With an unprecedented growth in unemployment surging through the world right now, you might be thinking about alternate forms of work. The gig economy is one option, but contracting with a temp agencies could be a longer-term career path. These temp agencies are known for successfully placing job-seekers. Why is this list free?

People Connection
#1 of 16 Best SF Temp Agencies

The People Connection is a recruiting agency that does full-service staffing for companies and finds work for both temporary and full-time employment hopefuls. Started in 1984, The People Connection aims at finding meaningful positions for people of all types with great companies that can help them grow in the San Fransisco Bay Area. The group helps hundreds of companies each year with staffing needs. The company also aims to find job seekers with ambition, with a heavy emphasis in showing promise for leadership skills and management, as well as good customer service skills. The consultants with the group all undergo training to ensure each consultant understands the company’s standards and are capable of enforcing them. If you are looking for a recruiting office that is dedicated to finding the best fit for you as a future employee and for you as a company that’s hiring, The People Connection has found a great balance in meeting both of those demands.

Foley & Fitzgerald
#2 of 16 Top Staffing Services

Foley & Fitzgerald is a recruiting agency in the San Fransisco Bay Area that specializes in matching job hopefuls in the hospitality industry with the right kind of hospitality experience for them. Since 1995, the company has been providing quality employees ranging from general managers for restaurants to private chefs. The owners have vast experience operating high end restaurants and working in private homes, so the company knows what kind of qualities are necessary to run a good restaurant or meet an employer’s culinary needs. Foley & Fitzgerald have a network of thousands of excellent hospitality minded workers that they could use to fulfill your front of house, such as managers and directors, and your back of house, such as corporate or private chefs, hiring necessities. This is the company to use if you are a hotel, restaurant, club, or corporate venue owner looking to hire.

Mc Call Staffing Services
#3 of 16 Leading Temporary Staffing Companies

McCall Staffing Services is a recruiting firm located in the San Fransisco Bay Area. Originally a group focused on administrative support placements, the firm now handles staffing for jobs ranging from temporary and entry level to executive. McCall provides temporary employment and direct full-time employment, as well as temp-to-hire so as to give the company and employee a test run. The company also believes in building up companies and job seekers, offering tutorial trainings to both parties as to how they can improve. McCall also provides payroll services for companies unable to bring employees onto their pay roll as well as assessment tests for employers to check employees’ qualifications. The company also has a philanthropic side, aiding in the recruitment of positions for companies specializing in the arts, education, and various nonprofits.

#4 of 16 Top-Notch Staffing Payroll Firms

Atrium is a recruiting firm with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area that matches great talent with great companies across all spectrums, ranging from administrative positions and customer service to the science arena. Utilizing an applicant-centric recruiting style, Atrium has been able to make long lasting placements in jobs that applicants love for nearly twenty-five years. The company focuses on connecting with applicants and clients on a personal level, starting with recruiters that have been employed in the areas they help to recruit for. The company is also community conscious being a partner in several initiatives to aid the community in a variety of ways, including sustainability. An award winning firm, Atrium is run by recruiting insiders that have had years in the recruiting business, bringing new innovation to the hiring process.

Placement Club
#5 of 16 Top SF Temp Agencies

Placement Club is a San Francisco Bay recruiting company aimed at providing efficient recruiting at a manageable price point. Geared towards developing strong relations between recruiters and companies looking to hire, Placement Club provides a company friendly atmosphere where recruiters are available to provide hiring and consulting services across a large span of industries, ranging from construction to the government. The firm provides direct, consulting/contract, and remote placement models for companies looking to use recruiters that have been strongly vetted in order to hire top talent. The company provides recruiters that are equipped to handle any kind of hiring needs a company might have, including direct hiring all the way up to accelerating start up growth. Started by a young man passionate about changing the recruiter game, Placement Club is a great company for those looking to get involved in the recruiter circle.

The Job Shop
#6 of 16 Leading Staffing Services

The Job Shop is a recruiting agency located in San Fransisco that aims to provide top talent for temporary and full-time positions in the hotel and legal industries, as well as administrative positions across multiple business sectors. For more than sixteen years, the job shop strived to provide quality talent to in need companies and made sure the two sides clicked. Aimed at providing full satisfaction, The Job Shop offers a full refund guarantee for full-time hires if the two parties aren’t able to make it work within the first sixty days of the contract. Started by an individual with lots of experience in the financial and recruiting worlds, this company is looking to serve those in need of job placements and the community through various service projects and partnerships.

BOLT Staffing Service
#7 of 16 Top-Notch Temporary Staffing Companies

In operation for over a quarter of a century, Bolt Staffing Service, Inc. is a recruiting firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area that specializes in finding job placements in the government, hospitality, administrative, accounting, warehouse, and logistics sectors. A family owned company, Bolt focuses on making personal connections with aspiring new hires and connecting them with quality jobs. While providing candidates for temporary positions as well as full-time positions, Bolt also provides on demand hiring through its counterpart, Bolt Gigs. Bolt also aims to inform potential employers and future employees of how to better prepare to fulfill their staffing need. Whether it is looking for last minute event staffing or trying to get a full-time employee that’s the right fit, Bolt Staffing Services is equipped to provide a candidate perfect for the position.

Advanced Employment Services
#8 of 16 Best Staffing Payroll Firms

Advanced Employment Services, Inc. is a specialty recruiting firm that provides recruiting services for entry level to executive on the San Francisco Area and managerial to executive services nationwide. In operations since 1998, Advanced Employment Services (A.E.S.) provides experienced recruiting in the finance, office management, human resources, and marketing departments. While the firm is specialized in its efforts to staff the above departments in a wide variety of industries, the recruiters at A.E.S. conduct Specialty Searches on a regular basis. Among the industries they staff, A.E.S. has separate divisions that specialize in staffing the construction and the information technology sectors. While dedicated to servicing clients and potential hires, A.E.S. also believes in serving the community, and has done so by making donations to various organizations on behalf of their clients for many years.

Premier Talent Partners
#9 of 16 Leading SF Temp Agencies

Premier Talent Partners is a woman owned recruiting firm that has been servicing the San Francisco Bay Area for over twenty-one years. Aiming to create culture rather than just fitting a person to a job, Premier has been providing qualified candidates for administrative, human resources, customer support, operations, and sales positions primarily in technology, finance, and non-profit related industries. With an intense devotion to getting to know both candidates and clients, Premier is a forward-thinking company that values increasing diversity and promoting healthy relationships between future employers and their future employees. Premier also participates in a lot of non-profit work through their companion brand, Premier promise, along with their partners to better the community through extensive coaching to underprivileged youth looking to be mentored in how to become more eligible for job opportunities.

AppleOne Employment Services
#10 of 16 Top-Notch Staffing Services

Self-proclaimed “career gurus”, Apple One Employment Services is a recruiting firm started in the San Francisco Bay Area. With over half a century of experience matching qualified job candidates to great companies, Apple One is an applicant focused firm with a large nationwide network that is made to work for all job seekers. Apple One offers direct to hire, temp to hire, and temporary positions, with temporary positions lasting anywhere from a few days to several months. The temp to hire position usually has a trial period of 90 days. With a founder that has experience with international job hunting, Apple One is a nationally recognized recruiting firm that focuses on people rather than job applicants, and people rather than companies. The firm is filled with “People-People” looking to help all who come find employment fit for them.

Robert Half
#11 of 16 Best Temporary Staffing Companies

With locations surrounding San Francisco and one in the Bay Area, Robert Half is a top-notch recruiting firm with five areas of expertise, those areas being the legal sector, technology and IT, administrative and office departments, accounting and finance, and the creative and marketing sphere. With offices across the globe, Robert Half is a specialized staffing agency with almost 75 years of experience matching great candidates with the perfect job fir them in amazing companies. As pioneers in the professional staffing space, the staffing agency has changed and adapted as the employment world revolutionized over and over again. Along with these changes was a shift to specializing in professional level staffing in the above-mentioned spheres. These timely evolutions have led to Robert Half being the top ranked staffing firm in the country. The company also offers risk consulting and internal auditing services to help companies keep up in a world with ever changing financial reporting requirements.

#12 of 16 Best SF Temp Agencies

With over fifty years under its belts, The TempPositions Group of Companies is a stalwart in the full-service staffing space, offering a wide selection of jobs to potential employees of every level with offices in San Francisco. TemPositions has achieved this wide offering through the use of multiple specialized teams that have all worked in the industries they recruit for, therefore knowing what is needed to be successful in the industry. With positions for temporary workers, contract workers, temp to hire workers, and direct hires, TemPositions has jobs for virtually anyone who’s looking. TemPositions has also invested in new technology for both clients and applicants that make it easier for clients and employees to pay and get paid, find employees and accept jobs, and also get a comprehensive look at their or their employee’s work history.

#13 of 16 Top Staffing Services

Mondo is a staffing agency that specializes in providing high-end candidates for great companies in the technology, IT, creative, and digital industries. With ten offices nationwide, including one in San Francisco, Mondo has been providing quality placements for those in the technology industry for twenty years. It is the largest staffing company specializing in high end technology and digital marketing placements in the country. The firm provides contract work placement, freelance work, temp to hire positions and full-time hire positions. With the core values of mentality, accountability and process, Mondo is able to match 67% of applicants with companies, which is over twice the national standard for the industry. Along with helping tech applicants meet tech companies, Mondo also spends time working with charities, partnering with almost 200 different charities to date.

Express Employment Professionals
#14 of 16 Leading Temporary Staffing Companies

Express Employment Professionals is a locally owned staffing provider located in South San Francisco. Express Employment Professionals not only provides employment services to companies looking for full-time workers, part-time workers, and/or temps, Express also offers companies in the community workforce solutions. Express in San Francisco offers jobs ranging from entry-level to managerial in the office services, light industrial, and professional spaces. In operation since 1983, Express has found jobs for over five million people worldwide during its quarter century of existence. The company also has ties to international placements, with offices located in Canada as well as South Africa. As part of a worldwide chain, Express Employment Professionals located in San Francisco has a model that has been proven to fit good people with good jobs and good companies with good people for twenty-five years.

Semper International
#15 of 16 Top-Notch Staffing Payroll Firms

In operation for twenty-five years, Semper International is a staffing firm located in San Francisco that provides quality staff and company matches exclusively in the creative industry, namely print, premedia, graphic arts, marketing and TechCreative companies. Semper International provides quality staff for needs ranging from flex, or with flexible hours, to flex-to-hire to direct hire. Providing staffing from more entry level positions to executive positions in the printing and digital marketing space, Semper International works around the clock and puts applicants through vigorous screenings to ensure they provide companies with top-notch professionals that know the printing industry as well as the latest technologies. Semper International also provides industry experts to companies to help them take care of their staffing needs. With such a focus on an exclusive industry and staffing companies, Semper International is equipped to provide extremely qualified candidates to companies in need.

Onward Search
#16 of 16 Top SF Temp Agencies

Founded in 2007, Onward Search is a young, up and coming recruiting firm that already has locations all throughout the United States, including San Francisco. The firm specializes in finding promising talent searching for jobs in the creative, technology, and marketing departments of companies. With a dedication to helping applicants find their perfect job and helping companies find their perfect employee, Onward helps hire freelance workers, temp-to-perm workers and full-time direct hires. Although a newer company, Onward has already helped over 3,000 thousand companies find new hires and over 9,000 job seekers find work. With over 100 staffing specialists, Onward is dedicated to working as a team to bring quality talent together with top-notch companies in a working relationship built to last, and shows it by constantly researching and evolving to meet the needs of applicants and clients as times change.



The above list includes Temp Worker Agencies that SFist believes actively provides superior services. In some cases, they are among the most successful teams in San Francisco. In some cases, variable, sponsorship listing fees or commissions effect the ranking position of the teams, but every one has a history of providing great services. To learn more about SFist's classifieds listings read more here.

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