The Bay Area is one of the most expensive places in the world in terms of cost of living. Where in some places you might be able to buy a literal castle, in SF you may only have the money to rent a one car garage, tendem at that. But with those exorbitant home prices, the City is also home to some amazing architectural wonders. Search no further if you seek to update your kitchen with one of San Francisco's top kitchen remodeling companies. Why is this list free?

Strong Builders
Top Featured Kitchen Contractor in San Francisco

Strong Builders' team has over 20 years of construction & contracting experience. They pride themselves on quality work done the right way, including some of the best design work, professional & timely project management, and craftsmanship that is second to none. Strong Builders does it all, whether your project is a full kitchen remodel, or you just need some upgrades. This Diamond Certified business also provides painting, concrete, masonry, flooring, wood floor repairs, and preventative maintenance.

Prosper Construction
#1 of 15 Best Kitchen Remodelers

Prosper Construction is a construction company that is a kitchen renovation specialist. Via a cutting-edge 3D rendering design application, the Prosper team will render a detailed visual of the customer’s dream kitchen. This technology is exact enough to represent specifics such as the countertops and finishes. The company not only handles complete renovation and remodeling, but it also provides flooring and electrical services. It works with customers in each step of the design and development cycle. Prosper Construction has 3 offices around the San Francisco Bay Area, and services the entire region. It also offers a free quote for any services that it provides to customers.

#2 of 15 Top Kitchen Contractors

GreenStar Construction has been in business for 12 years. It is a kitchen renovation specialist that is based in Alameda, serving the greater Bay Area. The remodeling process begins with a free in-home consultation with the designers of GreenStar. Once the project is underway, the latest technology is utilized to prepare clients for what their kitchen will ultimately look like. The company finds kitchen necessities with clients and offers discounts on various fixtures and building materials. Once the work is completed, GreenStar offers a 2-year warranty on all labor provided by the company. All necessary services to complete the kitchen remodel are included within the offerings of the company.

Pure Remodeling
#3 of 15 Leading Kitchen Addition Contractor

Pure Remodeling is a kitchen remodeling and renovation company headquartered in San Jose. It has two additional branch offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, and one office in southern California. It offers a multitude of kitchen-related services and projects, including full and partial remodels. It also performs upgrades and repairs, as well as fixture installation and plumbing. Pure Remodeling has a design team that will sit down with clients to discuss requirements, obtain the materials, and continue collaborating with customers until the project is complete. Other team members include project managers and materials specialists. The entire team works together to achieve success in the project.

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Bay Home Remodeling
#4 of 15 Top-Notch Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

Bay Home Remodeling specializes in kitchen and bath remodeling. Its services include kitchen updates, upgrades, partial, and full renovations. Project Managers from Bay Home are brought in at the start of the project to help customers realize their vision of a dream kitchen. From design to planning, and from pre-construction through production, the Project Manager is there for the customer. The manager obtains materials, secures permits, and communicates with the many experts involved during the entire kitchen renovation process. Bay Home Remodeling also offers a “touch-up” service upon the conclusion of the project, in which every detail of the renovation is closely inspected and guaranteed to be repaired or enhanced. It is based out of San Francisco.

#5 of 15 Top Kitchen Remodelers

Rasmussen Construction is a construction organization that offers many services within kitchen renovation. Its office is located in Novato and the company serves the greater Bay Area. Rasmussen prides itself on high-end kitchen appliances and materials as part of its renovation process. The company attends to such details as cabinetry, tiling, and countertops. It partners with local artisans and designers to create kitchens that customers desire. Partial renovations and upgrades, such as the installation of kitchen islands, are part of the offerings that the company has. Rasmussen Construction also has a unique approach to its workmanship: a “green”, eco-conscious approach to all of the work it performs.

S&I Construction
#6 of 15 Leading Kitchen Contractors

S & I Construction is a large company, with one office in southern California and another in the San Francisco Bay Area. One of its specialty areas is kitchen renovations. A free estimate is provided upon initial contact with the company. The renovation cycle begins with a 3D rendering of the vision of the customer’s updated kitchen. Next, the S & I team takes the customer to the materials supplier to choose components in person. The company can secure these materials for the customer, for up to 50% off full price. The company will work directly with clients through, and beyond, the completion of the kitchen project.

#7 of 15 Top-Notch Kitchen Addition Contractor

M & M Construction and Home Design is a full-service construction company that focuses on kitchen remodels and renovations. With over three decades of experience in the industry, it offers a full suite of services for kitchen renovations. Based in Concord, it services the greater Bay Area. It partners with many different suppliers and designers, which allow it to offer many styles of cabinets, countertops, and finishes. Some examples are traditional, contemporary, and country styles that incorporate fine details to differentiate their overall appearances. M & M has a sustainable focus within its labor practices and materials and guarantees its workmanship as well as its adherence to time and budget.

Jack Thompson
#8 of 15 Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

Jack Thompson is a residential contracting company that specializes in kitchen and bath renovations and upgrades. The company has over thirty years of experience working within the Bay Area region and is based in the city of San Francisco. Its kitchen remodel process begins with a complimentary site visit and estimate, which will allow the customer an idea of the overall budget for the project. The design team then steps in and sits down with the client to get a feel for the scope of the kitchen overhaul. Each step is discussed and detailed with the client, from pre-production through the end of the renovation.

Milan Construction
#9 of 15 Leading Kitchen Remodelers

Milan Construction is a company that has been in operation for over ten years, and is located in - and services - the Bay Area. It focuses on residential properties and has a vast portfolio of kitchen projects. It performs partial and full renovations, as well as repairs and upgrades to the kitchen. It works with local experts and suppliers to complete the project, including coordination of plumbing, countertops, cabinetry, and tile work. Milan Construction is also licensed, bonded, and insured. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed, and if there is a repair needed after the project is completed, Milan will come out and fix it.

#10 of 15 Top-Notch Kitchen Contractors

Structoris is a construction company with multiple specializations, including kitchen remodeling and renovation. It is based in the city of San Francisco and its services cover the entirety of the Bay Area. The company has existed since the 1980s and has a substantial team of experts in kitchen renovations. All details of the remodel are covered by Structoris, including structural updates, electrical, plumbing, and surface enhancements and refinishing. Projects are managed by a specialized network of individuals, each with a skill set designed to achieve successful completion of every project. These skills include the design, planning, permitting, and execution of the construction phase.

Montclair Construction
#11 of 15 Best Kitchen Addition Contractor

Montclair Construction is a full-service construction company. It is located in Oakland and serves the greater Bay Area. It offers a wide range of services, including kitchen renovation and upgrades. It has over three decades of experience in the construction and remodeling industries. Designers meet with clients initially, and the design team strives to incorporate the individualism and style of each customer into the kitchen remodel. After the free consultation and design implementation stage, the renovation will begin. Each step of the remodel is thoroughly monitored and executed by the Montclair team. After completion of the project, the company goes over all of the details of the renovation with the client. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed by the company, as well.

#12 of 15 Best Kitchen Remodelers

BCCI is a large commercial and residential construction organization. It has a large portfolio of many different types of projects, including interior renovation and construction. It has been in business for three decades and consists of a skilled team of experts that can complete numerous renovations. It has one office in San Francisco and one in Mountain View. The building and renovation cycle consists of several steps. These include the design phase using cutting-edge technology to seamlessly work with clients, as well as the entire production phase utilizing the team of specialists at BCCI. Budgets and time constraints are focused on, and clients are guaranteed to be satisfied with the results.

Superb Builders
#13 of 15 Top Kitchen Contractors

Superb Builders serves the greater San Francisco Bay Area. It has two offices, one in Los Angeles and one in San Francisco. It is a construction company with a focus on interior remodels and renovations, especially kitchen and bath. For over 13 years, Superb Builders has offered a full panel of services for kitchen remodeling and upgrades. Utilizing technology such as the Kitchen Visualizer, the design of the customer’s dream kitchen can be seen before construction begins. The team then walks the client through the entire cycle as it unfolds, so there are no surprises on the client’s end. The company strives to stay under time and budget limits at all times.

#14 of 15 Leading Kitchen Addition Contractor

Skylight is a technology-driven home renovation organization based out of San Francisco. It services the entire Bay Area region and specializes in interior remodels and renovations such as kitchens and baths. The company promises to stay on budget with no increases that aren’t relayed to clients. Additionally, leading technology is fully integrated into the kitchen renovation process. Such technology includes 3D renderings of the updated kitchen at the start of the renovation cycle. Clients are given ownership of the direction of the project through apps and online interaction. There are also substantial guarantees in place to ensure customer satisfaction after the kitchen project is complete.

Glam Construction
#15 of 15 Top-Notch Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

Glam Construction is a construction business that is based out of the city of San Francisco. It services the greater Bay Area region. It specializes in upgrades, repairs, and updates of kitchens. It also offers full renovations and remodels of interior spaces. Glam Construction will complete both smaller and larger jobs and includes services required for each step. These services include plumbing, electrical, carpentry, painting, and tiling work. Additionally, Glam Construction will haul away refuse when the project is completed. The company will also return to the project site to repair any issues that may arise after construction or renovation.



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