The sentence may have been for more than just selling meth, though, as 48-year-old Andrew Quintero also skipped bail with 28 grand in cash, a gun, and more meth.

There is a right way and a wrong way to proceed once federal prosecutors have indicted you for selling three pounds of methamphetamine. The right way is to closely follow the advice of your attorney. The wrong way is to post bail, and then skip that bail and, in the words of the Bay Area News Group, get “arrested at a hotel in Burlingame with a gun, $27,900 in cash, and methamphetamine.”

This lesson is illustrated in the case of 48-year-old Andrew Quintero, whom the news group reports was sentenced to nine years in prison earlier this month for selling wholesale amounts of meth. It only made matters worse that when caught in that Burlingame hotel, Quintero attempted to flee police, and when caught, “admitted he was planning to buy nearly nine pounds of methamphetamine the next day.”

Addiction is surely a terrible thing, and Quintero blamed his addiction in a letter to U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg, who sentenced him. That may have brought more leniency, as Quintero was sentenced to nine years, though was eligible to be sentenced to 12 years. “It’s time to change this revolving door,” Quintero wrote in an apology letter, and later added, “The last thing I need is to have my children picking my body up from a prison somewhere.”  

Judge Seeborg recommended Quintero be sent to an Arizona federal penitentiary hat has a drug addiction treatment facility.

Quintero is one of the accomplices in a larger 2020 meth and guns bust that landed ringleader Ismael “Playboy” Garcia with his own respective 15-year federal prison sentence.

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Image: @MarysvilleWAPD via Twitter