Nobody wants to lose their head over a board game, because aside from Jumanji or a Ouija board, they aren't real. It's just that in this particular game you happen to play a startup trying to dominate as many tiles as possible across San Francisco. At least that's what I understand of the rules to this one, spotted by SF Weekly.

If you aren't on the lookout for metaphors, the game looks silly and fun. You can donate to a IndieGogo campaign, which is hoping to raise a mere $500, in order to get your copy of the game. Or alternatively you can just share the page and print a pdf.

"We love startups, San Francisco, and board games, so we combined them to created a Startups of San Francisco board game," write the three — let's call them founders — of the new game. They call it "Startups Of San Francisco," and it's a San Francisco themed version of Settlers of Catan, or at least it seems like the rules are based on Catan.

The resources for you to gather are a commentary on startup culture: coffee, talent, inspiration, users, and coin. As the game progresses, you can acquire other players startups with lawyers, and there are "Growth Hacking Cards" in order to "expand your empire quickly." But watch out for events cards, like earthquakes! Is there an event card for a "bubble bursting"?

The game makers show some witty self-awareness in their remarks: "Funny side note: every time people play there is a lack of talent and inspiration BUT there is always a surplus of Coin and Coffee."

Anyway, none of this is any worse or better than San Francisco-Opoly, pictured below.


San Francisco-Opoly via