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With a lot of uncertainty still surrounding the pandemic and real estate market simultaneously, many home-owners and investors have opted to push back plans to sell and are increasingly searching for premium property management services. Whether you need help finding tenants and filling vacancies, are looking for maintenance assistance, or having trouble tracking down rent, this list of the Best 16 Property Managers in Sacramento is a great place to start to help ease your burden and achieve peace of mind.Why is this list free?

Top Featured Property Management Agencies

Mynd provides on-the-ground expertise and cutting-edge technologies to the small residential real estate market. Mynd, headquartered in Oakland, California, increases property owner efficiency and enhances the rental living experience for renters. Mynd manages over 10,000 units across 25 markets. Mynd’s tech-forward approach allows investors to diversify their investment portfolios regardless of their physical location. By offering high-quality property management and real-time data on their properties, Mynd helps investors stress less and earn more.

Top Featured Sacramento Property Managers

Inspired by their experiences at Uber, the value of service guarantees, and their interactions with property managers, Doorstead founders Ryan and Jenn set out to create a new class of property management that eliminates the headache of being overcharged for rent and being forced to sell their home due to extended vacancies. Ryan and Jenn devised a new style of property management with an upfront rental guarantee to mitigate risk for property owners by utilizing powerful machine-learning algorithms. Not only was this achievable, but also resulted in increased profit for property owners due to decreased vacancies, and has propelled Doorstead to one of the leading property management companies in Sacramento and the greater state of California.

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#1 of 16 Best Sacramento Property Managers

Keyrenter's skilled property management staff will guarantee that you optimize the value of your property by saving you time, money, and hassle. Keyrenter assists landlords in converting their properties into successful assets. They do comprehensive market analysis with the assistance of their real estate specialists that are familiar with the Sacramento real estate market in order to optimize your return on investment. With Keyrenter, renting your property is straightforward. They simplify the process by guiding you through the procedures of renting your home or investment property without the stress associated with doing it yourself.

Carmazzi Real Estate
#2 of 16 Leading Sacramento Property Management Companies

Since 2003, Carmazzi Real Estate has specialized in residential property management in the greater Sacramento area. They manage properties for investors of various experience levels, from first-time landlords with a single property to seasoned landlords with many units. Carmazzi takes pride in effectively managing an investor's portfolio while offering superior customer service and peace of mind to customers who know their investments are in capable hands. Carmazzi Real Estate continues to cultivate and maintain long-term, valued relationships with clients while being committed to looking out for their best interests and assisting them in achieving their real estate goals.

Lyon Property Management
#3 of 16 Top-Notch Property Management Services in Sacramento

Lyon Real Estate was founded in 1946 and began managing properties in 1988. Their full-service property management division maintains the same high standards for which their Real Estate arm is well known. They work tirelessly to earn their clients' trust. Lyon's benefits include longevity, local experience, and an understanding of the ins and outs of property management. They are committed to providing outstanding service, continual education, and training. They demonstrate an eye for detail, prompt communication, adherence to firm beliefs and procedures, and a commitment to providing exceptional value.

Real Property Management Select
#4 of 16 Top Sacramento Property Managers

Real Property Management Select Sacramento is responsible for the management of hundreds of single family homes and apartment complexes in the Greater Sacramento area. Real Property Management Select believes that property ownership does not have to be an unpleasant experience. They handle rental homes in Sacramento so you don't have to. Consider them the next time you need help securing premium property management services in Sacramento.

A & J Property Management
#5 of 16 Leading Real Estate Services in Sacramento

A&J Property Managers has over 25 years of expertise managing rental properties ranging in size from single family homes to major apartment developments. Their guarantee is prompt, professional service and clean, secure premises. They are dedicated to offering an unparalleled experience for both tenants and property owners. Contact them now to discover why A&J Property Managers is one of the finest Sacramento property management firms.

RNB Property Management
#6 of 16 Top-Notch Sacramento Property Management Companies

RNB Property Management is the market leader in house rental companies in the Sacramento and Rocklin regions, offering a streamlined rental procedure and a service experience worth boasting about. RNB simplifies the process of locating your new renter. Their experts handle everything from promoting your home to moving in your tenants. You provide the criteria, and they examine potential renters to find you the ideal fit, and they don't charge any upfront costs.

Aborn Powers
#7 of 16 Best Property Management Services in Sacramento

Aborn Powers has a demonstrated track record of managing residential and commercial properties throughout California. Due to their experience as both owners and managers of investment properties, they have a unique grasp of the issues and concerns that owners encounter when attempting to manage property efficiently in both the commercial and residential sectors. Their techniques are meant to achieve 100% occupancy by rapidly refilling vacancies, eliminating time loss and other expenses associated with tenant churn. Additionally, they are committed to ensuring that rents reflect current market conditions and are paid on time, as well as to proactively identifying and addressing any tenant and/or property concerns.

LGL Properties
#8 of 16 Leading Sacramento Property Managers

LGL Properties, Inc. is a full-service real estate brokerage firm specializing in residential single-family and multi-family properties. They are property management and real estate sales professionals in Sacramento and the Greater Sacramento Metro Areas, with over 40 years of expertise delivering superior service to homeowners and tenants. LGL Properties, Inc. combines the efficiency and professionalism associated with large companies with the individualized attention associated with smaller businesses.

The Natoma Company
#9 of 16 Top-Notch Real Estate Services in Sacramento

The Natoma Company handles both privately held and syndicated investment properties skillfully and effectively. The Natoma Company has managed apartment developments around the greater Sacramento area and the adjacent foothills since 1982, building a solid reputation in the rental market for providing great service, raising property values, controlling expenditures, and rehabbing existing properties.

Northpoint Asset Management
#10 of 16 Best Sacramento Property Management Companies

Northpoint Asset Management is a Sacramento-based professional property management and real estate firm with locations around the United States. Northpoint provides property management services and manages assets for customers nationwide, with over 30 years of experience and an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau. Northpoint has aggressively pursued management services from its start, demonstrating a thorough grasp of the real estate sector. Northpoint is a company that is devoted to continuous improvement and to offering high-quality service. They seek to be a competent, trustworthy, responsive, and analytical business capable of taking on simple single-family residences to sophisticated and challenging real estate ventures.

KTB Property Management
#11 of 16 Best Sacramento Property Managers

With over two decades of expertise, KTB Property Management has won the respect of their clients, coworkers, and fellow real estate professionals. Over 1,100 investors and families have entrusted KTB with their diverse real estate requirements. They have worked diligently to win not just their appreciation, but also countless references. Their commitment to their clients is to give property management assistance, analysis, and professional consultation in order to maximize the return on their investment.

Realty Roundup
#12 of 16 Leading Sacramento Property Management Companies

Realty Roundup Property Management is a locally-owned and managed full-service property management firm with over 30 years of experience delivering outstanding service to property owners and tenants. Realty Roundup manages nearly 2,000 properties, including single-family dwellings, duplexes, triplexes, multi-unit buildings, apartments, and smaller commercial buildings. Rea;ty Roundup credits strong teamwork as to why they have grown to be one of the most successful property management companies in the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valley.

S&S Property Management
#13 of 16 Top-Notch Property Management Services in Sacramento

For almost 28 years, S & S Property Management Co. has been in business working to offer openness and communication with owners and tenants. They aspire to be a family-like staff that is available to assist you with all of your management requirements. As a full-service Sacramento property management firm, their team is in charge of all facets of rental management.

M&M Properties
#14 of 16 Top Sacramento Property Managers

M&M Property Management Company is a Sacramento-based company that provides world-class property management. Since 1979, M&M Property Management has made it simple for property owners, investors, and tenants to list, fill, and manage their properties. With over 25 property managers on staff, M&M's clients can feel certain that their property will be treated as if it were their own.

HomeRiver Group
#15 of 16 Leading Real Estate Services in Sacramento

For years, HomeRiver Group Sacramento has aided owners and investors in Sacramento and the surrounding areas as one of the leading property management companies. They are industry leaders, providing high-quality, dependable services that exceed expectations. Additionally, HomeRiver assists tenants in locating a new home. They understand what it's like to balance finances and essentials. Whether you require assistance managing a residential property or are looking for a commercial space for your new business, HomeRiver Sacramento is ready to assist.

Tiner Properties Inc.
#16 of 16 Top-Notch Sacramento Property Management Companies

Since 1976, the Tiner Property Management staff has aided property owners throughout the Sacramento region. Tiner's average time to fill a vacancy is less than ten days, and they have a near-perfect track record of not evicting tenants. Tiner provides renters with an easy-to-navigate interface that enables them to conveniently pay rent online. Additionally, owners may view payments and overall earnings using their property management software's own interface. Consider entrusting your rental property to the skilled staff at Tiner Property Management.



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