They say there are more dogs in San Francisco than children. Believe it or not, that has actually been confirmed by KQED, though due largely to a low number of little humans rather than a high number of fur babies. That doesn't mean there's any less of a need for this list of the top pet & dog groomers - which pawlitically correct people call "Dog Spas." Why is this list free?

Fog City Dogs
#1 of 16 Best Dog Groomers SF

Fog City Dogs has been providing a fun, safe dog activity center since 2002. They offer all-suite lodging, dog daycare, and dog bathing in an interactive and social atmosphere. They are located in San Francisco, at two separate locations, one in Bayview and the other in Marina. They are known for their friendly staff who provide social and activity oriented care for customers’ pets. Trust that their state of the art facilities and effective staff keep pets safe and happy throughout their entire stay. Customer service clearly means a lot to the team at Fog City Dogs, and their reviews prove it. Here’s one from former customer Jacqueline Hartmann: “I brought my senior citizen pup to Fog City for both day-care and boarding. The staff were fantastic, always treating her with care and showering much love on her. Everyone is very friendly and professional.” Fog City Dogs also has a comprehensive set of standard practices, rules, and regulations designed to keep all dogs they care for safe and happy.

SF Woof Times
#2 of 16 Top Pet Grooming

SF Woof Times provides stellar dog walking, bathing, and grooming services in the greater San Francisco area. Staff is well trained on how to safely handle dogs during various activities. The level of care and attention they use when working with pets is important, and they take every effort to keep the animals they work with happy. The team at SF Woof Times understands that every animal is unique, and there isn’t any uniform way to take care of all dogs. They take a tailored approach to each pet, to ensure that their customers are satisfied, but most importantly, that those customers’ pets are happy with their experience. With this in mind, SF Woof Times also offers specialty services, such as canine exercise programs and delicate bathing for more sensitive animals. Contact them now to schedule an appointment in San Francisco.

AUQMIA (pronounced AAUU-K-MEA) offers grooming, nail trimming, and bathing services for cats and dogs in San Francisco. They are a licensed and insured company that has been in business since 2009. They have a versatile mixture of services, many of which are offered as curbside services. For those who would prefer in house grooming for their pets, AUQMIA has safe and quiet facilities where pets can feel peaceful and at ease. AUQMIA understands that a gentle approach is best when caring for people’s pets. Therefore, the staff is trained to be attentive to the needs of the animals they are caring for. This leads to decreased risk of exposure to diseases commonly associated with salon and kennel environments. Animals are hand dried, grooming removes are fully sanitized, and customers are always happy! Contact them now for more information about their grooming services.


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Scissor Me Whiskers
#4 of 16 Top-Notch Dog Spas in SF

Scissor Me Whiskers is a specialty dog salon that can groom dogs of any size, in any style. They provide full service grooming, which includes bathing, hair and nail trimming, gland expression, and teeth cleaning. Their staff is also qualified to perform more sensitive grooming services, such as paw pad trimming, eye cleaning and ear cleaning. Teeth cleaning is anesthesia free and all other products are safe for use with animals. This company has great reviews on yelp. For example, Ryan B. says “This place is a must go for your dog grooming services!!! Always polite, understands, and listens very well to what you would like for your dog.” This goes to show that their customer service goes a long way. They are located at 4412 Cabrillo St, San Francisco, California 94121.

Doggie Day Spaw
#5 of 16 Top Dog Groomers SF

Doggie Day Spaw is a San Francisco based dog grooming and salon service. They have great attention to detail and offer a wide variety of different services. These services include their BBN package, featuring a bath, brush out, nail trimming, and ear cleaning. Their Touch Up package includes nails, ear cleaning, eye cleaning, sanitary trim and paws and feet trim. Their CGS includes bath, nails, ears cleaned, and full body haircuts. Doggie Day Spaw also offers MicroBubble service, which is a unique bathing method that removes dirt without rubbing the skin. The bubbles attract and remove dirt, leaving the dogs’ pores and hair follicles fresh and clean. This system uses all natural cleansing products with no soaps or chemicals, reducing the itching and odor that customers’ pets experience afterward. To try any of these services, contact them today.

Bernie's Grooming
#6 of 16 Leading Pet Grooming

Bernie’s Grooming is a San Francisco based full service dog grooming company. They have been in business for 15+ years, over which they have developed a strong body of great reviews and strong referrals. Bernie’s Grooming also partnered with the San Francisco Animal Care and Control in 2006, relocating their grooming shop into the shelter. This was to ensure that shelter dogs are healthy and happy. Bernie’s signature 7-step bath process is designed to leave pups clean and refreshed. The first step is a basic shampoo, then they condition to ensure healthy, moisturized skin. Ears are then cleaned, and if requested, the anal glands are expressed. Then the dogs are hand dried, their nails trimmed, and a full brushing to remove tangles. Bernie’s also does trimming to keep dogs neat and tidy. Teeth cleaning is also available upon request. They have two locations, one at 177 Brannan Street San Francisco, 94107 and the other at 1200 15th Street San Francisco, 94103.

VIP Scrub Club
#7 of 16 Top-Notch Dog Grooming

VIPS Scrub Club doesn’t just wash dogs, they provide a peaceful space for dogs to feel clean, safe, and most importantly, happy. The staff is gentle and compassionate and have been trained to deliver excellent service to every customer. The friendly environment receives strong praise from their current customers, and their list of services covers all of the bases. With VIP Scrub Club, expect VIP service at a reasonable rate. Their grooming services include shampooing, blow drying/brushing, as well as nail and hair trimming. Baths are also available on a self serve basis. VIP Scrub Club offers the unique option of allowing customers to give their own pet a bath. Each bath is easy to access and has a variety of different premium shampoos and brushes that customers can use to groom their fur babies. All cleansing products are eco-friendly. VIP Scrub Club is located at 1734 Church St. San Francisco, CA 94131.

Barking Lot
#8 of 16 Best Dog Spas in SF

Barking Lot is a luxury dog grooming company that serves the San Francisco Bay Area. They specialize in grooming small dogs, up to 110 pounds. They have extensive experience handling micro dog breeds, small dog breeds, and medium sized dog breeds. Since 2006, Joy Bonehill and John Bonehill have been grooming, bathing, and styling pets. Over this amount of time, they have developed a great sense of how to take great care of other people’s pets. They offer a range of basic and more complex services. Options include: Wash only, full grooming, and styling. The facilities are great, Barking Lot offers a genuine luxury spa experience for every customer. This was achieved through great attention to detail applied to finding the ideal style and comfort. They are located at 3239 Balboa St, San Francisco, CA 94121, USA.

#9 of 16 Leading Dog Groomers SF

WAGS is a fun place where dogs can play, and get cleaned. They started in 2002, but since then they have grown into a staple of their community in San Francisco. WAGS offers a very full range of dog care services. This includes dog grooming, walking, and even boarding. WAGS is located on a 2 acre ranch, so dogs are able to roam freely with the other pups. Some even refer to their facility as a “dog camp”, where dogs are spoiled with a large field that they can use to play to their heart's content. The staff at WAGS believe that if the dogs are having fun, so are they. So they allow the dogs to enjoy each other’s company and play around in the grooming area. Customers don’t have to worry about their dog having a great time, because WAGS has a competent staff comprised of trained dog caretakers. To get started, contact them now.

Pawz Spa Grooming
#10 of 16 Top-Notch Pet Grooming

Pawz Spa Grooming is a new luxury grooming expert that started in San Francisco back in 2018. They serve dogs of all different sizes and breeds with routine grooming services. This gives their customers confidence that their pets have clean and healthy coats, teeth, eyes, and nails. The owner has been in dog grooming for more than 7 years, so customers can trust that the staff know what they are doing. They do not offer mobile grooming, but this is because they prefer to use resources on improving the quality of their cage free facilities. Customers can trust that their pups will be in a safe environment from start to finish. Contact them now to get more information about how to schedule an appointment for dog bathing and grooming.

#11 of 16 Best Dog Grooming

Mudpuppy’s is a full service grooming business that is staffed by expert dog caretakers. They have destinations located across San Francisco. Although Mudpuppy’s has only been in business for around 15 years, there are two other locations, with one being opened back in 1995. With all of that experience behind them, the people running Mudpuppy’s know what they are doing. Whether a dog needs washing, trimming, or flea removal, Mudpuppy’s knows exactly how to do it all. The staff is trained to wash dogs gently, ensuring a comfortable experience for all of their doggy customers. They are located at 536 Castro St, San Francisco, CA 94114. Contact them now to schedule an appointment for your dog.

VIP Grooming
#12 of 16 Best Dog Groomers SF

VIP Grooming is a San Francisco based dog grooming business in Noe Valley. Their mission is to provide the most comprehensive and thorough dog groom services possible, while still maintaining a fun and loving environment for the dogs. They shampoo all bath clients twice, then perform other services such as ear cleaning, anal gland expression, and conditioning. Trimming and dremeling nails is offered upon the customers’ requests. If required, grooming can be performed as well. VIP Grooming was founded with passion, and their goal is to connect with and care for animals. Lancy Woo runs VIP Grooming, and she has been a Bay Area groomer for more than 20 years! That’s a lot of time learning how to care for dogs. That’s how she decided to open her own facility, where dogs can roam freely when they are not being bathed or washed. This keeps dogs happy and customers coming back. Contact them now to get started.

Russian Hill Dog Grooming Express
#13 of 16 Top Pet Grooming

Russian Hill Dog Grooming Express is a grooming company in San Francisco. They believe that regular grooming is an essential part of every dog’s health, and they take responsibility for keeping dogs in their community healthy and fabulous. The staff at Russian Hill are well trained to be highly professional when interacting with clients and their pets. They are also very knowledgeable, so they can provide easy and simple demonstrations for clients who want to learn how they can keep their pets clean, happy, and healthy. The groomers at Russian hill have 25+ years of experience, as the company opened its doors back in 1994. They also have, on staff, some of San Francisco’s only Nationally Certified Master Groomers. There are also Companion Animal Hygienists who ensure that all animals are properly cleaned. There are two locations, one at 2178 Bush Street Near Fillmore and the other, Russian Hill, 1929 Hyde Street, Near Union.

SF Dog Parlour
#14 of 16 Leading Dog Grooming

SF Dog Parlour is a family run dog grooming business. Their goal is to provide the best care possible to their client and their pets. The two leaders of this company have a combined volume of pet grooming experience that exceeds 40 years. This means together, they know how to ensure that every dog that steps through their doors is happy with the service they have received, even if they can’t say it. The services they offer include full service grooming and bathing, as well as a quicker “Zoom Groom” specialty service for anxious dogs who don’t like waiting. The Full Service Bath includes a bath with hypoallergenic soap, nail trimming, nail grinding, and ear cleaning. Afterwards, dogs have their teeth brushed and glands expressed. Hair cuts are done afterwards if requested by the customer.

Bow Wow Meow SF
#15 of 16 Top-Notch Dog Spas in SF

Bow Wow Meow is a family owned dog grooming company that aims to offer the most beneficial products and services to pets in the San Francisco area. They aim to achieve this goal by creating new products and offering an array of grooming and training services. There are three locations, one in San Francisco, another in Menlo Park, and another in San Carlos. Most of the staff has been working for many years, meaning they are highly experienced. This makes them great people to ask questions about how to care for a pet better at home or to ask which grooming options are best for a specific pet’s needs. Their experience also means they know how to gently treat animals, making clients very satisfied. With that expertise, Bow Wow Meow offers dog training classes and mobile community veterinary clinics as well as pet nutrition experts. This makes Bow Wow Meow a one stop shop for many of the things a dog needs to be happy and healthy.

Alpha Grooming Pet Salon
#16 of 16 Top Dog Groomers SF

Alpha Grooming is a modern pet salon that offers a wide variety of different grooming and bathing services to the San Francisco area. They bring top quality dog grooming right to the door step of their customers, with their simple, yet exceptional mobile grooming service. Mobile grooming means rather than a set facility for dog grooming, they use a mobile grooming van that is packed with every thing needed to groom a dog. Customers can schedule an appointment using Alpha Grooming’s easy to use online booking tool. Once the appointment is scheduled, Alpha Grooming will arrive at the stated time with their mobile grooming van. This means customers can have their pets groomed without even leaving home. Alpha Grooming is available 7 days a week, and their mobile grooming van is a sanitary, safe place where pets can be groomed without a worry. Their reviews are great, so don’t wait to try out Alpha Grooming.



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