Some new video has surfaced showing one of the shooters involved in Sunday evening's rolling gun battle that began near Fisherman's Wharf and ended a mile down the Embarcadero.

Video has begun rolling in from Sunday's brazen shootout, which left two of the people involved with gunshot wounds, and which resulted in four other injuries of innocent bystanders. We now know that a male suspect, still in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the chest, was arrested for the crime, in addition to a female suspect who was detained who is also hospitalized with injuries. Both are from Pittsburg and were apparently in the black Chevy Blazer with Las Vegas plates.

ABC 7 obtained video, seen in the tweet below, showing what may have been the initial shots fired on Beach Street near Pier 39. Surveillance footage shows the white Infiniti sedan pulling up behind the Blazer, and a figure leaning out of the backseat window of the Infiniti to fire shots in the direction of the Chevy. It's difficult to tell if there are shots being fired back from the black vehicle, but police said they found over 20 shell casings at this scene.

ABC 7 also obtained dashcam footage from a vehicle in the area that showed some later moments in the gun battle, as the two cars were speeding down the Embarcadero. The car driving around the area caught both some of the initial moments — you see pedestrians on a footbridge ducking for cover — and then from North Point Street near Embarcadero it catches the cars racing by and the moment one of them strikes a 10-year-old and a 16-year-old who are on bicycles, trying to cross Embarcadero.

Multiple city supervisors expressed outrage and relief on Monday, saying it was a "miracle" that more people weren't hurt more severely, given the bullets flying around.

As far as we know, the suspects in the white Infiniti are still at large, but we should know soon if the police have developed leads.

A similarly brazen shootout in touristy area happened during an alleged attempted armed robbery two months ago in North Beach. In that incident, two Bay Area men, one from Solano County and one from Oakland, allegedly attempted to rob two men from Sacramento, and a shootout occurred. The 23-year-old man from Solano County, Isaiah Thomas, was killed, and the Oakland man, 22-year-old Malachi Lefiti, was hospitalized and arrested.

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Top photo: Gabriellatech/Twitter