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Tensions are always high when the prospect of uprooting your entire life and moving to a new home is on the table. The simple fact is that moving from your house or commercial spaces involves more than packing and transporting boxes. It can be a very sentimental experience. San Francisco has notoriously high rents, expensive parking tickets, and tall, narrow houses which can exacerbate an already difficult time. As 2020 does its thing, rents have decreased and thousands have moved to the suburbs, but boxing up your belongings, carefully wrapping fragile memorabilia, and labeling each set of items might still not be your idea of a good time. In this time, many are considering hiring some of the best movers in SF to get your things where they needs to go unscathed. Why is this list free?

California Movers
#1 of 12 Best SF Moving Companies

California Movers functions throughout the whole state and provides quality service to the entire West Coast. Able to boast five star user reviews online, California Movers is respected as a member of the Best Moving Companies in SF. With a large presence in San Francisco, this team handles local and long distance moves with a level of professionalism that you need during such a stressful ordeal. Choosing to work with California Movers means valuing peace of mind and the knowledge that your move will go on without a hitch.

Dependable Movers
#2 of 12 Best Moving Companies in SF

Another reliable company nearby, Dependable Movers is a team of moving experts who take care and professionalism to the next level. They can handle moves of virtually any size, including 1 bedroom apartments, large houses, and commercial moving services. Dependable Movers also offers white glove moving service upon request. Working with Dependable Movers makes your move easier and less stressful, as you will know that your items are being moved carefully and by one of the best.

Unbreakable Movers
#3 of 12 Top Movers in SF

Consistently providing top-notch services in the San Francisco Bay Area, these movers have flexible options based on your needs. Whether you have heavy items that need to travel up flights of stairs and to another city or you need to move the contents of your studio apartment to another unit near your current location, you can pick a job-appropriate team to ensure you don't overpay for the work you need done. This team also helps with commercial moves, as well as storage & packing services.

SF Bay Area Moving
#4 of 12 Best SF Movers

SF Bay Area Moving has years of experience helping Bay Area residents move throughout San Francisco, Oakland, & San Jose, but as a fully licensed & insured moving company, they have also helped families & businesses move between states. Packers Movers has been named as the number 4 of the 12 Best Moving Companies in SF based on their track record of happy customers, secure deliveries, and timely service. Packers Movers has exemplary reviews from past customers and is known for performing above client expectations.

Pure Moving Company
#5 of 12 Top Movers in SF

Pure Moving Company is both a local and long-distance moving company that has exemplary staff and is always ready to help. This team has been named as one of the 12 best relocation specialist in SF due to their ability to provide services in a secure, timely fashion. Pure Moving Company also has top-notch reviews from past customers and a track record of on-time performance.

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#6 of 13 Leading Moving Companies

Insured, licensed, and boasting no hidden fees, Caremore Moving has the complete tool set to move you and your belongings safely. Based in San Francisco, Caremore also offer secure storage, packing, boxes, as well as furniture disposal. Due to the personal nature of moving, Caremore Moving only hires full time employees. Being a family owned business, Caremore Moving works extremely hard to maintain their reputation as an honest company.

Route 66 Movers
#7 of 13 Top-Notch SF Movers

Offering local and long distance moves all across California, Route 66 Moving has built a reputation for providing the very best delivery and care to all their customers. Originally established by two friends in 2008, Route 66 has grown to become one of the premier moving companies in the entire state. Route 66 Moving in San Francisco is not affiliated with any other ‘Route 66’ moving or relocation companies in other cities and states.

Celtic Moving and Storage
#8 of 13 Best Moving Services in SF

Combining excellent service with affordable rates, Celtic Moving and Storage works tirelessly to meet your moving and storage needs. Celtic operates in both the commercial and residential space to provide efficient and flexible service that is both personal and dependable. Celtic Moving and Storage is committed to their customers’ satisfaction and attempts to remove all of the stress on moving day.

Jackie Movers
#9 of 13 Leading Movers

Manuel, the owner of Jackie Movers, is committed to making your moving experience affordable and hassle-free. Having worked as a mover for years, Manuel took the opportunity in 2009 to start his own business, and it has continued to grow since then. Jackie Movers makes the relationship with their customers the priority, and their movers are known for their friendliness and high level of service.

Got 2 Move
#10 of 13 Top-Notch Moving Companies

Founded in San Francisco in 2004, Got 2 Move has focused on perfecting their processes to ensure that all of their customers are satisfied.  With flat rate long-distance moving and guaranteed pricing with honest, reliable quotes for local moves, Got 2 Move offers trained movers and professional furniture protection to provide each customer with a stress-free experience on the day of their move.

Cummings Moving Co
#11 of 13 Best SF Movers

Cummings Moving owners Amy and Enrique call San Francisco home and will tell you that moving residents and businesses is their passion. Extremely hands on, their commitment to both their customers as well as their employees creates an environment where top-level service is second nature. Operating in SF since 1969, Cummings Moving Co. is fully licensed and insured.

Shamrock Moving & Storage
#12 of 13 Best Movers

With 80% of their 3,000 moves each year coming from referrals, you can believe that Shamrock Moving & Storage offers one of the premier moving services in the city. Established in 1975 by Bob and Barbara Fallon, their mission was simple: “Take care of the customer and the customer will take care of you.” Currently operating nearly 30 trucks and working with 45 employees across four locations, you can lean on Shamrock’s experience and expertise for your next moving or storage adventure. 

Elite Movers
#13 of 13 Top Moving Companies

Native sons of the San Francisco Bay Area, Elite Movers are among the top class in the moving industry. With professional, personable movers, Elite Movers strives to satisfy their customer as well as provide a service that is cost-effective. The customer’s 100% satisfaction is their goal, as is to supply you with excellent service, providing encouragement, peace of mind, and total confidence.


The above list includes movers, moving companies, and relocations services that SFist believes are highly capable and provide superior services. In some cases, they are the largest companies in this field in San Francisco. The term 'best' is strictly an opinion, and it does not necessarily reflect user reviews, nor is it a statement of fact. In some cases, variable listing or sponsorship fees effect the ranking position of the companies, but every one could be considered as a strong contender among the top moving companies in San Francisco. To learn more about SFist's classifieds listings read more here.


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