[Updated 06/03/2021] San Francisco real estate is - as I'm pretty sure the saying goes - an enigma burried in a mystery wrapped in a tortilla. When you are outbid by an all-cash offer that's more than $1 million over list price, you will understand the above metaphor as well I do. And, like every field, there are superstar real estate agents and then there are those infamous realtors who have managed to cast a negative light on the whole business. Nobody should have to go through a house search with an agent who is simply interested in making a quick buck, so SFist has assembled the top agents below. Why is this list free? Are you an agent in SF with a great track record? Click here!

Nick Chen
Featured SF Coldwell Banker Real Estate Agent

Nick Chen, a San Francisco native who grew up in Pacific Heights, can offer unique insights into the hyper-local, neighborhood-by-neighborhood real estate markets of SF. In fact, over his 30+ year stint in the community, Nick has personally lived in every quadrant of The City - as well as regions of Marin and Sonoma - giving him extremely personal expertise & understanding wherever you may be looking to buy or sale. Over his career in real estate, Nick has been involved with flipping his own properties, property management, remodels, buying, and selling. Nick specializes in working with both homeowners who are thinking about moving to a new property, as well as residential buyers looking for their dream house or condo.

Lance King
Featured King Realty Broker / Agent

Lance King has been in the real estate business for over 15 years and has lived in San Francisco for around 30 years. Today, Lance is the founder and managing broker of King Realty. He has also already founded and managed two other successful businesses, and his latest enterprise, King Realty, has evolved into a thriving Bay Area brokerage. Lance King is one of San Francisco's best residential real estate service providers - not just because of his attention to his customers' specific needs, but also because of his experience in building construction and development projects. King can assist buyers in finding the ideal house and can provide detailed information on house improvements for fixer-uppers.

Miriam Wells
Featured SF Realtor At Sotheby's International

Miriam Wells is a tenacious negotiator who works tirelessly on behalf of her clients to achieve their real estate goals. Raised in Marin County and San Francisco, Miriam possesses in-depth market knowledge and extensive networks on both sides of the Golden Gate Bridge. A former professional journalist, Miriam holds a Master’s degree from Columbia University. She leverages her expertise in digital and social media to position her clients for success in the fiercely competitive Bay Area real estate market. Miriam is driven by her journalistic values of ethics and integrity and always puts her clients needs first.

Aviva Kamler
Featured Sotheby's Real Estate Agent

Aviva Kamler, a fifth generation San Franciscan with extensive market knowledge and skill in digital marketing and real estate technology, works with buyers and sellers to achieve their real estate objectives in one of the world's most complicated, yet successful, real estate markets. Aviva uses her unique resources, access to local, national, and worldwide contacts, and Sotheby's marketing prowess to assist each of her clients in navigating the San Francisco Bay Area real estate market.

Neal Ward
Top Compass Broker / Agent

As one of the founding members of Compass in San Francisco, Neal Ward generally only manages the most expensive listings in San Francisco. For roughly three decades, discerning clientele have sought out Neal to assist them with the purchase and sale of some of the San Francisco Bay Area's best houses, including many of the highest value properties that you may have ever seen. Neal emphasizes that each customer is treated as if he or she is his sole customer - each listing handled with the utmost care and greatest attention to detail. Neal is known throughout SF's real estate industry for his integrity, stand-up reputation, and consistency as a top producing agent in the city for the longevity of his career. Neal has managed roughly $500 million in listings and transactions here in SF and was among the top 25 agents nationwide - the #1 in production in San Francisco.

Craig Ackerman
Leading Ackerman Realty Broker / Agent

Craig Ackerman got his start in real estate assisting his father by stripping drywall and banging nails as a youth. With a contractor's license under his belt, he supported his father in the purchase, renovation, and sale of real estate. Craig has seen firsthand how simple modifications can transform a property and increase its value. He's been using that expertise, as well as a decade of record-breaking success in corporate sales and marketing, to his work with discriminating Bay Area home buyers and sellers since 1999. Craig built Ackerman Realty to outperform, and sales are regularly in the top 2% of all San Francisco Realtors. He has a strong eye for recognizing cost-effective upgrades that increase the value of a house.

Jennifer Rosdail
Sponsored SF Keller Williams Real Estate Agent

Jennifer Rosdail is a well-known San Francisco real estate agent. Jennifer is not just in the top 1% of SF realtors, but she has previously been in the top 10 agents in the city based on the amount of transactions done in a year. Jennifer has a slew of other impressive statistics to back up her performance in Bay Area real estate, but it is what her customers have to say about her that has earned her a position on our list. With 5 star reviews from Yelp!, Google, Zillow, and others, you'd be hard pushed to find a buyer or seller who didn't have a positive experience with Jennifer.

Doug & Eddy
Sponsored Vanguard Properties Real Estate Agents

Doug & Eddy are a full-service, community-based real estate firm that sets the standard for real estate in the Bay Area. This dynamic combination blends their abilities and expertise flawlessly, surpassing expectations at every turn due to their unwavering commitment to their clients, their ethics, and their professionalism. Doug's decades of expertise in the San Francisco real estate sector, along with Eddy's vast background in digital marketing and consumer behavior, enable them to provide customers a comprehensive and customized experience from beginning to end.

Loukia Karneris
Sponsored Harper Real Estate Agents

Loukia Karneris derives a great deal of personal joy from assisting individuals in realizing their goal of home ownership. She goes above and beyond to make this happen with patience, tenacity, honesty, and creative thinking. Since 1907, Loukia's family has been working in San Francisco's real estate sector, where she is a fourth generation SF Native. As a top-producing agent in the Bay Area, Loukia possesses a variety of critical abilities, including a solid understanding of the local market, clever, aggressive marketing methods, shrewd negotiation skills, and an unwillingness to accept no for an answer. Loukia has amassed a lengthy track record of consistent successes, placing her purchasing customers in their ideal house at the appropriate price points and obtaining for her selling clients a higher selling price than their initial asking price.

Patrick Lam
#3 of 21 Top-Notch Real Estate Services in SF

Patrick Lam has received numerous accolades and recognitions over his distinguished real estate career. Patrick was the top producer for Century 21 in Northern California for three years in a row, has been recognized as one of the top ten agents in the country, and is a member of the Top Agent Network, which previously verified that he is in the top 10% in San Francisco and San Mateo. Patrick assists in making the selling process as simple as possible, especially when dealing with intricate situations including trusts or numerous intermediaries. He is recognized for going above and above for his clientele, many of whom return in the future when they want other real estate services.

Anthony Navarro
#4 of 21 Best Real Estate Agents in SF

Anthony Navarro's intuitive yet data-driven approach has garnered him several awards, including the Best of HomeLight Award 2018, which placed him in the top 5% of agents nationwide. He was dubbed a HomeLight Elite Agent in 2020, which is only given to the top 1% of agents in the country. This certification allows his sellers to trade in their homes when upgrading or downsizing, and it provides his buyers additional negotiating leverage by allowing them to make all-cash bids. Always an early adopter who keeps ahead of the curve, Anthony has also teamed with Harcourt's Auctions, an exceptional auction firm for non-distressed houses that claims a 31% greater success rate and 6-8% higher prices than the MLS.

Andrea Swetland
#5 of 21 Leading SF Real Estate Agents

Andrea has been a pioneer in the highly competitive SF Bay Area residential real estate market since she became an agent in 1993. She is currently ranked in the top 1% of area agents. Andrea is a Certified Residential Specialist noted for her in-depth market knowledge, aggressive pursuit of possibilities, and individual service. Andrea is pleased that the majority of her sales are from returning customers or recommendations. Andrea, a native San Franciscan, has a unique perspective on local trends and market conditions. Andrea's strong reputation and long-standing ties with other brokers provide her customers a distinct advantage when it comes to finding their dream home.

Todd Wiley
#6 of 21 Top-Notch Realtors in San Francisco

Todd Wiley, a resident of the Bay Area, has had a lifetime love affair with San Francisco, which he considers to be the best city in America. Todd opted to pursue a career in real estate in 2004 after completing SF State and spent his post-college years in software and business services professions. His decision was motivated by his love for the City by the Bay. Todd has built a solid reputation as a terrific communicator, strong negotiator, and a man of his word in both personal and commercial matters. Todd considers his customers' demands to be his own, and he is a firm believer in creating realistic objectives.

Jessie Lee
#7 of 21 Best Real Estate Services in SF

Jessie Lee, who was raised in Korea by real estate investors, is an award-winning realtor who ranks in the top 1% of Bay Area real estate agents. Anyone who has dealt with Jessie knows she is tenacious and has strong negotiating skills. She is well-informed, well-connected, and has been a top earner at her brokerage since 2010. Jessie focuses on high-rise condominiums, urban lofts, corporate and personal investments, multi-family apartments, and single-family houses. She has developed valuable customer connections over the years, which have helped her business grow through recommendations.

Jessica Branson
#8 of 21 Best SF Real Estate Agents

Jessica Branson, a top 20 San Francisco agent, is passionate about real estate, a business shark, and has an impeccable reputation. She began her career in journalism but has since evolved into a real estate juggernaut, securing hundreds of millions of dollars in concluded transactions for her clients. As a result, she is consistently ranked in the top 1% of San Francisco Realtors. Jessica's sales figures are unrivaled, and her selective clientele — ranging from famous singers to company founders to law firm partners – frequently sing her praises.

Anna Spathis & Dennis Stavropoulos
#9 of 21 Leading Real Estate Services in SF

Anna G. Spathis and her husband Dennis Stavropoulos work together in real estate. Dennis is a key figure in the San Francisco luxury real estate market. As a real estate agent, developer, and designer of luxury residences, he constantly sets yearly sales price and volume records. Anna finds her customers' exact objectives and goals through in-depth interactions and discussions with them and passionately pursues them, utilizing her business knowledge, smart negotiation abilities, and marketing abilities. Her considerable knowledge as a developer and designer provides the procurement and sales process with extra value.

William Freeman
#10 of 21 Top-Notch Real Estate Agents in SF

William Freeman is a full-service realtor in San Francisco who is passionate about real estate and people. For all transactions, William brings each customer with the greatest professional standards. The care each customer deserves is offered. William has experience in all facets of home sales, and is a certified real estate specialist. William is distinguished by innovative marketing methods, ethical standards and exceptional negotiation abilities. William's expertise as an agent and previous mortgage lender leads to innovative solutions when single deals emerge. You may be confident that you will obtain results based on experience and the greatest platform in the business.

Daryll & Neil Canlas
#11 of 21 Top SF Real Estate Agents

Daryll and Neil are the Canlas Brothers real estate group's co-founders. They were both born in San Francisco and have been certified realtors in California since 2006. Neil is renowned as the agent of choice in San Francisco's premium market, having been trusted by discriminating clients to exercise discretion and produce results. He constantly puts his customers' interests first and works tirelessly to make his customers' real estate aspirations a reality. Daryll will provide a unique mixture of skills to get you the best bargain possible, owing to his significant history in real estate investing and marketing tactics. He brings negotiating and investing techniques to the table.

Dino Zuzic
#12 of 21 Leading Realtors in San Francisco

Dino Zuzic, a second-generation real estate agent in San Francisco, specializes in residential and multi-unit transactions. Dino adapts his efforts to each client - whether Buyer, Seller, or Investor - in order to assist in meeting their unique real estate goals and has been engaged in over 200 real estate transactions totaling over $400,000,000. Dino and his team are knowledgeable on tenant/landlord issues, building codes, innovative financing, and the myriad subtleties that come with purchasing and selling property. You can be confident that you will receive unrivaled experience, managed solutions to any difficulties that may occur, and direction that is aligned with your best interests.

Cynthia Cummins
#13 of 21 Top-Notch Real Estate Services in SF

Our primary sanctuary is our home. It is also our primary means of accumulating riches. As the founder and owner of Kindred SF Homes, Cynthia Cummins is guided by these dual values. As a counselor, economist, and strategist, Cynthia brings extensive knowledge, experience, and responsiveness to her work, which she has refined over three decades of service to homeowners in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Cynthia is a top-tier Realtor that achieves excellent outcomes for clients, but what truly distinguishes her is a calm, focused approach that makes the process stress-free and gratifying. Cynthia provides insight and carefully advises clients to ensure that they make wise, conscious decisions in the midst of what might overwise be the most stressful transaction of their lives.

C.M. Foo
#14 of 21 Top SF Real Estate Agents

CM has been in love with real estate since purchasing his first home in 1988. He got his real estate license in 1991 and started investing in San Francisco real estate while working full-time in Silicon Valley. It was only natural for CM to pursue his interest in real estate after retiring from a fulfilling high-tech profession in 2005. CM has represented hundreds of buyers and sellers over the last 15 years. CM's success as a perennial top producer can only be attributable to his enthusiasm for real estate and devotion to his clients. Whether you are selling a $1 million apartment or purchasing a $10 million house, CM has the knowledge and talents to make every transaction a pleasurable and gratifying experience.

Ron Abta
#15 of 21 Leading Realtors in San Francisco

In terms of sales volume, Ron Abta is consistently ranked among the top ten agents in San Francisco. He has closed over a billion dollars in deals, representing over 700 completed deals for both buyers and sellers. He adds great sales, marketing, and negotiating abilities to every deal and always prioritizes his clients. Ron hails from a real estate family, with his mother a developer and his father a mortgage broker. He is skilled in improving or modifying properties on behalf of his clients, either to increase the value of their properties before to sale or just for his clients' enjoyment and usage after the sale.

Vicki Valandra
#16 of 21 Top-Notch Real Estate Services in SF

Vicki Valandra, a Top 1 percent San Francisco Realtor, likes assisting her customers through the sometimes-complex process of purchasing and selling houses. Vicki is a highly successful agent who made the Top Producer list in her first year in the industry. Vicki has also reached the Top Producer list every year since then, and she was recently voted Zephyr's #3 Top Producing Agent. Vicki cultivates trusting connections with her clients while getting the work done. Vicki's dedication to her clients is evidenced by the fact that more than 90% of her business is repeat business or recommendations from current clients. Vicki has a Stanford MBA and excellent analytical and negotiating abilities.

Amy Clemens
#17 of 21 Best Real Estate Agents in SF

Amy Clemens is widely regarded as one of San Francisco's most dependable and experienced real estate professionals. Amy has been a committed professional since 1998, mastering the complexity of real estate contracts and negotiations from the ground up. Amy has successfully guided her clients through the volatile San Francisco real estate market, even during the most uncertain economic circumstances. Pacific Edge Real Estate is consistently placed in the top 1% of San Francisco teams and has finalized hundreds of deals totaling more than $400 million under her guidance.

Dona Crowder
#18 of 21 Leading SF Real Estate Agents

Dona Crowder worked as an Assistant Manager from 2010 to 2015, and she is now a senior broker associate with Coldwell Banker Pacific Heights. She formerly worked as a senior marketing broker for Pacific Union Christies International. Her experience ranges from basic residential sales to estates and luxury residences, as well as development prospects. She adds over 35 years of expertise to her job as a regular Top Producer, having managed her family's real estate business for 20 years. She has sold some of the most expensive luxury properties ever sold in San Francisco, including modern sleek high rises and classic cooperatives, as well as historic stately houses, neighborhood designer treasures, and new home developments.

Paula Y Rose
#19 of 21 Top-Notch Realtors in San Francisco

Paula Y. Rose is a San Francisco native who has sold approximately $200 million in real estate throughout the course of her career. She owes her success to her innate ability to understand her customers' requirements, allowing her to assist them in achieving their real estate goals and effectively completing deals. Paula can handle any circumstance, whether it's a buyer's or seller's market. She is resourceful and tenacious, and she has service provider relationships all around the business to help her overcome any obstacles. Throughout her career, she has been a top producer, and she has served on a special committee for the San Francisco Association of Realtors for many years.

Amanda Jones
#20 of 21 Best Real Estate Services in SF

Amanda is one of the top 1% of Realtors in San Francisco, working with both buyers and sellers to achieve better-than-average outcomes. She understands what it takes to be successful in this very competitive profession and applies that knowledge to each client's unique circumstances. Amanda and her team have extensive expertise in all aspects of real estate, including new construction projects, single-family houses, and condominiums, as well as tenancies in common and multi-unit apartment complexes around San Francisco. Amanda is the epitome of a hands-on Realtor. She gets involved early in every project and does everything she can to relieve her clients' stress.

Nina Hatvany
#21 of 21 Best SF Real Estate Agents

Nina Hatvany has over 30 years of expertise and has represented clients in over $3.5 billion in sales transactions. Her comprehensive understanding of all facets of San Francisco real estate is simply unparalleled. Nina has been named the top individual agent in San Francisco on multiple occasions, and she was named in the Wall Street Journal as one of the top 35 sales agents by volume nationwide across all firms from 2009 to 2015, reaching as high as #9 during that time period. Nina founded Team Hatvany in 2016 with her family of attorneys and East Coast real estate agents. They reflect all property kinds and price points in San Francisco as a whole.

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