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Including the headquarters to so many of the world's best-recognized businesses and social events, San Francisco has become one of America's fastest-paced construction areas, and it is frequented by numerous VIPs and celebrities. All of these factors have one thing in common: there is an urgent demand for the best private security guard firms and security patrol services. The following is a complete list of companies that can supply top-notch private security personnel. In reality, when compared to other cities in the country, San Francisco's private sector security guard services are widely regarded as superior. As a result, hiring from the ranks of security services listed below can provide peace of mind. Why is this list free?

Armada Protective Services
#1 of 14 Best SF Security Guard Companies

Armada Protective Services is a San Francisco-based security guard company that offers its services to its broad clientele within the Bay Area. The company has built a name for itself with its high standards in employing and training its employees, as well as its versatility in tailoring its services to fit the needs of its diverse list of clients. Armada owns and operates its own fleet of vehicles that allows them to perform closing and opening sweeps of properties and respond swiftly to alarms about five times faster than the police's response time. Furthermore, they do not charge for false alarms. The security guard company covers all sorts of clients, including credit unions, healthcare facilities, and government buildings. Armada also protects numerous apartment complexes, contruction sites, and high profile individuals like the one and only Jackie Chan.

Nob Hill Security
#2 of 14 Best Featured Security Companies ★★★★★

Nob Hill Security offers workplace security, lobby access monitoring, corporate event protection, and apartment and condo security. Nob Hill Security also specializes in event security, covering both corporate and private gatherings. Nob Hill employs well-trained personnel who may provide CPR certification upon request. The firm is completely licensed and insured, and they handle their background-checked security team using cutting-edge technology.

#3 of 14 Leading Private Security Guards in SF

Citiguard Security Guards is a security company that provides its services to some of the largest residential communities and Fortune 500 companies in the state of California. With over 50 years of experience, Citiguard's consultants manage a team of skilled security supervisors and guards to provide excellent services for their clientele. Unlike some San Francisco private security companies, Citiguard's security services specialize in special event security and construction security, where Citguard's security guards will carry out the customized orders for their clients in a professional and courteous manner. Additionally, marked vehicle patrol is offered to larger areas, or to multiple facilities located in different areas.

AMB Patrol Service
#4 of 14 Top-Notch Security Services in SF

AMB Patrol Service is a local patrol and alarm response company that operates in San Francisco. As one of the top SF security guard companies, AMB's management team consists of highly experienced and dedicated security staff that seeks to meet their client's needs through customized procedures and measures that serve to deter incidents and damages. No two properties have the same security needs, which is why AMB Patrol Service works hard to communicate with clients and tailor each of their services to suit their needs. This is why, unlike law enforcement, AMB will not charge a fee for false alarms.

#5 of 14 Top SF Security Guard Companies

Companies looking for private guards in SF to protect their properties look to Allied Universal for help. The company provides proactive security services through cutting-edge technology. If you are seeking well-trained security officers that you can count on, you have come to the right place. Customers are able to choose the type of look they want your security officers to have, ranging from law enforcement to business casual to even a sophisticated concierge look. Allied Universal manages your security personnel through a team of local personnel. This company can provide you with security guards in SF that are specialists in a variety of industries that include commercial real estate, condominiums and high rises, construction, defense and aerospace, higher education, financial and government institutions and more.

Nationwide Investigations & Security
#6 of 14 Leading San Francisco Private Security Companies

Nationwide Investigations & Security is based out of the San Fransisco Bay Area and offers professional, state-of-the-art protection for individuals and businesses in various mediums--bodyguards, security guards, private investigators, fire watch services, access and monitoring services, and OSHA safety consultants. Whether you need a discrete investigation on a person's character to support your claims or you are trying to avoid interruption of your business with malfunctioning fire alarms, this investigation and security company delivers. Nationwide Investigations & Security Inc. is among many of the hired security guard companies in SF. It is a full-service security and investigations company where safety and clients' satisfaction is always a top priority.

American Guard Services
#7 of 14 Top-Notch Private Security Guards in SF

American Guard Services is an established security guard company that has operated in California since 1997, with locations in other states like Florida, Louisiana, Hawaii, Nevada, and Texas. Due to its location in the Bay Area, American Guard offers a diverse spectrum of maritime security services to port maritime and cruise line clients based on regulations specific to the cruise ship security industry. American Guard Services' consultants have decades of experience in meeting the needs of the cruise ship security industry and have done well to comply with federal and international regulations due to rigorous training.

TS4 Private Security
#8 of 14 Best Security Services in SF

TS4 is a private security service based in San Francisco, CA. However, they provide security service to more than just the San Francisco area. Their services extend to all of California, which is much farther and better than other San Francisco private security companies. Their services aren't just for construction sites or abandoned and empty commercial buildings. They provide services to private individuals, companies, public places and buildings, and government property. Special security services are offered by TS4 and include bodyguard services, crowd control, and private party security for an entire evening. (Security guards are armed, but are instructed to call the police when suspicious activity is noticed.)

The Guard Alliance
#9 of 14 Leading SF Security Guard Companies

The Guard Alliance is a highly rated security guard and fire-watch company in California founded a decade ago to provide high-quality professional security guard services for commercial and residential clients. As one of the Top SF security guard companies, The Guard Alliance Inc. uses high-end vehicles and sophisticated technology to keep client properties safe. The company also has a strict screen process of multi-level background checks, interviews and drug tests for all personnel hired. Clients can choose from armed guards, unarmed guards and patrol services. Among the industries that this security company serves are construction sites, apartment buildings and complexes, commercial properties, retail stores, banks, office buildings, schools and special events that include video monitoring, crisis response, crowd control, gate security and access control.

Jones Protective Services
#10 of 14 Top-Notch San Francisco Private Security Companies

As a certified Minority Owned Local Business Enterprise, Jones Protective Services is dedicated to the safety of each and every person under their protection. They have been serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 2004. They offer notary and investigative services when needed. An account representative is assigned to each client to discuss mutual goals as well as the cost of services. Whether you need private guards in sf for your construction sites or security services at your church, shopping mall or apartment building, Jones Protective Services are only a phone call away. They have a stellar reputation when it comes to professionalism and honesty. Their employees are responsible and well known for their honesty and integrity.

American Guard Protection
#11 of 14 Best Private Security Guards in SF

American Guard Protection (AGP) is a top-notch licensed private security firm that has provided highly qualified, well-trained personnel to diverse organizations and facilities throughout the San Francisco Bay area for 15 years. AGP offers express, general, and patrol services of all types. Those who have hired security guard companies in SF have been thoroughly pleased with AGP, and clients include financial institutions, hospitality facilities, shopping centers, industrial plants, and many others. AGP utilizes state-of-the-art technology, customizes client solutions, and takes great pride in their professionalism, customer satisfaction, and exceptionally high standards of quality.

CORE1 Security Services
#12 of 14 Best SF Security Guard Companies

Core1 Security Services has been proudly delivering fast and professional service to the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly a decade. Founded in 2013, C1SS provides experienced uniformed and plainclothes security guard services (armed and unarmed) for special events. Core1 also offers a variety of other personnel and services including closed circuit television monitoring and loss prevention detail specialists. As a top-tier 24 hour security guard company, C1SS excels at the attentive monitoring of crowds. From nightclubs to outdoor festivals, Core1 Security Services is passionate about keeping clients and their customers safe. Call or email for a free quote.

Mint Security
#13 of 14 Leading Private Security Guards in SF

As one of the top San Francisco private security companies, Mint Security Inc can offer protection for offices, jewelry stores, retail stores, special events, and parking garages. Guards are trained in every aspect of protection in order to keep each area as secure as possible. The company was founded in 2014 by a French Foreign Legion soldier who knows how important it is to offer high-quality services to customers so that their investments are protected and so that they feel secure while they are conducting business.

Marina Security Services
#14 of 14 Top-Notch Security Services in SF

Marina Security Services, located in San Francisco Bay Area, provides professionally trained and highly qualified security guards that can provide services in almost any setting, from corporate offices to community events. The security guards at Marina Security Services are trained in using a variety of the latest technology and adapt to any environment allowing them to consistently perform at peak levels no matter the situation. What sets Marian Security Services apart from other SF security guard companies is how Marian Security communicates with their clients. They maintain an open-door policy to allow clients to share feedback and strive to build strong relationships with their clients and community.


From trained security guards to personal bodyguards to mobile security patrol cars, these companies have seen it all and done it all. SFist has compiled a list of top-notch security companies which have been patrolling businesses, private events, and personal property for years.

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