A first-of-its-kind social shopping app for food enthusiasts, Feed is on a mission to bring the stories of food to life. Based in the Bay Area and proudly connecting you to over 300 small-batch artisanal brands from the Bay Area and nationwide, Feed allows you to discover, taste and share with a thriving community of local and unique tastes - all delivered directly to your doorstep in California. [SPONSORED]

New customers can enjoy 25% off their first order with code SFIST25!

At Feed, the knowledgeable team believes that everything we consume has a tale to share. Whether it's a crispy, warm loaf of sourdough or sweet, hand-picked organic strawberries, each food item takes us on a journey. The aim is to create a community of food lovers who are eager to explore and intimately connect with food and its creators.

Find it. Taste it. Share it.

Feed invites you to embark on a culinary adventure with your friends and like-minded food enthusiasts. Shopping together means discovering new and exceptional producers, flavors, and recipes - and collectively supporting local businesses who share a passion for food. By using the App Store or Google Play app, you can:

  • Scroll Feed's interactive social platform to find emerging brands
  • Watch recipes and shop ingredients directly in the app
  • Connect with fellow foodies, tastemakers, creators and brands
  • Stay updated on in-person workshops and tasting events in the Bay Area, presented by Feed and its local partners, at their events page

Feed offers convenient local delivery in the Bay Area and shipping throughout California, ensuring that your exceptional finds arrive in a single box. Feed proudly collaborates with more than 300 small farms and independent brands, many of which are women-owned, minority-owned, or support social responsibility.

Upcoming Feed Events:

  • Dumpling Making Class with Dumpling Time on May 11
  • Sourdough Pizza Making Class with Josey Baker Bread on May 18
  • Khachapuri Making Class with Chef Anna Voloshyna on June 10

With the Feed app, you also get to participate in the interactive Feed Orchard game, wherein you can plant and care for a virtual fruit tree, earn free fresh fruit for your next order, and unlock new fruits as you progress through the levels.

Feed's Orchard Game allows users earn free fresh fruit with their next delivery.

A few of Feed's 300+ partners include:

  • Dirty Girl Produce: a sustainable farm and farmers' market favorite from Santa Cruz, CA
  • Encina Farms: the first farm to bring Ibérico pork to the West Coast
  • Mrs. Miggins British Bakery: a woman-owned, traditional British bakery
  • Volcano Kimchi: vegan and organic kimchi specialties by fermentress Aruna Lee
  • Dumpling Time: Chef Du’s signature dumplings available frozen for the first time
  • Solid Wiggles: boozy jellies and jelly cakes handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY
  • Gjusta: iconic Los Angeles eatery’s packaged specialties
  • Tiny Fish Co: woman-owned sustainable tinned fish purveyor
  • Fredericks & Mae: NY-based design duo creating beautiful kitchen staples and gifts
  • Revel Wine: CA distributor of natural, organic or biodynamic wines and ciders
  • Achadinha Cheese: third generation family-operated cheesemakers

Discover the world of food through Feed and join this growing movement in a passionate pursuit for culinary stories. Feed invites you to share this journey together - Find it. Taste it. Share it.

New customers can enjoy 25% off their first order with code SFIST25!

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