Unless you've been living under a rock — or practicing a digital detox — odds are you've heard about the Victorian house slated to be picked up and moved this weekend in San Francisco. Well, it has, in fact, now been relocated to its new foundation. And the pictures and videos of its journey are wild.

Back in the 70s, Victorian homes were hoisted atop wheeled trailers and moved from the Western Addition to the Fillmore District after a redevelopment plan of the former neighborhood displaced thousands of Black residents. (This forced neighborhood exodus saw some 2,500 other Victorians in the neighborhood demolished in what's still considered one of San Francisco's most egregious acts of outright gentrification.)


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Today, a 139-year-old, six-bedroom, three-bath Victorian home was freed from its foundation at 807 Franklin Street and relocated to 635 Fulton Street. As Hoodline reported, the existing building at the Franklin Street address — which housed Bryant Mortuary for nearly 60 years — had already been moved to the eastern side of the 10,415-square-foot site to make room for it.

And because this weekend proved to be generally sunny and free of gloomy weather, there were no weather delays during the home’s journey. Around 250 masked faces made up the crowd as people watched the patina-green home roll down the streets of San Francisco.

Known as the Englander House, it began traveling south down Franklin Street to Golden Gate Avenue around 7:20 a.m. Sunday morning, turning right to travel west to Laguna Street before making its final turn onto Fulton. The digital publication described that even some "parking meters, street lights and power lines" all had to be removed to make sure the move went smoothly. Thankfully, it seems to have all gone without a notable hitch or hiccup.

The 6-block, 1 mile an hour move cost was estimated to cost around $400K — but the pictures and videos of the move (done at a snail's pace) were priceless. And captivating, if for no other reason than the move's nod to past Victorians being moved through San Francisco streets.

Check out some of our favorite moments of the move that found their way on Twitter.

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Image: Twitter via @pcnotpc