A nine-month-old Frenchie named Rosie has reportedly been returned to her family, though it's not yet clear whether someone collected the $10,000 reward being offered.

The story of Rosie's violent theft on Saturday morning near Broderick and Beach streets in the Marina was amplified by a tweet from the San Francisco Police Department and subsequently reported by multiple news outlets. It came after a year in which French bulldog owners have learned to guard their prized pets after other similar thefts — including one in which a dog parent was punched in the face and had her Frenchie stolen in Russian Hill during the first week of January last year.

We don't yet have any details, but ABC 7 reports that Rosie has been found. The dog's guardian put up a $10,000 reward for her return, and it's possible that that was enticement enough for the thieves to return her — and better than they could get on the black market for Frenchie pups.

It's also possible that with a partial license plate number and description, the SFPD had closed in on the thieves, but we'll have to await an update.

Rosie was stolen Saturday morning while on a walk with her guardian's mother and another dog. The mother reportedly tried to stop the thieves by jumping on to the hood of the getaway vehicle — which could have ended badly. The mother is now, per ABC 7, on her way back home to Vacaville.

We'll update you as we learn more.

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