With so many premium weed delivery services spread out across one of the larger cities in the Bay Area, Fremont residents are often spoiled with choice when it comes time to order their favorite cannabis products. With close proximity to the Emerald Triangle as well as Silicon Valley, the cannabis community in Fremont has seen the best of both worlds, with an explosion of top-level cannabis delivery dispensaries in the area. Don’t worry about trying them all to figure out which is the best, as we’ve already done that. Just take a look below at the 15 Best Cannabis Delivery Companies in Fremont. Why is this list free?

Featured Biggest Weed Deliverers in San Francisco

Caliva's purpose is to enable individuals to make wise decisions and have satisfying lives. Producing cannabis products of the finest quality and dependability using their own South Bay-grown flower. Additionally, the state of California permits them to sell high-quality cannabis products manufactured by other firms. According to frequent cannabis consumers, the greatest cannabis products in the region can be found at Caliva. Before making a purchase, customers who are new to cannabis can communicate with an expert via email or phone. Caliva's only purpose is to facilitate cannabis use, allowing you to do it whenever and however you desire.

Weed On Wheels
#1 of 15 Best Fremont Marijuana Delivery Dispensaries

Weed on Wheels is one of the leading cannabis delivery services in Fremont laser-focused on supplying the greater Bay Area with top-shelf cannabis products for everyday smokers and casual tokers alike. With the goal of bringing years of experience and a high level of customer service to every interaction, the team at WOW dedicates themselves to providing a safe, simple, and speedy experience for each of their customers.

Fresh Mint
#2 of 15 Leading Marijuana Delivery East Bay

Fresh Mint combines top-notch customer service with high-quality goods in order to provide a respectful, polite, discrete, and professional cannabis delivery service. It's no secret that the team at Fresh Mint believe in the healing powers of cannabis, curating a menu of only the finest cannabis products because it’s important to them that their customers receive the best. At Fresh Mint, every customer feels like they are the only customer.

#3 of 15 Top-Notch Cannabis Delivery Service in Fremont

Hellapaxx is a California-licensed cannabis delivery business that prides itself on offering top-of-the-line, compliant, lab-tested cannabis goods to its customers. They strive to provide prompt delivery and a welcoming atmosphere for their members. Their founders were born and bred in the East Bay, and they are extremely proud of their heritage. Their menu is chock-full of top-of-the-line items from companies we all know and trust.

Elemental Wellness
#4 of 15 Top Fremont Marijuana Delivery Dispensaries

Elemental Wellness, an award-winning cannabis dispensary in the heart of San Jose that delivers throughout Fremont, believes that all adults should have the opportunity to access excellent and cheap marijuana in a friendly and inviting dispensary atmosphere. You will receive excellent customer service, and their diverse product choices set them apart from other delivery businesses in the region. EW has seen personally the health and wellness advantages that cannabis can provide, and knows that it may be life-changing for people suffering from chronic illness and terrible discomfort.

Marijuana Delivery Services Throughout The Bay

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Mitch's Boutique
#5 of 15 Leading Weed Delivery Fremont

Mitch's strives to deliver an exceptional level of service to medicinal and recreational clients, seeking only the highest grade cannabis on the market. Mitch's objectives are straightforward: to provide unparalleled customer care and to consistently deliver orders that make you smile every time you open the bag. Their cannabis goods are clean, lab-tested, and supplied directly from the farmers and inventors who produce and make the items we all love.

K&R Delivery
#6 of 15 Top-Notch Marijuana Delivery East Bay

K&R Delivery makes an effort to do things a bit differently, emphasizing the importance of putting people first. Their menu is tailored to their patients' needs, and their customer service is absolutely exceptional. K&R Delivery ensures that each brand meets rigorous production standards, ensuring that their family receives only the finest. K&R provides the greatest goods for you, whether you medicate for enhancement, use socially, are a connoisseur, or are a medical patient.

Purple Lotus
#7 of 15 Best Cannabis Delivery Service in Fremont

Purple Lotus' mission is to deliver excellent cannabis for all lifestyles while giving great customer service in a relaxing environment. The Lotus staff prides itself on offering exceptional customer service and is dedicated to presenting you with a one-of-a-kind personal experience. As a consequence, the majority of their visitors come through referrals from friends and family. Purple Lotus has daily deals on a range of items, as well as a 15% discount for Seniors (65+) and Veterans, as well as a 10% discount for those with disabilities.

Haha Organic
#8 of 15 Leading Fremont Marijuana Delivery Dispensaries

Haha Organics provides recreational and medical cannabis customers in Fremont, San Jose, and the neighboring South Bay areas with safe, high-quality, and consistently effective cannabis products. Whether you're a first-time user or a seasoned cannabis connoisseur, Haha Organics' pleasant customer service is committed to ensuring that every patient receives high-quality marijuana medication that meets or exceeds their expectations.

Golden Abundance
#9 of 15 Top-Notch Weed Delivery Fremont

Golden Abundance Delivery Service prioritizes the customer's whole experience by providing a diverse selection of high-quality flowers, cartridges, and concentrates at affordable prices. Their aim is to supply consumers with high-quality cannabis as well as a product and service they can rely on.

Royal Greens
#10 of 15 Best Marijuana Delivery East Bay

Royal Greens exclusively works with the best brand names in the cannabis business and only provides completely lab certified and state compliant products. They take pleasure in offering outstanding customer service and high-quality items to their customers. Royal Greens will gladly accept faulty items for return, but will not allow swaps for products that do not match expectations.

Enjoymint Delivered
#11 of 15 Best Fremont Marijuana Delivery Dispensaries

Enjoymint Delivered believes that when it comes to plant-based medication, every patient deserves a great experience, and ED provides in-depth evaluations of each product to assist you in better understanding it before using it. Rest confident that the items supplied to you by Enjoymint are of the highest quality, having been manufactured and tested in the safest conditions with proper handling and storage.

Green On The Go
#12 of 15 Leading Marijuana Delivery East Bay

Green On The Go is a cannabis delivery dispensary dedicated to providing the finest possible service from the minute you contact them until your goods are delivered. Their objective is to provide rapid delivery and high-quality items to their consumers, and their specialists are there to help you every step of the way. GOTG, which began as a nonprofit organization in April 2011 and has been licensed by the state of California since 2018, prides itself on providing the highest quality cannabis product with excellent customer service.

Urban Flavours Delivery
#13 of 15 Top-Notch Cannabis Delivery Service in Fremont

Urban Flavours Delivery is a recreational cannabis delivery business that caters to consumers who want the convenience of on-demand cannabis delivery to their homes. They are committed to supplying homebound customers with therapeutic medicinal marijuana and adult-use recreational cannabis products. Not only is Urban Flavours dedicated to providing the highest-quality flowers at the most affordable prices, but they also aim for quick delivery and a vast menu.

The Hidden Leaf
#14 of 15 Top Fremont Marijuana Delivery Dispensaries

The Hidden Leaf aspires to be your favorite exclusive online shop for the latest anime and cannabis trends. Their objective as a completely compliant delivery service established in 2020 is to deliver only "fire" items. They want to motivate their clients to be the greatest version of themselves and to live their lives fearlessly. The Hidden Leaf has something for everyone, whether it's for everyday life or a sophisticated event.

#15 of 15 Leading Weed Delivery Fremont

Grassdoor doesn't just want to be the world's quickest Cannabis delivery service; it also wants to be the safest, friendliest, freshest, stickiest, and cheapest. The Grassdoor management team is made up of real Cannabis aficionados who spend many hours exploring the state's top farms for an astonishing selection of flowers ranging from ultra-premium exotics to old school classics and seasonal sun grown strains.



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