When you can't use email and snail mail is too slow, messenger-courier services can be the only solution. These companies are known to be the best in SF. Why is this list free?

Godspeed Courier Services
#1 of 14 Top SF Courier Service

Godspeed Courier is a messenger service based in San Francisco. The company has been in operation for 20 years and provides customers same-day delivery. Its employees utilize bicycles and vehicles in their delivery services. All of the delivery options that Godspeed Courier advertises are same-day; however, its delivery options are broken into 3 levels. Customers can choose same-day, standard, or rush delivery. Pricing is transparent and varies depending on the location within the Bay Area as well as the level of delivery the customer requires. Some of its services are San Francisco court filings and interoffice courier solutions. Customers can call the company to obtain a price quote before committing to any of Godspeed’s services.

K&K Services
#2 of 14 Top-Notch Delivery Courier Services

K & K Services is a process server company that operates within Solano County, Contra Costa County, and Alameda County. The company is licensed, bonded, registered, and insured in the state of California. It offers a free quote to customers who are interested in its services. Some of the services that K & K provides are unlawful detainers, small claims, criminal cases, civil cases, federal cases, service by publication, wage garnishments, 3-day notice postings, and document courier services. The company will also provide court filing services. It offers same-day rush services, as well. K & K Services is headquartered in Suisin City.

King Courier
#3 of 14 Top Courier SF

King Courier is located in the city of San Francisco and provides delivery services throughout the entire Bay Area. The company has three major services provided: vehicle services, bicycle services, and court filings. Its vehicle services are available 24 hours a day and are broken into different structures. Customers can choose between rush delivery, standard delivery, direct delivery, and after-hours/weekend delivery. Clients that choose bicycle courier service have options, as well. They can choose between bike rush, bike standard, bike deferred, and bike immediate deliveries. Court filings services are separated into three categories: immediate, rush, and routine. The company guarantees punctuality and reliability in all of its services.

Spirit Courier
#4 of 14 Leading SF Courier Service

Located in the heart of San Francisco, Spirit Courier is a boutique courier and delivery service. The company is an independently-owned and operated business. It provides solutions to customers within the city as well as across the entire Bay Area. Spirit Courier specializes in business and legal courier services. The company utilizes fleets of vehicles and bicycles to deliver items for customers. The company strives to keep pricing transparent and affordable. Besides local and extended courier services, the company also serves legal documents. It will provide customers with proof of service in these situations, and promises 3 attempts with all services of process.

Zoom Transport
#5 of 14 Top-Notch Messenger Services

Zoom Transport is a B2B delivery service, providing solutions throughout the San Francisco Bay Area region. It has over 20 years of experience in the industry. Customers can call Zoom Transport to receive a free estimate on any pressing delivery needs. The company prides itself on its fleet of delivery trucks, which include custom shelving for various package sizes. From Petaluma to San Jose, the company will provide services to businesses and individuals alike. The company offers dedicated routes, on-demand delivery services, and custom deliveries tailored to meet the demands of customers. Clients can book their services online or by calling Zoom Transport directly.

Stella Courier
#6 of 14 Best Delivery Courier Services

Stella Courier serves the city of San Francisco, primarily in the Downtown area. It guarantees prompt and reliable courier services. The company also provides delivery to specific neighborhoods, including the Financial District, SoMa, the Mission District, and Lower and Upper Haight. Pricing for its services is based on various zones within the city. Stella Courier will also provide delivery services outside of these zones for an additional fee. The company strives to deliver packages within a 2-hour window. It seeks to achieve customer satisfaction by consistently delivering items punctually and safely. The company offers rush delivery as well as oversized package services.

Dig Courier
#7 of 14 Leading Courier SF

Dig Courier is a courier service that guarantees same-day delivery throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The company is set apart in its commitment to being environmentally-conscious. It provides a carbon-balanced rush delivery option that stays true to the company’s green approach. It will deliver packages by bicycle, BART, and a fleet of hybrid trucks to minimize pollution and carbon emissions. Dig Courier strives to maintain this eco-friendly approach while keeping costs low for the customer. With offices in San Francisco and the East Bay, the company can provide services to many towns around the region. Dig Courier offers a free quote option on its website, or via telephone.

Reliable Courier Services
#8 of 14 Top-Notch SF Courier Service

Reliable Courier Services has been providing courier and delivery services to residents of the Bay Area for more than a decade. The company performs same-day delivery, as well as overnight and holiday deliveries. It offers multiple courier services, large and small, to its customers. A few of these services are sending envelopes, documents, bank deposits, and lab reports. It will also supply tracking information to customers and provide certificates of delivery. Reliable Courier Services also has a route service feature that accommodates customers who need more than one delivery at a time. Its legal document solutions will deliver correspondence between attorneys and the courts, or between law firms.

Cricket Courier
#9 of 14 Best Messenger Services

Cricket Couriers is a worker-owned collective that performs courier and delivery services in the San Francisco Bay Area. While operating primarily within the city limits of San Francisco, the company does serve the greater Bay Area as well. The company’s pricing is based on zones and the time frame that the client desires. The expected delivery windows that Cricket offers are 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, and 2 hours. It offers insurance and can accommodate oversized parcels, for an extra fee. The company strives to treat its members well, and to translate that positive interaction on to its customers. Cricket Couriers prioritizes prompt delivery and careful delivery of items.

Underdog Couriers
#10 of 14 Best Courier SF

Underdog Couriers is located in San Francisco and has been serving the greater Bay Area for almost 5 years. It offers a full suite of courier and delivery services, as well as legal delivery document solutions. The company strives to complete same-day delivery of documents throughout the city. Its focus is on pedal-driven delivery, and it provides many courier services via bicycle. Underdog Couriers is a legal courier and offers a slew of legal document delivery options. The company also performs last-mile services. Since speed and punctuality are crucial to the customer, the company makes efficient, same-day delivery a priority.

ASAP Couriers
#11 of 14 Top SF Courier Service

ASAP Couriers is a courier company based out of San Francisco. It offers a free quote, either online or on the telephone, to customers who desire delivery or courier services. ASAP Couriers has a unique 5-step process that customers follow to have their items delivered. The free quote is the first step in the process. The second step is an easy, secure online payment system. The third step is the actual performance of the courier service. These services include rush and standard delivery within San Francisco. Customers are then supplied confirmation that their package has been delivered. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed, and the final step of the process is for ASAP Couriers to ensure that has occurred.

Modern Express Courier
#12 of 14 Leading Messenger Services

Modern Express Couriers has been serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 1951. Over nearly 70 years, it has built up a vast selection of services that it offers to customers. The company has a variety of same-day delivery options. It has an overnight service, as well. Modern Express Couriers conducts regularly scheduled delivery service. The company can handle both small and large projects and utilizes warehouse and freight service solutions. The company strives to retain confidence and handle legal documents with sensitivity. Additionally, Modern Express Couriers will perform document shredding. Customers can track items and request quotes on the company’s website for added convenience and transparency.

Bottom Line Delivery
#13 of 14 Top-Notch Delivery Courier Services

With 20 years of industry experience, Bottom Line Delivery has a large selection of courier and delivery solutions. It serves San Francisco and the Bay Area. It offers several time frames for delivery, including same-day, overnight, 2-day, 4-day, and custom delivery windows. The company is available to customers 24/7 and prides itself on its affordability. Signatures and proof-of-delivery are included in the upfront cost, and the company does not hide extra fees. New customers receive a 15% discount, as well. Bottom Line Delivery provides additional services besides its courier offerings, such as signature acquisitions and inter-office mail distribution. Additionally, it touts its ability to customize customer’s demands and desires.

#14 of 14 Top Courier SF

Rapidus is more than a traditional courier service. It involves a technologically-advanced rideshare approach to delivery services. Serving the entire Bay Area, its app and website allow users total transparency. Customers can track packages with one click. Drivers undergo a strict background check so customers can trust their packages are being treated carefully and with respect. The company assures customers that packages will be delivered consistently on time. Its focus is on last-mile service, and speedily delivering packages to customers. With its 24/7 response, Rapidus can ensure package delivery on weekends, holidays, or in emergencies. Customers can purchase insurance, as well, to give themselves added peace of mind.



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