Initial reports were that two people were shot, but ultimately San Francisco police found that six people were injured in the conflict including four bystanders, in a "rolling gun battle" between two vehicles Sunday night in a busy tourist section of town.

The shootout was reported just after 6:45 p.m. in the vicinity of Beach and Stockton streets, across from Pier 39. And as ABC 7 reports, a second round of shots was fired moments later at Embarcadero and Howard. The shots came out of a white sedan and a black SUV, and while police have not confirmed this, it appears the two people directly injured by gunfire were in the SUV.

SFPD investigators report finding 20 to 25 shell casings in the streets.

Two girls, ages 10 and 16, were reportedly struck by one of the vehicles — the SUV ended up crashing after the two vehicles raced along the Embarcadero. The Chronicle reports that the two girls were walking bicycles across the Embarcadero at the time, and the 16-year-old was "struck but not injured." And three other individuals were reportedly hit by shards of glass from "errant gunfire."

None of the bystanders suffered life-threatening injuries. One of the individuals in the SUV reportedly suffered a life-threatening gunshot wound.

The crash happened nearly a mile from the initial scene, as the cars approached the Ferry Building. And ABC 7 spoke to multiple people who were dining outdoors at the time and witnessed the SUV crash.

Per KTVU, Police Chief Bill Scott said Sunday night that the individuals in the white sedan appeared to have gotten away. In statements afterward, Scott seemed to imply that the shooters had driven into the city from elsewhere.

"These are very traumatizing types of events," Scott said, per the Chronicle. "On a beautiful Sunday Fathers Day, we had this kind of chaos in our city... There will be accountability. You cannot and will not come to the city and walk away. We will find you and you will go to jail."

Update: KRON4 reports via Supervisor Aaron Peskin that two people have been arrested in connection with the shooting, possibly both occupants of the SUV — one of whom was arrested at the hospital. They are both reportedly from Pittsburg, in the East Bay.

KPIX has raw video of the aftermath of the shootout, showing multiple bystander vehicles that were struck by gunfire. The footage shows a black Chevy Blazer with a Las Vegas license plate with multiple bullet holes in the front passenger-side window, airbag deployed, which crashed into a pole on the median of the Embarcadero.

The incident, happening at a highly trafficked tourist area, comes at a time of high anxiety around crime in San Francisco and a widespread perception that it is getting worse. Last weekend, someone was fatally shot on a block at the edge of the Tenderloin that's just a block away from the Powell Street BART station.

Anyone with video evidence or information about the shootout is asked to contact the police tip line at 415-575-4444.

Photo via Citizen app