It somehow always feels like tax season is right around the corner. Yes, it's time to collect W-2s, so that your accountant can fill in Form 1099, and you can remain just as confused about the process as always. Did you know that optimal tax planning can actually save you money, just by structuring your business or accounts differently? These top SF tax planners may be able to help you analyze these strategies. Why is this list free?

Dimov Tax Specialists
Best Featured SF Tax Planners

An organized and integrated approach to tax planning necessitates a team of professionals with experience in corporate tax who are familiar with the unique tax issues faced by different companies and partnerships. Dimov Tax Specialists are experienced in all types of business entities that require federal tax filings and have the expertise required to manage your specific regulatory environment to produce desired results.

Pascual & Associates
Top Featured Tax Planners in SF

There can be much more to your tax liabilities than simply filing your taxes based on the current structure of your company. Pascual & Associates is well-versed in tax strategy and can help you craft a plan for your corporate structure that is most beneficial to your business and within your means to achieve. Their team work with your tax legal council to advise you on the steps to take. Pascual's staff will then help you implement your new systems carefully and diligently.

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Kaufmann Advisors
#1 of 11 Best Tax Professionals

Kaufmann Advisors is a San Francisco-based tax planning firm. It is certified in tax planning and offers custom-tailored tax plans and forward-looking tax strategies. Its main clientele is both investors and business owners. The firm strives to keep tax costs down, streamlining and simplifying expenses and operational costs to maximize income. Kaufmann Advisors will prepare and complete tax returns for its clients. It also holds monthly and quarterly meetings to update clients on their progress in the tax realm. This ongoing support helps clients see the tax implications of various business strategies that they are using and can help make the business more efficient.

Kelly Tax
#2 of 11 Top Tax Planners

Kelly Tax is a tax planner company with offices in both San Francisco and Pacifica. As a result, the firm can serve clients from a wide geographical area. The company aims to commit its full energy, expertise, and knowledge to each client. Kelly Tax prides itself on its tax planning services and goes beyond simple tax returns. Staying abreast of the latest trends and laws, the firm seeks to achieve optimal tax planning success at all times. The firm’s employees are continually educating themselves in the latest changes in compliance and regulations so that there will be no surprises come tax time.

Ekco Tax Services
#3 of 11 Leading Tax Planning Companies

By attending the latest seminars and tax informational presentations, the experts at Ekco Tax Services can deliver the highest-quality tax planning to their clients. Located in the city of San Francisco, Ekco Tax Services is a tax planning specialist. By meeting with clients regularly throughout the year, the firm can ensure that all tax situations are being optimized. It offers various tax solutions to its clients, including how to defer income effectively, reducing taxes on income, reducing taxes on gifts, and reducing taxes on income. Other planning strategies include splitting income, deferring tax liabilities, and using tax-exempt income as an advantage. Ekco Tax Services will customize these services to individual clients, helping each customer in a unique approach.

Burgess Financial Planning
#4 of 11 Top-Notch SF Tax Planners

Burgess Financial Planning is a licensed financial planner, based out of the city of San Francisco. It provides tax planning services to individuals as well as business owners across the greater Bay Area. Burgess Financial Planning takes a broad-stroke approach to its clients’ finances. Instead of specific stock recommendations, speculative investments, and insurance policies, it takes the whole financial picture into account. The firm provides a planning session, in which clients and the firm sit down and discuss the large-scale plan of the client. This includes whether the client should buy, sell, or rent a home, as well as what forms of passive income are best for retirement down the road.

Scott Porter
#5 of 11 Top Tax Professionals

Scott Porter is a certified public accountant providing tax planning services to individuals and businesses alike. It is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and serves clients from across the entire region. The company believes in continual planning for tax optimization, and planning goes beyond simply preparing a tax return for its clients. Individuals who come to Scott Porter can expect the firm to minimize tax obligations so that more money stays in the clients’ pockets. Business clients, meanwhile, can benefit from the firm’s services, as well. To decrease liabilities and strategic tax planning, Scott Porter can help businesses of all sizes and across all industries become more efficient.

Jutta Reichert Associates
#6 of 11 Leading Tax Planners

Jutta Reichart Associates is a full-service tax firm, providing tax planning solutions to individuals and businesses in San Francisco and beyond. The company offers a wide range of financial, accounting, and advisory services. The firm strives to be up to date on all of the latest tax law changes and to keep clients in compliance with regulations. Jutta Reichart Associates works with businesses at different stages of their development. The firm can identify the best paths to take to minimize tax impact and can work with clients every step of the way. Whether a client is buying or selling a business or is preparing for a merger, the firm will consider tax implications as it advises its clients.

Morling & Company
#7 of 11 Top-Notch Tax Planning Companies

Morling & Company has offices in both Larkspur and the city of San Francisco, so it can provide tax planning services on both sides of the Golden Gate. Through attending seminars and keeping up with tax legislation, the experts at Morling & Company can advise clients with confidence. Besides the filing of tax returns for individuals and businesses, the firm offers advisory and planning services throughout the year. This ensures that if any tax legislation is introduced mid-year, the company will alert clients and adjust the tax planning strategy going forward. Additionally, clients can use the firm’s website to find valuable information relating to tax planning.

Fog City Tax Prep
#8 of 11 Best SF Tax Planners

Fog City Tax Prep is a full-service tax preparation and planning company based in San Francisco. The firm provides a wide selection of tax planning services to clients, from tax preparation to tax returns. The company prides itself on quality tax advice and assistance for an affordable price. Fog City Tax Prep aims to find all possible deductions for its clients, who include individuals, small businesses, and partnerships. The company has been serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 2004 and has established a wide client base over the last 16 years. The firm will work with these clients monthly, quarterly, or at the frequency that each customer decides.

TaxPlus Financial Services
#9 of 11 Leading Tax Professionals

Located in the Castro district of San Francisco, TaxPlus Financial Services provides a wide array of tax planning opportunities to Bay Area clients. The firm offers a free consultation to prospective clients. During the consultation, TaxPlus Financial Services will evaluate clients’ personal or business tax needs and issues. The company provides individualized tax planning and works with each client to customize a working strategy for the entire year. This way, taxes will be minimized and any new changes to the tax law will be integrated into the plan. The company also offers further planning advice, including retirement planning and estate tax planning for longer horizons.

Pixel Financial Planning
#10 of 11 Top-Notch Tax Planners

Pixel Financial Planning, located in San Francisco, offers a complete selection of financial advisory services. Customers can schedule a free consultation to start the process. Additionally, meetings can be arranged online for customer convenience and can be held in person or through a video conference. Some of the tax planning services that the company provides are tax preparation, tax returns, as well as comprehensive financial planning. Clients can request different levels of tax planning consultations, ranging from hourly meetings to regular, year-round planning sessions. The firm aims to keep pricing transparent, develop customized tax plans for individuals and businesses while maintaining a high fiduciary standard at all times.

Axiom Advisory
#11 of 11 Best Tax Planning Companies

Axiom Advisory is a tax planning and financial advisory firm, serving the entire San Francisco Bay Area. The firm prides itself on being fee-only and fiduciary. This means that no commissions are being made on specific recommendations made to clients. Its team of CPAs is trained and knowledgeable in the latest tax legislation and regulations. The firm maintains regular meetings with the client to ensure seamless tax planning over the entire year, not just around Tax Day. Axiom Advisory strives to incorporate the latest technology into its planning strategy, which can help clients budget their money, manage investments, and save taxes across all of their finances.



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