• Oakland has a plan to deter sideshow activity by ruining all the popular intersections where sideshows take place, starting with laying down Botts' dots at 35th and MacArthur.  There are also plans to install medians, roundabouts, and other barriers that make donut-spinning impossible. [KRON4]
  • Someone's lithium battery that had been improperly recycled with other metal caused a small fire to break out in a sorting pile at a Recology facility in SF on Monday. [CBS SF]
  • The search is intensifying for the missing Berkeley runner and father of two who went missing while running on trails in Pleasanton over the weekend. [KTVU]
  • We already heard about this on Friday, but the state just released its full plan for the new school year, and all K-12 students and teachers will be required to wear masks, regardless of vaccination status, and will be barred from classrooms if they refuse. [Chronicle]
  • Caitlyn Jenner went to speak at CPAC and she was mocked with transphobic slurs. [BrokeAss Stuart]
  • A judge has dismissed an effort by Governor Gavin Newsom to add his party affiliation to the recall ballot, because he apparently missed a deadline to do so that passed last year. [Chronicle]
  • Now that the need to support restaurants that were mostly shut down by the pandemic has abated, a nonprofit born in the pandemic, SF New Deal, is looking to the future for more ways it can do good in the local food and small business space. [SF Business Times]
  • The Trump Organization has moved to remove longtime money man Allen Weisselberg from his leadership positions atop dozens of its subsidiaries in a signal that a wider shakeup will happen as these indictments sink in. [New York Times]

Photo: bidgee/Wikimedia