Two ‘hoods that do not see many sideshows were both hit with them this past weekend, as both West Portal and the Outer Sunset hosted uninvited sideshows late Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

The news from KRON4 that both West Portal and the Outer Sunset had sideshows this weekend begs a few obvious questions. Have the usual sideshow proprietors moved from their typical locations out to the western neighborhoods? Or have residents of the western neighborhoods decided to have their own sideshows?


The answers to these questions are not yet clear. But what is clear is that the Recall Chesa Boudin crowd, as well as serially unsuccessful political candidates hoping to finally make headway, are fuming on Twitter that the alleged lack of SFPD response is somehow definitely the district attorney’s fault. (Though the district attorney cannot direct police response, and SFPD claims they responded to and shut down both sideshows pretty quickly.)

The tweet above shows the aftermath of the West Portal sideshow, which according to KRON4, started shortly after midnight Sunday morning “in the area of Claremont Boulevard and Ulloa Street near the Beacon and Valero gas stations.” The above tweeter noted in a separate tweet that “@SFPD I was there for 15 minutes, no trace of you guys!,” though NBC Bay Area reports that police responded to another sideshow “after breaking up this one” [in West Portal].

That other sideshow can also be seen above, from an anonymous account that is virulently anti-Boudin, but the thread has plenty of clips. It’s in the Outer Sunset, with KRON4 reporting it started “roughly 10 minutes later [after the first was broken up] on Lawton Street and 29th Avenue in the Sunset District, approximately three miles away from the West Portal sideshow.” The station says police broke it up, and the thread in the above tweet shows that police did indeed arrive and manage to disperse the cars and those milling around.

This will all contribute to a “lawlessness” narrative, particularly among people paying or being paid to get Boudin recalled. And maybe SFPD is exaggerating their quick response, but it does seem like in both cases they showed up and did their jobs. No one was arrested, but also no one was hurt. And if the worst of it is a coating of skid marks, we’ll hope that law enforcement can figure out how these things are getting organized and promoted, and it will just be one more grievance in a parade of complaints about crime in the city.

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Image: @sfvas via Twitter