I know your type: You're facsinated by taxes. The second you hear words like "Form 1099" or "depreciation," your ears perk up! People who aren't programmed that way rely on the best tax preparation companies (at the best price, of course). Check out this list as you search for a great tax preparer. Why is this list free?

Dimov Tax Specialists
Best Featured Tax Preparers SF

As the top featured Tax Preparation Firm in San Francisco, Dimov Tax serves its clients as a comprehensive accounting firm committed to optimizing financial returns for both businesses and individuals. With 12 years of accounting and taxation experience, Dimov Tax Specialists have acquired the expertise required to manage your specific regulatory environment and deliver quick and precise results. Consider Dimov Tax for all of your Tax Preparation needs.

Pascual & Associates
Top Tax Prep Companies in SF

Whether you've been diligent all year with bookkeeping or you waited until the last minute, Pascual & Associates can set you on the right path and get your books in order for proper tax return preparation. Pascual's tax prep experts can organize and file your tax returns so that stress of the impending tax season doesn't loom over you.

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Lindi Business Services
#1 of 16 Best Tax Preparers

Lindi Business Services is a full-service financial advisory and tax firm located in San Francisco. It offers a wide selection of tax services to its clients, from tax planning to preparation. The company also troubleshoots any tax issues that may arise during the tax preparation process. Lindi Business Services puts its full effort into finding credits and deductions for its clients. After the preparation is completed, advanced software is run to make sure there is a low chance for audits. Additionally, the firm will show clients how to adjust payroll withholding to optimize taxes. It will also show clients how to identify future deductions that can be used on next year’s taxes.

Alan Steger Tax Service
#2 of 16 Top Tax Return Experts

Alan Steger Tax Service provides tax preparation services to clients in San Francisco and the surrounding areas. The process begins with a flexible approach to the initial consultation. Customers can choose between an email, mail, or phone interview to discuss the plan for their tax preparation. Besides tax returns, the company will help customers plan for retirement and college taxes. Individual clients of Alan Steger Tax Service include artists, consultants, musicians, and many other industries. Other tax preparation clients include partnerships, LLCs, and corporations. It also handles estate planning, trusts, and out-of-state returns. The employees of Alan Steger Tax Service are licensed and members of prominent tax associations, as well.

H & C Enterprise
#3 of 16 Leading Tax Prep Companies

H & C Enterprise is a San Francisco-based financial services firm. It offers a wide selection of tax services, including tax preparation, tax planning, and various advisory services. It will prepare tax returns for individuals and businesses. Besides preparing for Tax Day, H & C Enterprise will regularly meet with clients to prepare for next year’s tax return. They do this by looking at changes in tax situations, as well as any tax legislation that may come up throughout the year. The company prides itself on its ability to customize tax preparation solutions for both individuals, small businesses, and larger corporations.

Riley Robert Lee
#4 of 16 Top-Notch SF Tax Preparers

Riley Robert Lee is a CPA firm located in San Francisco. The company provides tax preparation services to clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. At the preliminary consultation, Riley Robert Lee will meet with clients to discuss their current tax situation. The firm then begins to prepare taxes and maximizes credits and deductions. Clients are updated regularly after the return is submitted so they can keep their taxes optimized. The firm understands the unique needs of individuals, corporations, and LLCs, and will work with them to best meet their tax preparation needs. The goal of Riley Robert Lee is to empower clients so they can develop confidence in their tax situation.

BOL Global Inc.
#5 of 16 Top Tax Preparers

Whether we like it or not, today's tax regulations are so complex that even submitting a reasonably straightforward return may be perplexing. B.O.L. Global assists small companies with tax preparation to ensure that their information is entered accurately and that they obtain the appropriate benefits. This San Francisco-based CPA firm employs the same winning approach that has won them a sterling reputation among their clients for offering high-quality service and dependable financial guidance since their operations began in early 2002.

Ekco Tax Services Eileen S. Magnes, EA & Associates
#6 of 16 Leading Tax Return Experts

Ekco Tax Services Eileen S. Magnes, EA & Associates is an accounting and tax services firm located in the city of San Francisco. The firm strives to consistently achieve three goals for its clients: professionalism, responsiveness, and quality. The tax preparation experts in the company attend professional seminars regularly and apply those cutting-edge techniques to their services. Tax preparation centers around the firm’s website. After the client submits a consultation form, they upload any documents needed for Ekco Tax Services to prepare the tax return. The return is reviewed to make sure there are no errors and the client is alerted before the return is e-filed.

Kelly Tax SF
#7 of 16 Top-Notch Tax Prep Companies

Kelly Tax SF is a tax, financial services, and accounting firm. Throughout the San Francisco region, clients can request various services that are offered by the company. The firm prepares all kinds of tax returns, including those for individuals, same-sex filings, businesses, corporations, and partnerships. Besides personal tax returns, the firm handles rentals, small business tax situations, and K1 reporting. Additionally, the firm assists ex-pats, foreign income situations, and tax preparation for dual citizens. It regularly prepares multiple-state tax returns and audit assistance. The experts at Kelly Tax SF ensure that their clients minimize taxes, avoid penalties, and maximize tax credits and deductions.

Jutta Reichert Associates
#8 of 16 Best SF Tax Preparers

As a tax firm centrally located in the city of San Francisco, Jutta Reichert Associates can provide tax services throughout the entire Bay Area. In addition to supplying clients with a vast amount of tax knowledge on its website, the company can tailor its services to any customer. The firm specializes in preparing tax returns for many different clients. These include foreign individuals, small businesses, as well as U.S. individuals maintaining finances outside of the United States. The company’s tax experts continually stay informed of best practices and current legislative changes. The result is that clients can trust that their taxes are prepared to the highest quality standards.

Taxes by the Bay
#9 of 16 Leading Tax Preparers

Taxes by the Bay, a tax planning and tax preparation firm, aims to provide various tax services to residents of the San Francisco Bay Area. The firm offers a full suite of accounting and bookkeeping services, with an emphasis on tax preparation. It appeals to a wide range of clients, with an emphasis on individuals, small business owners, sole proprietors, LLCs, S corporations, and partnerships. The firm tries to find every deduction and credit that it can for its clients as it prepares tax returns. Taxes by the Bay has a goal of optimizing business finances, with an eye on the tax situation of these businesses at all times.

Steven Axelrod & Richard Snow
#10 of 16 Top-Notch Tax Return Experts

Tax Office Sf is a full-service tax firm in San Francisco and has been for over four decades. The company believes that all clients can benefit from the keen eye of a professional tax expert. It prides itself on its ability to save clients in taxes, as well as look forward to the future and minimize upcoming tax situations. The firm offers a client portal, as well, so clients can submit tax forms directly and securely through the company website. Tax Office SF will prepare both individual and business tax returns. It uses a computer software program throughout the tax preparation process to ensure validity and accuracy.

Vance Economic Services
#11 of 16 Best Tax Prep Companies

Vance Economic Services is a financial advisory, tax planning and preparation, and consulting services firm located in the city of San Francisco. The firm services customers in the City as well as the surrounding neighborhoods throughout the Bay Area. The company’s tax services are varied and clients can customize them how they see fit. The firm will prepare taxes for a wide selection of clients. Some clients that Vance Economic Services supplies tax preparation for include individuals, small businesses, larger corporations, partnerships, trusts, estates, and non-profit organizations. With such a variety of services on hand, clients can find what they are looking for in the realm of tax preparation.

Emmanuel A. Santos JD CPA
#12 of 16 Best Tax Preparers

Emmanuel A. Santos JD CPA is a tax, financial, and realty service provider located in the San Francisco Bay Area. The team at Emmanuel A. Santos JD CPA is full of experts in various areas of finance and law, including tax, bookkeeping, and real estate. The firm’s tax experts work with clients across many industries, ranging from individuals and sole proprietorships to large corporations. Tax preparation is approached with a meticulous eye for detail and the firm strives to utilize all tax credits and deductions available. The firm aims to follow the latest in tax regulation and legislation reform, as well.

Beuther Tax Service LLC
#13 of 16 Top Tax Return Experts

Beuther Tax Service LLC is located in the city of San Francisco and provides a comprehensive selection of tax offerings to its customers. It specializes in tax return preparation, tax planning, and audit representation. Besides completing the entire 1040 series of tax forms, the firm can assist with many other tax documents. Some of these documents consist of various schedules, amendments of previous tax returns, self-employment schedules and forms, investment schedules, and rental-property schedules and forms. The company prides itself on its specialization of same-sex filings, as well. Beuther Tax Service LLC works with clients throughout the community to ensure optimized tax situations.

Tax Services and More
#14 of 16 Leading Tax Prep Companies

Tax Services and More is a full-service tax solutions provider, operating out of the heart of the city of San Francisco. Prospective clients can fill out a form on the company website or make a phone call to schedule a consultation. At the consultation, the client’s tax situation is analyzed and the firm creates a plan of attack to complete the return. The experts at Tax Services and More are knowledgeable in federal, state, and local tax laws and regulations. The firm strives to pass on that knowledge to its clients, as well as predict any upcoming changes that may affect customers’ tax situations.

Fog City Tax Prep
#15 of 16 Top-Notch SF Tax Preparers

Fog City Tax Prep is a tax preparation specialist firm headquartered in the city of San Francisco. The company prepares both individual and business tax returns for clients across the region and beyond. Its tax preparation services include simpler 1040 tax returns, income tax returns, returns for independent contractors, small business returns, and returns for larger corporations. A unique offering that Fog City Tax Prep provides is its ongoing tax consulting. As soon as the tax return is submitted and filed, the experts at the firm work with clients to prepare for next year’s return. The firm addresses any credits, deductions, and any looming penalties that may come up in the following months.

Anne M Liang CPA
#16 of 16 Top Tax Preparers

Anne M. Liang CPA has been providing accounting, bookkeeping, financial advising, and tax services for over two decades to San Franciscans. The firm aims to prepare tax returns at the highest quality yet at an affordable price. Its diverse base of clients reflects the many capabilities of the experts at Anne M. Liang CPA. Some of these clients are individuals, partnerships, real estate investors, non-profit organizations, and sole proprietorships. The company will prepare federal, state, and local tax returns for all classes of business and individuals. Clients that may be running late can turn to the firm, as well, as Anne M. Liang CPA can implement sophisticated compliance monitoring systems on those tax situations.



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