The media powerhouse that is BuzzFeed — a.k.a. the breaking news, humor, quiz, and GIF-listicle engine that began monopolizing your Facebook feed in the last three years — has just opened a San Francisco bureau in the last month or two. So, brace yourselves for a whole lot more SF- and Silicon Valley-related quizzes and listicles like this one, which arrives from recent transplant and BuzzFeed deputy editorial director Jessica Misener.

Misener tells SFist, regarding her recent move after five years in NY, "I grew up in Florida, so sunshine is like a drug to me." As for what she's personally noticed about SF vs. NY, "People actually smile here, which is both lovely and disconcerting, because everyone's body language and actual language in New York reads as 'fuck off' all the time." She adds, "Also, New York tends to make you insecure and insanely competitive at the same time, which means people spend a lot of energy chasing social capital; here people seem to value leisure time and work/life balance more."

As for what she observes in the BuzzFeed post...

It's your classic NY vs. SF comparison, coming from someone who just left New York in the middle of winter, so we'll forgive her for thinking it's as beautiful here in the summer as it is in the winter. 'Cause it's not.


Or that no one goes out for happy hour after work or gets blitzed on a random Tuesday. Because they do. (It is, after all, Day 8 of Sober January, and she just got here.)


Touched upon are the typical apartment-hunting woes (are we on par with New York now, or actually much worse?), stuff about the weather, digs about how no one dresses up here, and the fact that we have a lot more men and then women which I think is only sort of true. Surprisingly, nothing about the homeless! And yes, our coffeeshops are much prettier and way more civilized.

Photo: Bill Couch

Welcome to SF, BuzzFeed.

Photo: David Lytle

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