A white Infiniti sedan was still at large Monday morning, according to police, after it was seen exchanging gunfire with a black Chevy Blazer Sunday evening, and two individuals in the Chevy are in police custody.

The shootout happened just after 6:45 p.m. Sunday at the busy intersection of Beach and Stockton streets. According to police, a rolling gunfight then ensued down the Embarcadero, and more shots were exchanged about a mile away at Embarcadero and Howard, where the Chevy SUV crashed and airbags deployed.

As SFist earlier reported, four bystanders sustained injuries, but not from the gunfire. Three were injured by shattering glass, and one, a 10-year-old girl, was struck and injured by one of the recklessly driving suspect vehicles while trying to walk a bicycle across the Embarcadero.

"It’s horrific, it’s unthinkable," said Supervisor Aaron Peskin, speaking to the Chronicle. “It’s a miracle that no innocent bystanders were killed or critically injured, which is kind of amazing with a one-mile running vehicular gun battle in a totally crowded area.”

Supervisor Matt Dorsey echoed that in comments to the paper, saying "I think it’s a miracle that there weren’t more injuries to bystanders."

The shootout was one of many incidents of gun violence across the country over this past weekend, including one shooting that killed two people at a music festival at the Gorge Amphitheater in Washington. A six-year-old boy was also injured by crossfire in Oakland on Friday night.

CBS News reports on the multiple mass shootings across the country over the weekend — nearly a dozen incidents in which nearly 100 people were injured, in total. So far this year, 825 children and teens have been killed by guns in the U.S.

Multiple recent incidents in the Bay Area that involved multiple casualties were not traditional mass shootings with a single gunman, but were targeted events in which more than one individual — some linked by police to gangs — exchanged fire, sometimes injuring or killing bystanders. These incidents include the freeway shooting that killed 2-year-old Jasper Wu in November 2021, and the shooting that took place during a music video shoot in Oakland in January in which 18-year-old Mario Navarro was killed.

Two Fridays ago, it's believed that a single gunman who police say is part of Sureños gang in the Mission opened fire on a block party on 24th Street, injuring nine people. That individual, 22-year-old Javier Campos, has not been charged with the shooting but he was also wanted as a person of interest in the Oakland music video shooting as well.

"We have a problem with guns in this country, and San Francisco is not immune," Supervisor Rafael Mandelman said in a statement to the Chronicle.

Peskin said that one of the two individuals from Sunday's shooting who is in custody — possibly the one who remains hospitalized with life-threatening injuries — was from Pittsburg. Police said that one person was "detained" and another "arrested" in the shooting.

Presumably, there is ample surveillance video of the white Infiniti, but police have not said whether they have a license plate to go from.

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Photo: Jashkirat Saini