If you look into the California real estate market, you'll probably come across tales of people and businesses relocating from San Francisco or Silicon Valley to Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley, and the rest of the East Bay. Though there are certainly budgetary considerations too, this trend is largely due to the East Bay's excellent culture, amenities, and vitality. Oakland rental properties are being promoted as the ideal place to put your money. If you are looking to purchase a home or invest in real estate, Oakland has a proven track record of being one of the top long-term real estate investments in the United States over the previous decade. These top real estate agents can help you through any type of transaction. Why is this list free to read?

Adina Keller
Featured King Realty Agent

Adina is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area who grew up immersed in the real estate industry. As a youth, Adina's family owned and managed a number of properties in San Francisco, both residential and commercial. She has been involved with real estate in some capacity ever since. Choosing to pursue a career in real estate, Adina Keller carries a strong desire to help her clients by ensuring that she guides each project from start to finish - and any post-close follow-up that is necessary. Adina is also very active in the East Bay community, volunteering for various organizations that serve the youth and seniors.

Silvano Barocio
Best East Bay Real Estate Agents

Silvano Barocio is a premier real estate agent who specializes in selling homes in Berkeley, Piedmont, Oakland and the rest of the East Bay. As an experienced professional, he helps clients' through the entire process, from staging a home to getting it listed with all the necessary paperwork. His love for high-tech marketing techniques helps him to effectively advertise his listings and find buyers for any house in any market.

Jerry Beverly
Top Real Estate Services in Oakland & the East Bay

Jerry's interest has always been real estate, and as an East Bay resident, he is familiar with Bay Area communities, current housing trends, local contractors, and many city rules. Jerry identifies investment possibilities and value, and he shares his expertise with his customers, both buyers and sellers. Jerry's downturn experiences taught him to be innovative on behalf of his clients, and he understands the necessity of understanding how to conclude agreements through the negotiation process. Jerry takes satisfaction in connecting his buyer customers to the appropriate house in the appropriate location, recognizing that each town and community is unique.

Jackie Care
Top-Notch Real Estate Agents in Berkeley & the East Bay

In 2001, Jackie saw a need for full-service real estate catering to specific needs of the home owner. She brought her valuable experience to Prudential California Realty and Compass as a Bay Area expert. Jackie has consistently been a top producer and enjoys helping clients buy & sell homes in Berkeley, Piedmont, Oakland & surrounding areas for all price ranges. Her love for Northern California and area comes from being a former Berkeley resident now currently living in Oakland. As an East Bay resident with roots in this community, Jackie is proud to be able to offer the best client support while you are relocating, buying

Felicia Mares
#4 of 17 Top East Bay Real Estate Agents

With a background in varied occupations over the years - including her long-time current career as a successful realtor, Felicia Mares has maintained a sense of curiosity and independence in everything she does. Felicia combined belief in education extensive real estate experience have led to her growth in the real estate industry. Felicia's has a proven track record of helping families navigate through the buying and selling process with ease, by providing guidance and support to all parties involved.

Dana Brook
#5 of 17 Leading Oakland - East Bay Realtors

Dana Brook's main priority is his clients' contentment, which he feels involves both the outcome and the process. He is working with a portrait of your life, whether he is selling your existing house or acquiring your future one. This encompasses things like comfort, security, and a safe haven. There is also ambition, risk, and even some compromise. Your portrait must be one-of-a-kind to you and your requirements. The availability of real estate-related hints, suggestions, and aphorisms is immense, and is now substantially augmented by internet and print media.

Daniel Winkler
#6 of 17 Top-Notch Real Estate Services in Berkeley & the East Bay

Daniel Winkler helps clients buy and sell their homes. He manages all phases of real estate from marketing to development, including multiple large sales management projects for developers. When Daniel meets, his enthusiasm will be palpable. Daniel has been a real estate agent in San Francisco for nearly three decades, and he is an entrepreneur at heart.

Joe Dickerson
#7 of 17 Best Real Estate Agents in Oakland & the East Bay

With deep roots in Oakland and Berkeley, The Joe Dickerson Group is uniquely qualified to assist buyers and sellers through the entire home-buying process. As a group of real estate agents, they’re able to draw on the talents and knowledge of all of their agents. When you work with The Joe Dickerson Group, you have an entire team working for you. This allows them to provide the best possible service for each client, and provide individualized attention at every step of the way.

Jason Pugao
#8 of 17 Leading East Bay Real Estate Agents

Jason Pugao, an Oakland real estate agent, began his career in 2004 as a property manager. He transitioned to real estate sales in 2011, after earning a reputation as a top 1% Real Estate Agent. Jason is determined to help his clients achieve their goals. His innovative marketing and personal network outreach is key to his success.

Elena Wu Olzmann
#9 of 17 Top-Notch Oakland - East Bay Realtors

Elena Olzmann, a partner of Sequoia Real Estate’s Oakland office is committed to achieving results. Her clients, whether buyers or sellers, always get her full attention. She can be counted on to provide sound advice and counsel while maintaining an even demeanor during the process.

Anthony Cassel
#10 of 17 Best Real Estate Services in Berkeley & the East Bay

Anthony Cassel provides on-site seminars to customers as a one-of-a-kind service, demonstrating how each property is built and what to look for in terms of exteriors, foundations, electrical systems, and more. Anthony is entrusted by sellers to change their houses in order to attract prospective buyers. Properties in his care are more likely to receive several offers and sell for more than the asking price.

Trish Hylton
#11 of 17 Best East Bay Real Estate Agents

Since 2005, Trish Hylton has lived in Oakland. She worked as a Senior Business Manager for Daymon Worldwide before entering the real estate market, where she facilitated deals between big commercial food producers and big retail chains. Trish's background in the sector has prepared her well for managing client relationships and negotiating complex contracts.

Andrea Gordon
#12 of 17 Leading Real Estate Services in Berkeley & the East Bay

Andrea Gordon's real estate philosophy is built on the concept that everyone deserves personal and thoughtful real estate guidance, care, and concern. Since 1998, she has served the communities of Oakland, Berkeley, and the larger San Francisco Bay area, routinely rating as one of the region's top producers. Andrea grew up in Berkeley and has extensive familial ties to the city.

Louise Lovewell
#13 of 17 Top-Notch Real Estate Agents in Oakland & the East Bay

Louise Lovewell is a multi-award winning real estate agent with over 40 years of experience. She holds many real estate qualifications and specialities, and has served on the local real estate association's committees and board of directors. She has assisted purchasers of all types, from first-time buyers to investors.

Jill Carrigan
#14 of 17 Top East Bay Real Estate Agents

Jill Carrigan is a member of the Grubb Company's Platinum Circle, which recognizes the company's best producers. Jill Carrigan understands that buying and selling a property is a very personal experience, not merely a financial transaction. She is steadfast in her devotion to attaining her client's goals. Jill is a reassuring presence in an often tumultuous situation.

Ann Wilkins
#15 of 17 Leading Oakland - East Bay Realtors

Ann Wilkins has lived in Oakland for 30 years and owns a home there. It recognizes and understands the particular dynamics of Oakland and its neighboring cities, ranging from public transit and local services to microclimates and cultures of the many East Bay communities. Ann offers both sellers and buyers real estate services, during which she provides an understanding of comfort and control in what may otherwise be a stressful procedure by listening attentively to each customers' requirements and directing them at their own speed. She truly thinks that it should be a good and joyful process to sell or buy a house, whether it be your first or fifth.

Deidre Joyner
#16 of 17 Top-Notch Real Estate Services in Berkeley & the East Bay

Deidre Joyner is a dedicated real estate expert whose outcomes speak loudly about her talent and concern for her customers. It comes as no surprise that she is a constant top producer, which suggests that she can get the job done even in difficult market situations. Deidre goes above and above for her clients and is not hesitant to experiment with novel marketing techniques. She cares about the community in which she lives and works.

Debbi DiMaggio & Adam Betta
#17 of 17 Top East Bay Real Estate Agents

Debbi DiMaggio and her husband Adam Betta are a real estate power couple who are brilliant marketers, community builders, and technologically in-touch real estate agent-brokers who loves the fast-paced real estate industry. Debbi & Adam are authors, real estate leaders, parents, and philanthropists. Debbi, a Realtor in the top 1% of all Real Estate agents worldwide, has also co-authored three books with husband/partner Adam Betta. Debbi and her husband are two of the Partners of Highland Partners, a Top Producing Firm in the East Bay, where they have been selling real estate full-time since 2009, when they acquired the firm, despite the economica downturn.



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