Hoping to hit the brakes on the recent increase in San Francisco sideshows, SFMTA has installed speed bumps at certain, specific corners in the Mission, Oceanview, and the Excelsior.

There is a school of thought that San Francisco’s recent increase in sideshows, with cars wildly spinning, smoking, and leaving skid marks on the streets, is all just harmless fun that we ought to chill out over. But they’re not always harmless. We woke this past Monday morning to news that a child was struck by a vehicle at an SF sideshow over the weekend. Other Bay Area cities have seen people shot at sideshows, and it does not bode well that we’ve seen an AK-47 or two being waved around by sideshow culprits.

Now SFMTA thinks they have a sideshow-stopper. SFGate reports they’ve installed speed bumps to prevent sideshows at three San Francisco intersections, and there are more speed bumps on the way at more intersections. These speed bumps are similar to the Bott’s dots road enhancements that have been employed in Oakland.

The three intersections that have had the speed bumps installed are listed below:

  • 20th Street and Folsom Street (The Mission)
  • Sadowa Street and Plymouth Avenue (Oceanview)
  • Alemany Boulevard and Geneva Avenue The Excelsior)

And there are more speed bumps to come. SFGate reports that “Other locations that are pending installations to prevent sideshows are in and around Bayview: along Barneveld Avenue, Loomis Street and McKinnon Avenue; Fairfax Avenue between Keith and Newhall streets; and Galvez Avenue east of Donahue Street.”

An SFMTA spokesperson told SFGate that they “will monitor the effectiveness of the initial treatments to determine if and how to expand to additional intersections.”

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Image: SFMTA via Twitter