After our lives were hijacked by bats and pangolin in 2020 - and global economies changed within a matter of months, housing markets also experienced upheaval, creating uncertainty for SF real estate more than most places around the world. Many are opting to rent out their properties, rather than sell the family home during a down-market. In any event, rental property in SF can be one of the greatest passive income opportunities available as an investment. Sadly, with the regulations and restrictions, it can turn from 'passive' into an aggravatingly intensive job if you're not careful. Enter San Francisco's best property management companies. These teams have exemplary reviews and a track record of success in the SF Bay Area as they are able to manage properties as their owners retain peace of mind. Why is this list free?

Featured Best Property Management Companies

Ziprent prides themselves on a combination of a hands-on approach, combined with efficiency through automation when it comes to their management of rental properties throughout the Bay Area. For the better part of a decade, Ziprent's leadership has not only managed, but also acquired rental units of their own - with over 100 multi-family and single-family units in their owned portfolio. They manage every client property to the same high-standards that this team manages their own, so you can rest easy and earn top dollar as Ziprent handles all of your tenants' needs.

Top Featured Property Management Agencies

Mynd is the first and only end-to-end real estate platform that helps investors—from first-time homebuyers to global financial institutions—find, finance, buy, manage, and sell residential investment properties. Rooted in the San Francisco Bay Area with over 10 years of experience, we manage over 10,000 homes in 25 markets. We think like investors and align our services with your best interests as a real estate investor and owner.

Top Featured SF Property Managers

Doorstead’s goal is to bring you higher income at lower risk than any other full-service property manager, offering the best data and leasing practices taking full responsibility to deliver 100% of guaranteed rental income each month. A patent-pending pricing system and option to choose between their traditional service or innovative guarantee has helped Doorstead to eliminate unnecessary vacancies for property owners while being fair and just to their tenants and vendor partners.

Morley Fredericks
Best Featured SF Property Managers

Morley Fredericks has worked with virtually every type property, creating value with purchases, sales, and property management since 1998. Morley has grown to become one of Marin and San Francisco’s premier property management companies. With more than 20 years of experience providing brokerage and professional services to owners of all types of real estate, in good markets and tough markets, Morley Fredericks successfully helps their clients navigate their way through all sorts of opportunities to create value at every stage of the process.

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#1 of 12 Top Property Managers

Locally owned and based in San Francisco since 1998, Unif Management has been committed to serving the needs of the city’s diverse community for 23 years, combining personal service and technology to streamline the home rental process. Unif makes it extremely easy to pay and collect rent online, with their own tenant portal and FAQs to help streamline the process, which is password-protected, encrypted, and securely transmitted.

M Properties
#2 of 12 Leading Real Estate Services

M Properties is a property management company that makes sure your investments are completely taken care of. You will never have to worry about the quality of your renters or their satisfaction again, as M Properties makes sure to provide the tools needed to succeed on all sides. With top of the line strategies for increasing efficiency and the best of the traditional property management abilities, M Properties not only keeps you protected from the pitfalls of renting properties, but also ensures that all renters will be satisfied with the properties. They work around the clock to make sure all properties are properly managed. With services offered throughout San Francisco and surrounding towns and cities, M Properties takes care of overlooked aspects of property management, including marketing, maintenance, and more so you can feel confident that your property is being properly managed. M Properties takes all the worry out of the way.

Structure Properties
#3 of 12 Top Property Management Companies

Based in San Francisco, Structure Properties is a top-notch property management company that provides myriad services required by those involved in the city’s real estate scene and need assistance at every turn of the process. Whether they are buying property, renting it, managing it, or otherwise, Structure Properties has the tools and assets needed for clients to thrive in any market, high quality or otherwise. With a specific focus in managing commercial properties, as well as residential areas in the entire Bay Area region, Structure Properties also has toes dipped in the waters of accounting, construction, and maintenance. Whatever your real estate needs are, Structure Properties excels at meeting them. Structure Properties is known for their technique that focuses around working smarter, not harder, so they can not only improve the efficiency of any real estate-based problems, but they can also decrease the cost. Their knowhow is unparalleled in San Francisco.

Advent Properties
#4 of 12 Leading Property Managers

Advent Properties is one of the top property management companies in the Greater Bay Area. The particular primary offices of Advent Properties can be found in beautiful Oakland, in the neighborhood of Glenview. However, Advent does so much more than just aiding the property owners of Oakland. They are also able to provide high quality service to clients in such regions and counties as San Francisco, Santa Clara, Contra Costa and many more. Advent specializes in making sure every angle and detail is taken care of when it comes to problems with property management, while also providing some of the best and friendliest service to those who are most experienced in real estate and to those who are only just beginning. In addition to their top of the line property management services, Advent goes above and beyond by also providing some of the best marketing skills in the entire area.

Golden Gate Properties
#5 of 12 Amazing Real Estate Services

Golden Gate Properties, or G2P, stands out among San Francisco's many property managers. Anyone who owns investment real estate in the City knows that it can be a bit daunting to handle rents, new tennants, repairs, and other requests. G2P understands the needs of San Francisco's property owners and meets them before they even get the chance to worry about them. The services provided by G2P are unparalleled in their professionalism and comprehensive nature, but they are also specifically tailored to the individual needs of various property managers from around the city. In addition to G2P’s ability to entice tenants to buildings of all kinds, whether they be homes, apartments, or condos, the experts at Golden Gate are also impossibly deft at retaining the tenants for years to come. Years of experience in the city are extremely valuable at Golden Gate Properties.

Pacific Union Management
#6 of 12 Best Property Management Teams

Pacific Union Property Management is one of the top real estate services companies in Northern California. For the most lavish and expensive places to live in one of the most prosperous cities, look no further than the specialists at Pacific Union, who have more experience with pricier properties than anyone else in the northern parts of the golden state. The top priority for Pacific Union is not money, however, though it is their specialty. Pacific Union’ focus is on people. They only employ the best people at Pacific Union and the ones who are as friendly and as high quality as can be in the real estate industry because that quality will extend all the way to clients having a real estate experience be better than they ever could have anticipated. Pacific Union is comprised of people involved in marketing, finance, construction, and more so you know you are getting the best expertise every step of the way.

#7 of 12 Leading Property Management Companies

In the Bay Area and the city of San Francisco, there are many industries that are constantly flourishing. From being a hub of small businesses to a mecca for some of the biggest companies in the world, the Bay Area has it all. What they also boast in the city of San Francisco is one of the most lucrative cities for real estate in the entire world. One aspect of the world of real estate that can often be overlooked is that of condominium management, an industry that is being led by CitiScape. Condos are one property management strategy that often falls by the wayside when compared to apartment and housing management. Condos are just as important, though, and they comprise a great deal of San Francisco’s real estate industry. Few companies handle condos as well as CitiScape does. Their resources and materials are specifically tailored to managing condos, making them completely original and perfectly-suited for those interested in condos. Coupling that with the leading experience in the field and home-owning clients are going to experience the best in property management from CitiScape.

#8 of 12 Amazing Property Managers

When entering into the real estate and property management industry, the most important consideration is always location. And what better location is there than the San Francisco Bay Area? Omni Real Estate understands that the reason why many clients and tenants gravitate towards San Francisco is because of its pitch perfect location. Omni Real Estate is involved in many high-quality properties, including homes and buildings that are recently remodeled. Omni always makes sure that the properties they focus on are in close proximity to some of the area’s best restaurants and outlets for public transportation. Additionally, some of the top sights around San Francisco, including those most iconic, will always be prioritized by Omni when evaluating location. The experience of living in San Francisco is like no other and Omni emphasizes this just as much as they showcase the high-quality changes and new installments, they have made for their real estate ventures.

Leading Properties
#9 of 12 Best Real Estate Services

When entering into an agreement for a rental home in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area, there are many important considerations that must be understood by the tenants. From location to property value and beyond, the checklist for property management consideration is long and worthy of thorough evaluations. But no quality of San Francisco real estate is as vital as the trust you can have with a property manager. If you cannot trust the person who is in charge of orchestrating the daily ins and outs in harmony with the big picture of the property, then you will never have peace of mind for the piece of one of the riskiest ventures you will ever be a part of. But the more you trust your property manager, the more the risk decreases. And no one is as trustworthy as the property managers at Leading Properties. Leading Properties has decades of experience in San Francisco real estate and they come well-equipped with all the tips, tricks, and techniques you need to succeed. They are communicative every step of the way and they make sure that the quality results you have come to expect will be maintained for years to come.

Chandler Properties
#10 of 12 Top Property Management Teams

Longevity is a crucial element and attribute for property managers in the real estate scene. The industry is one that seems to constantly be in flux, especially in top of the line cities like San Francisco, as it can thrive in periods of a real estate boom, but can also flounder when the market takes a turn for the worse. Chandler Properties has been a property management company for over forty years so they have experienced the ebb and flow of real estate and they have rolled with the punches every step of the way. With their specialty being found in the management of various apartment buildings in the Bay Area, their years of experience and expertise are invaluable as they have survived the worst turns of the market and are now better equipped to handle them en route to returning to the periods of the market that shine. But Chandler Properties is not content with the status quo and simply being good enough. They set the tone for property management by pushing the envelope and changing expectations from clients.

#11 of 12 Amazing Property Management Companies

Real estate is such a vast industry that it can often be all too easy to get saddled with a mega corporation for a property management group that has their hands in so many different aspects of the industry that they cannot even bothered to remember what kind of property you need managed, let alone what your actual name is. That’s not the case at BanCal, however. As one of San Francisco’s smaller and most renowned management companies for rentals and condominiums, BanCal knows what they do well and they focus on constantly making that specific skill set as beneficial to tenants as possible. If you want to increase your property value for your rental buildings, look no further than BanCal, which has spent over two and a half decades specializing on getting to know their clients on a personal and professional basis to provide the best possible service and property value in their endeavors. Relationships are important and the more personal a strategy is, the more successful the property management will be.

Ramsey Properties
#12 of 12 Best Property Managers

Ramsey Properties is one of the most revered property management companies in all of San Francisco and the Bay Area thanks to their three decades of experience with managing various residential properties from around the city. With that amount of experience, Ramsey Properties has made a name for itself as successfully as it made relationships with its long-term client base that knows Ramsey is all about their specialties. Specializing in residential properties, they are particularly well-equipped to manage smaller apartment buildings on a much more reduced scale compared to the rest of the city. With a focus that specific, you know you will get the best possible results for your apartment building. Managing properties in and around San Francisco, Southern Marin, and the Upper Peninsula, Ramsey Properties knows the city as well as anyone and can leave their clients at peace with the day to day decision making of property management.



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