to see and be seen at happy hour, assuming you're a dress-up-for-work type and tend to gravitate toward bougier kinds of cocktails establishments. The Embarcadero-adjacent patio at Americano is especially hopping in nice weather, pretty much every night after work, and this hotel bar offers plenty of space to mingle for the late-20s to late-30s set, especially for finance bros and well dressed women who work in marketing and PR. Make sure to bring a gregarious wingman/wingwoman, because this isn't the kind of place where someone's just randomly going to start making out with you. — Jay Barmann
Hotel Vitale, 8 Mission Street at the Embarcadero

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You know what list Badlands will never get on? Best Bars in San Francisco. Or even Best Gay Bars in San Francisco. It is, as it's always been, a video/dance bar with a popular happy hour that plays the Britney-to-Whitney canon ad nauseam, and its twin sister bar across the street Toad Hall is much the same with the addition of a smoking patio out back. But if you're in the market for a certain kind of drunken hookup, especially with a tourist in town from Europe on a weeknight, this is going to be your best bet because gay tourists do not venture outside the Castro, and this is where they always, always end up. Just be sure to explain to them how to get back to their hotel from your apartment once the deed is done. — Jay Barmann
4121 18th Street between Castro and Collingwood

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Bar None
Quite possibly the frattiest of all the Marina bars is Bar None. However, there is a time and a place for each and every long-standing San Francisco institution and Bar None, like your favorite frat house in college, shines for its late night make-out scene. Whether you’re pressed up against the skee-ball machine or spread eagle on a barstool in the front patio, Bar None is a great spot for getting your kiss on. — Katie Sweeney
1980 Union Street at Buchanan

Tianyu L.via Yelp

Buckshot is a bar unafraid to be itself. Let that serve as an example for you and your "game." An Inner Richmond favorite, this dive sports skee-ball and a dance floor, the kind that's not isolated in another room but just at the back of the bar. You know about the implications and possible outcomes of dancing. Also note that Buckshot, per its name, has put a lot of emphasis on taxidermy, which could probably be seen as sexy in a hunting lodge by the fire on a rug sort of way.—Caleb Pershan
3848 Geary Boulevard at 3rd Avenue

Photo courtesy of Double Dutch

Double Dutch
Feel like busting a move before locking lips with the hottie across the room? Nineties throwback bar Double Dutch is dark and dirty. The dancefloor moves like an episode of MTV’s The Grind and the crowd is young, single, and ready to mingle. Be warned, however, the bouncers run a tight ship and anyone who is too drunk and caught making out with multiple randoms could be subject to ejection from the bar. I may or may not be speaking from experience. — Katie Sweeney
3192 16th Street at Guerrero

Photo: Courtesy of Dalva/Hideout

The Hideout at Dalva
The semi-secret back bar at Dalva is moody and sexy, with low lighting and red-painted walls. If your meetup happens to be the best date of your life and you’ve already texted your best friend that you’re certain you’ve finally met The One, congrats! — it’s the opportune time to head to the Hideout. Nestled into one of the low tables with a potent nightcap for liquid courage, you'll want to go in for that memorable first kiss. — Katie Sweeney
3121 16th Street between Valencia and Guerrero

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Hi-Lo Club
When you think of Polk Street make-out spots, Kozy Kar and Mayes can be associated with the Tinder crowd, but the Hi-Lo Club, with its massive bar and laid-back vibe, is more of a League kind of place. However, like the other two bars, there’s no judgement at the Hi-Lo Club and plenty of shadowy spots for tongue tangoing. — Katie Sweeney
1423 Polk Street

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Holy Cow
Holy Cow isn’t the type of place you plan on going to, it’s the kind of spot you end up at when you’re almost blacked out and ready to grind up on a stranger while trying to lick their face off. Your night probably started with civilized drinks somewhere like Bar Agricole, then turned a little crazier with Jameson shots at Wish, then someone, that one friend who always makes poor decisions (maybe it was you?!) suggests you go dancing at Holy Cow. The next thing you know you wake up on top of your bed with your clothes on and it’s 6 a.m. and you can't remember anything except entering Holy Cow. You’re not a true San Franciscan until you’ve lived this experience. — Katie Sweeney
1535 Folsom Street near 11th

Kozy Kar
Waterbeds, stripper poles, and wallpaper that consists of pinups of naked women from the 70's screams make-out spot, am I right? If you've been eying that friend of a friend for some time now, go to Kozy Kar with your crew. Secure the prime waterbed truck in the back, and then, after you've had a few PBRs and shots of Fireball, roll over near your crush and make your move. Naked make-out at their place afterwards, optional! — Katie Sweeney
1548 Polk Street at Sacramento

Photo via Make-Out Room.

Make-Out Room
The name says it all, of course. This Mission District bar practically begs you to take part in the eponymous activity, and their calendar of live music and frequent Cumbia DJ's is sure to get you and every attractive stranger in the place on the dancefloor. Particularly of note is the weekly Slow Jams show hosted every Tuesday by San Francisco treasure DJ Primo. The show is free, and the deep 60's soul sets the perfect mood to find a like-minded hip shaker. Oh, and as it's not too loud in there, you should be able to hear what (if anything) your potential one-night stand has to say before you walk out into the night, dripping with sweat, to hail a cab to whichever apartment happens to be closer. — Jack Morse
3225 22nd Street at Mission Street

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Mayes Oyster House
If you want to get your dance on while making out with a hunky twentysomething or scantily clad social media slut, Mayes is the ideal spot for you. On Friday and Saturday nights, the dancefloor is packed with people in various stages of drunkenness getting their groove on. The best thing about Mayes is the crowd doesn’t give a fuck, so if you feel like making out with someone you know your mother will never approve of, go right ahead. And while you're at it, why not let him grab your ass while you're doing it? — Katie Sweeney
1233 Polk Street between Bush and Sutter

Mauna Loa via Facebook

Mauna Loa
The Marina dive with the Hawaiian theme has a few things going for it. It's something of a departure from the nearby frat row. It's "ratio" (of men to women, but you knew that) is pretty good, often 50-50. There's a nice front area for congregating and mingling, and if the odds aren't in your favor, the back is for consolation games of pool and Big Buck Hunter. The place looks old because it is: The bar has stood there since 1955. —Caleb Pershan
3009 Fillmore St between Union and Filbert Streets

Northstar Cafe via Facebook

Northstar Cafe
Your luck at this North Beach dive is boosted by your physical proximity to others. Packed in, you might just bump into somebody and start a conversation, which, I've been told, is the real world equivalent of "swiping right." Northstar is what most would call a neighborhood bar, not a hipster bar, and it's also a sports bar (its teams being the Buffalo Bills and the LSU Tigers).The liquid courage at Northstar is cheap and the crowd is friendly. —Caleb Pershan
1560 Powell Street between Vallejo Street and Green Street

The spray bottles come out during the underwear contest on Thursdays... Photo: Uel Renteria

The Powerhouse
As far as the gay scene is concerned, I'm sad to say there aren't a lot of down-and-dirty bars left in this town where it's still socially acceptable to make out with strangers and maybe shove a hand down their pants. But this, however, is something that happens pretty much nightly at The Powerhouse, either on the back dancefloor, in the way-back smoking patio, or right up against the bar under the nose of a go-go boy, beneath some porn playing on a screen in the ceiling. Sure you could find a drunk twink trying to make out with you any night of the week at Toad Hall in the Castro, and who knows what'll happen at any of the various party nights at Oasis or The Eagle. But for my money, if you're looking for the sluttiest gay scene in town that isn't a full-on sex party, it's The Powerhouse you're after (and you don't want to bring your girlfriends) — in particular, the Thursday Bulge party, and the monthly Beatpig, on third Saturdays. — Jay Barmann
1347 Folsom Street near 10th

R Bar
Divey, small, casual R Bar ranks as a top spot for you and your friend group to mingle with others and maybe swap squad members for the night. The place has stood its ground off the Polk Street strip since 1940, but the clientele doesn't appear to age at all, with post-college crowds still pouring in for Fernet shots (their specialty with a ginger beer back). You might need a few of those to fully appreciate the bizarre wall art. —Caleb Pershan
1176 Sutter Street between Larkin and Polk Streets

Photo: Yelp

When it comes to bustling Tenderloin spots with good cocktails and plenty of chances to meet people, Rye is a great bet on most evenings, especially after 9 p.m. It's been around about a decade now and thus is an established haunt, but tourists hiking up from Union Square mix their way in as well. Be warned that on weekends you're going to have to fight your way to get to the bar. — Jay Barmann
688 Geary Street at Leavenworth

The back couch at Tony Nik's. Photo: Facebook

Tony Nik’s
A favorite amongst the craft cocktail set, Tony Nik’s in North Beach is an old-school classic bar that’s equally awesome for a somewhat sober smooch early in the night or a full-on make-out sprawled on the back couch just before closing time. Again, possibly not speaking from personal experience. — Katie Sweeney
1534 Stockton Street

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