San Francisco is known for having some of the most difficult rental conditions in the coutry. A great leasing agent can guide you through the process of renting out your investment property or finding you the perfect residence within your budget.

#1 of 13 Best Rental Realtors

Made up of a team of rental real estate experts, RentSFNow not only helps tenants find a new home or apartment, they also work closely with one of the top-rated property management companies in the Bay Area. This means that they are well-versed in virtually every neighborhood of San Francisco, Marin, & Oakland, and they work dilligently on behalf of the tenant. Furthermore, there is a chance that this team will have an off-market listing that could be the perfect fit for your needs!

Marcus Gaetani
#2 of 13 Top Leasing Agents

With over 3 generations and 70+ years of experience, not to mention a certification from the Institute of Real Estate Management, Mark Gaetani of Gaetani Real Estate is equipped to provide the utmost professional commercial real estate service in San Francisco. Offering a wide variety of commercial realty services in the Bay area, they specialize in Multi-unit properties. Gaetani Real Estate is ready to take the hassle out of all of your commercial property needs. Their experience assures their customers that there is little that is out of their purview. Gaetani also knows the Bay area, still located in the same spot that they began in San Francisco and has stayed there ever since. While their tactics and methods have changed, one thing has not. Their ability to continue to serve the San Francisco area effectively and with a sense of integrity.

Jackie Tom
#3 of 13 Leading Apartment Rentals

Have a problem that needs a dedicated and carefully approached solution? Then you need Jackie Tom. She has almost 25 years experience herself in the San Francisco commercial real estate, and has proven to be able to provide a variety of services both efficiently and in a creative manner. Ms. Tom’s experience makes her a competitive individual when it comes to the San Francisco leasing market. Whether you are a landlord or tenant near the Bay, Jackie is prepared to assist and make sure that both parties in any situation are treated both fairly and that the correct outcome is reached. An adventurous spirit, it is apparent that Jackie Tom is willing to take chances on your behalf, making her one of the go-to leasing agents in San Francisco.

Alex Kaufman
#4 of 13 Amazing Rental Agents

Coming from a family background with a wealth of knowledge of San Francisco, this real estate broker local to the Bay area has over a decade of experience in the industry. This is none other than Alex Kaufman of J. Wavro Associates. His variety of experience working in rental investments around the Bay area. Mr. Kaufman understands the importance of understanding the real estate market, and has spent a variety of time understanding the trends and recognizing the value as he understands that is one of the most integral parts of working in real estate. He uses this to ensure that you both get the best initial price, but that you also get the best R.O.I. (Return of Investment) every time.

Jesse Fowler
#5 of 13 Top Rental Realtors

Jesse Fowler shows from the get-go that he understands the trends of current tenants and what they are looking for. He goes the extra mile to study and predict the specific market interests that will prevail in the San Francisco real estate market. He even offers a summarized version of his findings right on his website. Just showing the faith that he has both in his abilities and his estimate of the upcoming changes in preferences. Having grown up in the Bay area he has ascertained a wealth of knowledge about the local market, and how to succeed as a real estate broker in the area. Offering a wide variety of services, his company has placed itself among one of the most trusted real estate brokers in the San Francisco Bay area.

Ray Amouzandeh
#6 of 13 Leading Leasing Agents

With over 12 years of experience in residential real estate broker practices, Ray Amouzandeh has been providing San Francisco with some of the most professional and substantial service in the real estate brokerage industry. He has the reputation to back these claims too. He is renowned for his ability to make sure the most minute detail is taken care of, and that you have nothing to fear when it comes to all of your commercial multi-unit needs. Whether it be short, or long term, Ray Amouzandeh has the strategy, or ability to come up with one, that will leave both parties feeling satisfied with the arrangement. Ensuring that the landlord is getting paid a fair price based on the current market, and the tenant is comfortable and happy in their new home. With all this it is clear to see how Mr. Amouzandeh has built such a reputation in the Bay are real estate markets, and will continue to do so.

Nanette Barr
#7 of 13 Amazing Apartment Rentals

Specializing in single resident and multi-unit residential complexes, Nanette Bar of Gordon Property management is more than adequately equipped to assist with almost any residential real estate transaction in San Francisco. Holding herself to raise the bar, Nanette prides herself on her customer service and ability to communicate in a fluid and proper manner. Her completing of the San Francisco Apartment Associations CCRM series, and almost 15 years of experience goes a long way to show that this San Francisco native is ready and able to assist with your Bay area residential needs. Ensuring that your real estate investments are made intelligently and in a way that will yield the best potential return. That, and her strong customer service values, goes a long way to show that you can trust Ms. Bar with all your San Francisco real estate investment needs.

Kristin Wilson
#8 of 13 Best Rental Agents

There is no time to waste for this decisive San Francisco real estate business woman, who strikes at the heart of deals. Thus ensuring that her clients leave happy with the fair deal that they acquired through Ms. Kristin Wilson. Her background in both retail management and 15 years in real estate have more than prepared her for all of her commercial real estate and investment opportunities in the Bay and surrounding areas that she may come across. While straight to the point, Ms. Wilson has learned how to be courteous and patient with her clients as well, understanding that customer service goes a long way in the long run towards the satisfaction of her customers, which is her main priority.

Mark Campana
#9 of 13 Leading Rental Realtors

Anchor Realty has been passed down through a family all the way dating back to 1945 when it started with Angelo Campana and Rino Del Curto. Now, almost 75 years later, it is still family owned and operated. Now led by the highly capable Mark Campana, Anchor Realty is more than suited with the experience to assure that your commercial property management and investments will be adequately handled in a way that will make you happy that you chose a family owned business. With their years of experience and successful track record, you can rest easy with Mark Campana and Anchor Realty.

Natalie Miller
#10 of 13 Amazing Leasing Agents

Local to the San Francisco area, Natalie Miller knows the San Francisco area and is proud to call it her home. With 7+ years experience, Ms. Miller has proven herself to be determined to get the best deal for her Bay area commercial real estate clients. In 2015, she gained her CA Real estate license and has always made sure to approach each of her clients with a balanced and centered mind. Ensuring that she gives her clients a good deal while still making sure to understand and meet the interests of both parties.

Steven Brown
#11 of 13 Best Apartment Rentals

With 43 years personally invested in the real estate business in the Bay area, Steven Brown has shown himself to be an asset to both tenants and landlords alike. Their skills and cost efficient skill set gives Steven and his team the ability to handle even the most difficult of challenges. With his team of assistance, they manage over 100 residential complexes and 30 condominium associations showing that he is tried and true when it comes to the residential real estate game. They assure that there is not a challenge they are unable to handle in cost efficient and effective way.

Rafael Davis
#12 of 13 Top Rental Agents

For over 7 years, Rafael Davis, Chandler Properties’ Director of Leasing, has been providing the Bay area with a variety of residential real estate services. His company has dedicated themselves to ensuring that they raise the bar when it comes to how property management and leasing in the San Francisco area is done. Rafael’s main goal is to make sure that landlords get the most they can while still ensuring that he can minimize the vacancies for the landlords he is in contact with. Rafael will provide the best customer service, while still maintaining his company’s high standard of customer service and integrity.

Mike Broermann
#13 of 13 Amazing Rental Realtors

Mike Broermann of Group MB is a real estate broker out of the San Francisco Bay area. He prides himself on his ability to make the buying experience both simple and beneficial to all parties. With over a decade and a half of experience, he has made a variety of connections that make his residential property leasing practice both efficient and successful. Mike knows the property he leases and knows California even better. All of this paired with his on site experience make Mr. Boermann a force to be reckoned with in the residential real estate Bay area.

The above list includes rental realtors service providers that SFist's staff believes in and trusts that they are highly capable of providing superior services. In some cases, they are the largest companies in this field in San Francisco. In some cases, variable listing fees effect the ranking position of the companies, but every one could be considered as a strong contender among the top moving companies in San Francisco. You should do your own research before selecting a company or individual to provide services to you. To learn more about SFist's classifieds listings read more here.

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