As a tween, I hated my braces. I was mildly embarassed of the metal protruding from my teeth, and I couldn't wait to be rid of them. As an adult, I wish I had listened to my orthodontist and continued to wear my retainers after the metal came off of my teeth. Today, I have clear aligners to make up for my own bad habits as a youngster. Work with one of the great orthodontic offices below to avoid my fate! **Be sure to research orthodontists on your own. Any ranking position or language such as "best," "top," or "better" does not necessarily mean that the SFist has vetted, screened, or endorsed any individual or office.** Why is this list free to read?

Josh Berd & Associates
Top Orthodontists

Josh Berd & Associates is a dental and orthodontic group located in the city of San Francisco. It offers many orthodontic services to customers. Its main specialties are Invisalign and ceramic brackets. The main advantage of these braces compared to traditional brackets is the shortened length of time for the treatment. Josh Berd & Associates begins the process with a free consultation so that clients can get an idea of the orthodontic path ahead. The group uses advanced technology – such as 3D imaging and osteogenic stimulators - to ensure a flawless alignment and bracket creation. This technology leads to complete treatment in a few months as opposed to years.

Bella Smile
Best Orthodontic Practices

Bella Smile is an orthodontist business with two offices in San Francisco. Not only does Bella Smile perform teeth straightening, but it also aims to improve facial aesthetics through orthodontic treatment. The company prides itself on its technologically advanced offices, as well. The comfort of patients is considered foremost, through such measures as televisions on the ceiling. It utilizes 3D printing of models and keeps appointments efficient by using in-house digital photography and radiography technology. Bella Smile uses advanced devices, such as iTero scanners, to minimize messes and save time. The orthodontists at the business are highly trained and specialists in Invisalign technology.

All Smiles
Leading SF Orthodontists

All Smiles is an orthodontic group serving customers from throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. It prides itself on maintaining optimal office safety, sanitation of all tools and surfaces, and adherence to industry standards of practice. Additionally, all of the professionals at All Smiles are trained to stay current with the latest in orthodontic knowledge and advancements. Its specialties include medically-necessary orthodontics, as well as orthodontics for cosmetic reasons. The orthodontic group uses the latest in brace and bracket technology, including clear braces. Individuals can make an appointment directly on the website, for the convenience of patients. All Smiles also offers occasional promotions.

Pastel Dental
#4 of 21 Top-Notch Orthodontists in SF

Pastel Dental is a full-service dentistry office located in the heart of San Francisco. It specializes in cosmetic dentistry, TMJ therapy, and orthodontics. The office is equipped with up to date technology. Some of this technology includes laser treatment, digital x-rays, and T-Scan occlusal analysis and equilibration. For its orthodontic practice, Pastel Dental prefers Invisalign braces and also uses the latest in brackets and wires. The company website offers an online appointment booking tool, in addition to a standard telephone appointment service. The business strives to stay current on trends in the industry and to straighten teeth and maintain healthy smiles for its customers.

Salins Orthodontics
#5 of 21 Top Orthodontists

With one office in South San Francisco and another in Union City, Salins Orthodontics can serve a wide swath of the San Francisco Bay Area. A full-service orthodontic office, the company provides a wide range of dental and orthodontic solutions. It utilizes the latest high-tech wires and braces, as well as Invisalign and Invisalign Teen technology. Salins Orthodontics treats a large age range of patients, from young children through adults. The office also offers new customers a free consultation, so that the orthodontists can determine what needs to be done. This information ranges from suggesting specific orthodontic aligners to the cost of any treatment options.

Good + Sears
#6 of 21 Leading Orthodontic Offices

Good + Sears Orthodontics, located near Union Square in the city of San Francisco, provides a wide range of orthodontic services. Some of these services include Invisalign, standard brackets and wires, retention, early treatment, and jaw surgery. The doctors at Good + Sears are experts in their field and ensure that the proper treatment and information are supplied to their patients. Many of their patients are teens and children, but they assist many adults, as well. Patients of all ages can benefit from both cosmetic orthodontics and necessary services. Good + Sears offers discrete and time-saving solutions throughout its offerings, so clients can move forward confidently.

Lee, Young & Ubaldo
#7 of 21 Top-Notch SF Orthodontists

With a wealth of experience between them, Lee, Young, & Ubaldo have been servicing patients in San Francisco for many years. The business has many orthodontic solutions available to its clients. Besides Invisalign and standard braces, the office has many other corrective treatments. Some of these treatments include elastics, Forsus™, headgear, the Herbst® appliance, palatal expanders, and positioners. All of these devices and reinforcing appliances are prescribed to patients based on their individual orthodontic needs. Patients will be diagnosed at their first visit and doctors will begin treatment immediately. With three separate San Francisco locations, patients from across the city can be helped by the doctors of Lee, Young, and Ubaldo.

Robert S Quinn
#8 of 21 Best Orthodontists in SF

Robert S. Quinn is an orthodontic specialist located in the center of San Francisco. Dr. Quinn’s process for new patients begins with a consultation to discuss treatment options and pricing. The orthodontists on staff undergo constant training to ensure the most current techniques are being used. Robert S. Quinn provides various services to meet the orthodontic needs of patients. One such service is Damon braces, which is an innovative system that shortens the total time the patient needs to wear the appliances. Another option that customers can choose is Invisalign, a clear set of aligners that can replace traditional braces. A final solution is AcceleDent, which can reduce treatment times by several months.

Ingleside Dental
#9 of 21 Leading Orthodontists

Ingleside Dental is a full-service dental office, hosting a wide variety of dental and orthodontic offerings. Its patients come from many neighborhoods throughout San Francisco. While Ingleside Dental provides many dental procedures – including teeth whitening, cleanings, restorative dentistry, and children’s dentistry – it specializes in orthodontics. It assists patients of all ages with their orthodontic needs. The office gives patients a choice between Invisalign and orthodontic braces, depending on individual preference and the orthodontic diagnosis. The office prides itself on its care and attention to each patient, as well as being gentle and kind to all customers. It also accepts emergency dental and orthodontic situations immediately.

Cucalon Orthodontics
#10 of 21 Top-Notch Orthodontic Offices

For more than 30 years, Cucalon Orthodontics has been providing services to patients throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area. It offers a no-obligation, complimentary consultation to all new customers. Whether individuals need Invisalign or a two-phase orthodontic treatment, Cucalon Orthodontics will try to find a solution. One of the specialties of the office is pediatric orthodontics. By identifying potential occlusions or other alignment issues early on, early treatment can be effective. The doctors at Cucalon Orthodontics will strive to figure out the best course of action for each patient. Besides pediatrics, teens and adults are given several orthodontic options from which to choose.

Days To Smile
#11 of 21 Best SF Orthodontists

Days to Smile is a cutting-edge orthodontic office in the city of San Francisco. It utilizes the latest in treatments and technology to solve orthodontic issues. Some of its treatments include Invisalign, clear braces with minimal friction, surgical orthodontics, and sleep apnea remedies. An initial consultation by the orthodontists of Days to Smile will unlock the potential treatments for individual patients. The technology that the office uses is very advanced. Patients are offered VR headsets to relax in the waiting room before their appointments. Artificial intelligence is used, as well, and doctors can monitor treatments and make recommendations through a smartphone app. Days to Smile also boasts the 3D ITero scanner, which is less messy and more accurate than traditional impressions. It also uses 3D x-rays, which involves less radiation.

Ashraf Orthodontics
#12 of 21 Best Orthodontists

Based in Mill Valley, Ashraf Orthodontics possesses a full suite of services for patients. Beginning with a free consultation, the office will assess patients and decide on a course of treatment. It has a wide selection of treatments depending on the diagnosis. Ashraf Orthodontics offers Invisalign, Damon Smile brackets, digital and 3D imaging, AcceleDent Aura accelerated orthodontics, and temporary anchorage devices. Besides its innovative technology, the company sticks to its mission of continuously educating staff, caring for every patient, and maintaining a gentle, friendly office environment. Whether patients need help straightening their teeth or need jaw surgery, Ashraf Orthodontics can find a solution.

Innovative Dental
#13 of 21 Top Orthodontic Offices

Innovative Dental is a full-service dentist serving the city of San Francisco. The business has a full selection of dental services with an emphasis on orthodontic treatments. Its mission is to improve the smiles of all patients. While for some, that may mean laser whitening or veneers, for others it may be orthodontic treatments. It offers solutions for all phases of orthodontic undertakings. One solution is Invisalign, which uses clear aligners instead of metal braces, and can straighten teeth in a few months as opposed to a few years. Innovative Dental also provides TMJ and jaw tension treatments. Additionally, it offers a wide range of retainers to ensure that patients’ teeth remain straight after treatment is complete.

Uniform Teeth
#14 of 21 Leading SF Orthodontists

Uniform Teeth is an orthodontic company with two offices in San Francisco. It was founded by UCSF doctors and prides itself on the expertise and knowledge of all of its specialists. It provides orthodontic services for patients utilizing cutting-edge technology and treatments. The business also strives to create innovative and efficient ways to treat orthodontic issues. They have a unique process for straightening teeth. It begins with a consultation with an orthodontist, which includes a detailed 3D x-ray. Teeth movement is predicted using advanced software. Next, customized aligners are 3D printed. The aligners are then delivered to the patient, and after approximately 6 months, the patient is finished with the treatment.

The Daly Orthodontist
#15 of 21 Top-Notch Orthodontists in SF

The Daily Orthodontist is an orthodontic specialist located in Daly City. It provides a variety of orthodontic treatments. Necessary treatments are determined at an initial consultation. This consultation consists of a clinical examination of the patient’s face, muscles, jaw, teeth, and mouth. If the doctor sees a need for orthodontics, patients are informed of the details, cost, and duration of the treatment. Treatments that The Daily Orthodontist performs include comprehensive treatments, early interceptive (Phase 1), orthognathic surgery, and Invisalign. The company offers traditional braces, as well. It also boasts the use of Opal Seal, which helps prevent cavities during orthodontic treatment such as braces.

Orthodontics Center of SF
#16 of 21 Top Orthodontists

Orthodontics Center of San Francisco has a wide assortment of services for patients who are looking for orthodontic care. The company strives to be a community resource and has a wealth of information for patients who want to learn about orthodontic treatment. At the first visit, patients are checked for common orthodontic issues such as malocclusion, overbites, and underbites. The doctors then suggest a treatment plan, whether it be traditional braces, Invisalign, or another solution. Advanced technology is then utilized, such as panoramic x-rays, computer-generated images, and 3D scans. After the treatment is completed, the patient is given a retainer to maintain straight teeth.

Sneha Oberoi @UCSF
#17 of 21 Leading Orthodontic Offices

Sneha Oberoi is an orthodontist, affiliated with the University of California at San Francisco, who specializes in pediatric orthodontics. She is on staff at the Benioff Children’s Hospital at UCSF. Part of Oberoi’s role at the hospital is to assess children’s craniofacial anomalies. These abnormalities include cleft lips, cleft palate, and other birth defects of the head or face. Once she has determined the anomaly, Oberoi recommends treatment options for the patient. She has a clinic in the city of San Francisco, where she supplies care and further advice for patients and their families. She also performs dental surgeries and is a trusted source of information for members of the medical community.

Zen Dental Studio
#18 of 21 Top-Notch SF Orthodontists

Zen Dental Studio, located in the city of San Francisco, has a novel approach to the dental visit. It has a focus on patients’ relaxation, serenity, and happiness. It comes equipped with a meditation space and matcha tea available for all clients. Besides being a relaxing place to be, Zen Dental Studio prides itself on its state-of-the-art dental treatments and technology. It offers a wide selection of dental services, such as whitening, cleaning, restorative, and preventative procedures. In addition to dental offerings, it has several orthodontic treatments available. It uses the latest generation of Invisalign technology so patients can efficiently and effectively straighten their teeth. It also offers cosmetic treatments to fix different malocclusions such as crossbites and crowding.

Camilo Riano Orthodontics
#19 of 21 Best Orthodontists in SF

Camilo Riano Orthodontics is centrally located in San Francisco and offers a complete set of orthodontic treatments. The first step a prospective patient can do is fill out the online application, which gives doctors details of the patients’ situations and desires. Based on that information, a consultation is set up and the doctor assesses and details the orthodontic issue. Many treatment plans are available, and patients can tailor their solutions based on cost, efficiency, and comfort. Additionally, Camilo Riano Orthodontics is a Platinum Provider of Invisalign. The office also utilizes AcceleDent technology, as well as lingual, clear, and traditional braces.

Firefly Orthodontics
#20 of 21 Leading Orthodontists

Firefly Orthodontics is a boutique orthodontic office located in San Francisco. It offers a complete suite of orthodontic solutions for a wide range of issues. For patients, the initial visit is a critical meeting. The doctors at Firefly Orthodontics showcase the office, the staff, and the various components of the practice. The orthodontist then thoroughly examines the patients’ teeth, as well as take photos of their face and teeth. Once a diagnosis is made, timelines are created, costs are discussed, and the time of the treatment is estimated. After the initial consultation, a treatment consultation appointment is set up, and treatment begins soon after. Many treatments are available, including Invisalign and clear braces.

Noe Valley Smiles
#21 of 21 Top-Notch Orthodontic Offices

Noe Valley Smiles provides a vast selection of orthodontic services to residents of San Francisco and the Bay Area. Patients of Noe Valley Smiles are as young as 7 years old, and also include teenagers and adults. The doctors perform interceptive care - for young children –early on, and Phase 2 of this care can stretch into adolescence. Teenagers and adults can choose from several orthodontic treatment options, as well. One is the innovative Invisalign method, which is aesthetically pleasing and quick. Another choice that Now Valley Smiles offers is clear brackets. Patients can book appointments online, as well as make payments.



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