If you're like me, your accountant is somebody who you don't really want to have to think about too often. Just keep my books & taxes in order, and I will leave you alone! It is for this very reason that finding one of the Best Accounting Firms is worth putting time and effort into. Find a great accountant now, and let them take care of their work from that point on. The list below might help you with that process. Why is this list free?

Pascual & Associates
Top Featured Accounting Services Companies in SF

Pascual & Associates is a CPA firm that offers a full-stack of accounting services. Their experienced team can help growing and established businesses in the processes of bookkeeping, tax preparation, general accounting, tax strategy planning, and even have outsourced CFO services to help businesses with governance. Pascual's team of experts are among the best in San Francisco's accounting sector.

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Outsourced CFO Services

Duan Wei-Maynez, CPA
#1 of 26 Best Accountants

With two San Francisco Bay Area locations serving clients throughout the region, Duan Wei-Maynez, CPA offers a full suite of financial services. These offerings include business services of all kinds. Small business accounting, payroll services, and cash flow management are some examples of their business services. The company also performs audits, reviews, and compilations. Its clients include entrepreneurs, business owners, and non-profit organizations. Duan Mei-Waynez, CPA also offers many tax solution services to individuals and businesses. This includes individual tax returns, business tax preparation, and IRS and state tax audit representation. The website also offers free quotes for both prospective individual and business clients.

Kelly Tax
#2 of 26 Top Accounting Companies

Kelly Tax SF is a San Francisco-based tax services company with over 25 years in the industry. The firm serves clients in the City, Pacifica, and other Bay Area environs. Kelly Tax SF offers both personal and business tax solution services. On the personal tax front, the company will prepare taxes, complete audit assistance, and navigate tax issues for multiple-state returns. Additionally, the company will work with K1 filings, rental property tax situations, and completes several small business tax services. Besides individuals, other clients include non-profit organizations and larger corporations. The company also specializes in business entity consultations, as well as LLC, S-Corp, and partnership tax scenarios.

Lindi Business Services
#3 of 26 Leading Accounting Firms

Located in the city of San Francisco, Lindi Business Services provides a wide range of accounting services to its clients. These clients include business owners, executives, and individuals. The firm strives to keep costs down while maintaining high quality in its services. Lindi Business Services offers a free consultation to interested customers, as well. It has several specialty areas, such as taxes, business services, QuickBooks, and individual financial services. Its tax offerings include tax preparation and planning, as well as providing solutions to any tax issues that arise. The company’s business services include small business accounting, payroll, and part-time CFO services. It offers a wide selection of services and training relating to QuickBooks. Individuals can access many different services, as well, including estate planning and tax preparation.

Pegasus Tax & Accounting
#4 of 26 Top-Notch SF Accountants

Pegasus Tax & Accounting is an accounting and bookkeeping services firm headquartered in South San Francisco. The firm works with a wide range of clients, ranging from individuals through large corporations. It aims to tackle any size tax or accounting project that clients may bring. It specializes in bookkeeping services and has a vast selection of these services available to customers. Some of these include payroll processing, bank reconciliation, financial statement preparation, income statements, and balance sheets. For individuals, Pegasus Tax & Accounting will prepare taxes, as well as provide tax planning. The firm is also well-versed in QuickBooks and can provide training, answers, and setup for its clients.

H & C Enterprise
#5 of 26 Top Accountants

H & C Enterprise is a tax service company, located in the city of San Francisco. It is planning to open a new office in Concord so that clients across the entire Bay Area region can access the firm’s services. The company has been in operation in the area since 2002 and offers tax services for individuals, partnerships, and corporations. Tax specialty areas include tax preparation, planning, and answering any complicated tax-related questions that come up throughout the year. H & C Enterprise also provides many business services. Some business services are a full selection of accounting solutions, payroll services, and sales tax returns. Additionally, the company serves as a Notary Public.

Riley Robert Lee
#6 of 26 Leading Accounting Companies

Riley Robert Lee is a CPA with offices in San Francisco and Sausalito. He is a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor and provides a full suite of tax and financial services to his clients. He offers tax solutions and financial advice to both individuals and businesses. Riley Robert Lee strives to be up to speed in the latest tax preparation, bookkeeping, and tax planning technology. His goal is to minimize paperwork, digitize information, and streamline business and individual tax situations. Additionally, he offers seminars regularly to clients, so that they can be informed with current trends and solutions for various financial needs.

Dimov Tax Specialists
#7 of 26 Top-Notch Accounting Firms

Dimov Tax Specialists is a comprehensive accounting firm offering a diverse selection of financial services. The company has been in business for 12 years and serves the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Customers can choose from an assortment of services, tailored to either individuals or corporations. The firm is comprised of many experts, including tax attorneys, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents. Depending on their needs, clients can choose from tax planning and preparation services, accounting, audits, bookkeeping, and representation. Some of its business services include LLC taxation, corporate taxation, quarterly estimated taxes, and real estate accounting. Dimov Tax Specialists also prides itself on its diverse team of employees.

Kaufmann Advisors
#8 of 26 Best SF Accountants

Kaufmann Advisors provides a full suite of accounting and financial services to clients throughout San Francisco and the surrounding areas. It has a specific process when it works with clients. Depending on whether clients have bookkeeping, accounting, QuickBooks, or tax issues, the company begins with a free consultation. The Kaufmann Advisors team then optimizes clients’ tax strategy. Utilizing the strategy, the company implements the points of the plan. Meetings are held throughout the process so that clients are aware of the past, current, and upcoming steps of the strategy. Kaufmann Advisors also incorporates its Proactive Advising System, which includes a detailed 57-point business checkup.

Ekco Tax Services Eileen S. Magnes, EA & Associates
#9 of 26 Leading Accountants

Ekco Tax Services is an accounting firm driven by three key principles: professionalism, responsiveness, and quality. Serving the city of San Francisco, the company offers a wide selection of tax and accounting solutions to clients. For individual clients, it offers an online tax planner as well as tax planning and preparation services. For business clients, the company will complete tax returns and guarantee compliance with regulations. It has a deep pool of accounting services, including new business formation, succession planning, business valuation, and litigation support. Additionally, it offers support for IRS liens, levies, wage garnishment, as well as audit representation.

Scott Porter, CPA
#10 of 26 Top-Notch Accounting Companies

Scott Porter, CPA is a San Francisco CPA firm that will customize services to meet the needs of individuals and local businesses across the city. The firm offers a free consultation to discuss the needs and standing of small and midsize business clients, as well as corporations and executives. The company specializes in tax and accounting services for real estate, recruiting, and family-owned businesses. Other clients include architects, engineers, entrepreneurs, high net-worth individuals, and staffing firms. Its accounting services consist of business accounting, cloud accounting, and various tax services. Scott Porter, CPA also performs consulting services to small businesses and will guide clients through the ups and downs of day-to-day financial operations, as well as a plan for long-term success.

Jutta Reichert Associates
#11 of 26 Best Accounting Firms

Jutta Reichert Associates is a full-service tax firm based in the heart of the city of San Francisco. Jutta Reichert is an Enrolled Agent, certified by the Department of the Treasury to represent clients. The firm provides guidance, advice, and strategy implementation across many specialty areas. Some of these services include bookkeeping, business consulting, business entity selection, cryptocurrencies, and international tax. Another strength of the company is financial analysis, which can both unlock optimal business conditions now as well as predict future performance for clients. In addition to these specific financial services, Jutta Reichert Associates also performs individual and business tax returns and preparation.

Taxes by the Bay
#12 of 26 Best Accountants

Taxes by the Bay is a tax and accounting firm that provides many services to its Bay Area clients. The company specializes in tax preparation, planning, W4, and DE4 analysis for businesses and individuals. Its business offerings include tax preparation for sole proprietorships, LLCs, S-corporations, and partnerships. Taxes by the Bay also has a complete lineup of bookkeeping services. Some of these are book setup, payroll, W2, 1099 reporting, and sales tax reporting. The firm has been in the industry since 1998 and prides itself on its employees’ ongoing education. The company aims to save clients’ money on their taxes while increasing the overall financial efficiency of both individuals and businesses.

Steven Axelrod & Richard Snow
#13 of 26 Top Accounting Companies

Tax Office SF has over 40 years of experience in the tax and accounting industries. Its tax services include tax planning, tax preparation, and dealing with tax problems. Some of its tax planning services consist of compliance and tax-saving strategies for businesses and individuals. Tax preparation benefits from the company’s advanced software, which helps minimize mistakes and potential IRS conflicts. The company provides solutions to many tax problems, as well, ranging from bankruptcy to IRS penalties to back taxes owed. It specializes in several business services for clients, including new business formation and small business accounting. Tax Office SF also has a free consultation available to all prospective clients.

Vance Economic Services
#14 of 26 Leading Accounting Firms

For more than 25 years, Vance Economic Services has been providing tax, financial planning, and accounting solutions to customers across the San Francisco Bay Area. Its main areas of expertise within tax service are tax preparation, tax planning, tax audit representation, and E-filing. Its tax customers are entities such as corporations, partnerships, trusts, estates, and coop-corporations. The company’s financial planning services include household financial planning and business budget analysis. Some of its many business services are accounting, financial services, profit and non-profit, business consulting, and accounting software setup. Vance Economic Services strives to streamline the taxes of individuals and businesses while finding deductions and credits for each unique client.

Emmanuel A. Santos JD CPA
#15 of 26 Top-Notch SF Accountants

Emmanuel A. Santos JD CPA is a certified public accounting firm serving clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. It specializes in several areas, including tax, accounting, real estate, insurance, and financial planning. Potential customers meet with representatives of the firm to discuss services and evaluate what they need. The company offers several bookkeeping services such as maintaining up-to-date records, avoiding IRS penalties, bank reconciliation, QuickBooks, and new business startups. Additionally, the firm performs retirement planning as well as college planning. Emmanuel A. Santos JD CPA strives to help clients achieve complete financial independence. Through the firm’s wide selection of services, clients can tailor what they need to meet their goals.

Burgess Financial Planning
#16 of 26 Top Accountants

Burgess Financial Planning is a full-service financial planning company, headquartered in San Francisco. Clients begin the financial planning process with a one-hour consultation. In the consultation, clients detail their financial situations, as well as their hopes and goals. By the end of the session, Burgess Financial Planning will develop an action plan for the client to follow. The company aims to hold an annual meeting with each client, or when major life events, such as divorce, childbirth, retirement, occur. The company will provide advice on a wide range of financial topics, including retirement planning, stock purchases, college planning, and insurance needs.

Morling & Company
#17 of 26 Leading Accounting Companies

Morling & Company is a tax and financial advisory firm located in San Francisco, offering a vast selection of financial solutions. In the realm of tax, Morling & Company provides tax preparation services, tax management, and tax planning. The firm offers many other financial services including IRS representation, estate and trust planning, payroll services, and financial projections. Additionally, the company specializes in employee benefits, pensions, and profit-sharing plans. It will assist in developing, implementing, and administering these plans. The firm aims to give clients clarity in complex financial situations and works with clients of all ages, from young adults to retirees.

tempCFO Inc
#18 of 26 Top-Notch Accounting Firms

Based out of San Jose and serving clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, tempCFO Inc. is a provider of outsourced accounting, finance, and tax services. It specializes in working with small to mid-sized businesses and provides financial solutions for all stages of the business cycle. Using a customized plan for each client, tempCFO Inc. outsources various accounting services. Some of these services include accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll processing, and management reporting. Some of its outsourced CFO solutions are business planning, budgets, forecasts, variance analysis, board representation, and establishing banking relationships. The firm also performs various tax services to small businesses. Tax planning, preparation, and review are all customizable services that tempCFO Inc. will complete for clients.

Burkland Associates
#19 of 26 Best SF Accountants

Burkland Associates is a team of on-demand CFOs, serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area. The firm supplies a full selection of individualized solutions for businesses. One specialty area of the company is its bookkeeping services. These consist of accounts payable and receivable, payroll management and integration, bank reconciliation, financial reporting, 1099 preparation and submission, and inventory tracking. It offers a wide variety of tax solutions, as well. These include corporate tax preparation, sales tax, tax consulting and research, as well as audit representation. The firm allows clients to choose individual services from its suite of offerings, guaranteeing that customers can find solutions to many financial issues they may have.

SD Mayer & Associates LLP
#20 of 26 Leading Accountants

SD Mayer & Associates LLP is an accounting and financial advisory firm offering a full suite of bookkeeping solutions. It has three main specialty areas: audit and assurance, tax, and advisory. Some of its audit and assurance services include single audits, financial statement audits, reviews, compilations, and risk assessment and mitigation. It provides tax services to individuals, corporations, nonprofits, and clients who need international tax assistance. The firm also provides advisory services. Some of these are retirement services, wealth management, and business advisory. Specific business advisory services include strategic planning, bankruptcy, succession planning, valuation, retirement consulting, and mergers and acquisitions.

Propeller Industries
#21 of 26 Top-Notch Accounting Companies

For over 10 years Propeller Industries has been providing financial services throughout the Bay Area. It is an outsourced financial management firm in San Francisco, serving the Bay Area. The company strives to be the single point of contact that clients need for all of their financial solutions. Some of these roles include outsourcing CFOs, directors, controllers, and bookkeepers. Propeller Industries prides itself on its technologically advanced approach to accounting. This involves a cloud-based technology that incorporates paperless A/P, electronic routing, and online payroll management. The firm serves clients across multiple industries. A common theme that Propeller Industries focuses on is deep pattern recognition. This means advanced problem-solving, leveraging expertise with advanced systems to prevent issues.

Tax Services and More
#22 of 26 Best Accounting Firms

Located in the city of San Francisco, Tax Services and More is a full-service tax solution provider. It has a deep selection of accounting and bookkeeping services. Some of these are audits, business consulting, payroll services, sales tax services, and tax preparation and planning. The company also prides itself on its selection of immigration forms, Spanish language-friendly office, document translation services, and I.N.I.T. assistance for those residents who do not have a Social Security number. Besides its accounting and bookkeeping opportunities, Tax Services and More is a notary public. The firm will even book airline clients for clients, guaranteeing the lowest rates it can find.

Anne M Liang CPA
#23 of 26 Best Accountants

Anne M Liang CPA is a certified public accounting firm located in the city of San Francisco. It has been in operation for over 20 years. Some of the firm’s clients include self-employed individuals, real estate professionals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. The company provides a variety of financial services to its clients. It offers tax preparation for both individuals and corporations. It also offers a tax planning service, utilizing monitoring software to keep any potential tax issues at bay. The firm supplies accounting and bookkeeping services, as well. These range from profit/loss reports, balance sheets, payroll tax findings, and bank statement reconciliation. It also provides a wide selection of advisory services.

Vincent M. Chinn, CPA
#24 of 26 Top Accounting Companies

Vincent M. Chinn, CPA has been in business in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 35 years. Over that time, the firm has developed a vast selection of financial, accounting, and bookkeeping services to serve its clients. The company has a full suite of accounting services, from payroll to accounts receivable to bank reconciliations. Additionally, Vincent M. Chinn, CPA will prepare and generate various financial reports, so that clients can get a detailed look into their performance of their business. The firm also runs projections so clients know where their business is heading. Tax services are performed, as well, with specializations in income, estate, and gift taxes.

Fog City Tax Prep
#25 of 26 Leading Accounting Firms

Located in the heart of the city of San Francisco, Fog City Tax Prep is a tax preparation specialist for customers across the region. Its clients include individuals, families, businesses, and independent contractors. The firm prepares income tax returns, as well as scans documents closely to find all available deductions and credits. It strives to ensure that clients do not lose money unnecessarily during tax season and to ensure that their income is optimized. Fog City Tax Prep also offers tax consulting, which can occur year-round, not just during tax season. The company aims to keep costs low for clients while still providing high-quality tax-related services to all of its clients.

TaxPlus Financial Services
#26 of 26 Top-Notch SF Accountants

Based in San Francisco, and serving the entire Bay Area, TaxPlus Financial Services is a tax and advisory firm. The company offers multiple services across several specialty areas. These areas include tax preparation, comprehensive financial services, mortgage loan services, retirement planning, and various insurance services. Its tax preparation solutions apply to individuals, corporations, small businesses, partnerships, and trusts. Its financial services vary greatly and can be personalized to fit any individual needs of the client. Its mortgage offerings include home loans, commercial mortgages, and business loans. TaxPlus Financial Services also supplies expertise and advice for those facing retirement. It also offers many different insurance options to its clients.



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