San Francisco Mayor London Breed said Wednesday evening that she and Supervisor Shamann Walton had attended an event recently where they may have been exposed to the coronavirus.

It's not clear where or when the possible exposure exposure took place, but Mayor Breed announced the news on Twitter on Wednesday, saying she was taking a COVID-19 test, and warning the public not to be so casual in their interactions with others.

Breed said she would be limiting public events she attends for the next ten days, and she suggested that the person in question who tested positive may have already known about their result when they attended the event.

Someone is clearly in trouble...

"I know people want to be out in public right now, but this disease is killing people,” Breed said on Twitter. “It’s simply reckless for those who have tested positive go out and risk the lives of others. I cannot stress this enough: if you test positive, it’s on you to stay home and not expose others."

As the San Francisco Examiner reports, Supervisor Walton also confirmed his possible exposure.

"I have been tested and also have informed anyone else who I know that was there to do the same,” Walton said to the Examiner, adding, “if I ever test positive, I will let everyone know.”

The Examiner suggests the possibility that the exposure may have occurred at a public event on Tuesday in the Bayview connected with the shooting of a six-year-old child over the holiday weekend. Both Breed and Walton attended the event, in which the father of the child spoke out about the tragic shooting.

Breed and Walton are the first elected officials in the Bay Area to discuss possible exposure to the virus. Back in March, Marin County Public Health Officer Matt Willis became infected and spent several weeks recovering from the virus.