Although fewer people hit the roads during the pandemic, leading to less traffic, the stats on crashes might not be what you’d expect. The U.S. Department of Transportation says traffic deaths have been rising to a crisis level. Large trucks like semis aren’t excluded from that plight.

The DOT’s estimate for the first half of 2021 shows the largest increase ever in traffic deaths recorded in a six-month period since the Fatality Analysis Reporting System began. January to March of 2020 had 13% more traffic deaths than the year before, and the 2nd quarter of the year (April to June) had a 23.1% increase. That’s all happening while AAA reports the COVID-19 pandemic led to a 45% drop in daily personal car trips and a 40% drop in trips by “all modes of transportation combined” in 2020.

The number of accidents involving large trucks has been steadily rising for years. In 2019, there were 5,005 people killed in accidents involving large trucks – a 43% increase since 2010. You’d think that would be due to an increased number of heavy trucks on the road, but in fact there’s been a major truck driver shortage in the Bay Area and nationwide.

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Megeredchian Law
#1 of 12 Best Truck Crash Attorneys in SF

Trucks and passenger cars don't make for a good match. There's a sheer difference in size between these vehicles, which means that a crash involving both can be life-altering or deadly if it occurs. The images that you see and the injuries you hear about in the news in the aftermath of a collision aren't made up for television. Truck accident lawyers have clients reach out to them daily after being involved in a serious crash like this. Proving liability is a skill that takes time to hone. The attorneys at Megeredchian Law have the necessary experience to prove liability in some of the most complex truck accident cases.

Gruber Law Group
#2 of 12 Top SF Semi Truck Injury Lawyers

Gruber Law Group is a personal injury law firm that handles a wide range of injury cases in San Francisco and nearby communities. The firm's founder, Eric Gruber, has lengthy personal experience with injuries that has given him unique insights into how people injured by negligence and other acts feel when trying to restore their bodies and minds and find some sense of relief. Gruber is also a truck injury attorney who understands the ins and outs of highway and byway cases of negligent truck drivers, faulty vehicles or defective related equipment causing serious vehicle accidents and injuries. He is also reflective when it comes to his role as a lawyer. While a former law student, he took to heart the words of a speaker who recommended that every lawyer write statements about why they wanted to be lawyers and then re-read these statements throughout their career. One of his that he comes back to repeatedly is the idea of "making a difference" in the lives of others.

Downtown LA Law Group
#3 of 12 Leading SF Truck Collision Law Firms

Downtown LA Law Group is a San Francisco-based truck collision lawyer who helps victims of negligence and recklessness in one of California's most populous metropolitan areas. The firm began with just two attorneys back in 2000 when they handled only car accidents but quickly expanded into other work such as wrongful death, medical malpractice, and product liability. Today it has grown to over 20 attorneys who help clients throughout Northern California with their legal needs. Their team specializes in helping people recover from injuries caused by negligent drivers or companies through settlements and trial verdicts for plaintiffs injured in all types of accidents, including: Automobile Accidents, Trucking Accidents, Bus Accidents, & Motorcycle Accidents. If you're a truck accident victim, then contact the legal team at Downtown LA Law Group to help get your case started. You can also visit their office in person, located near San Francisco's Union Square, where they'll be happy to help you.

SF Bay Area Law
#4 of 12 Top-Notch Truck Crash Attorneys Near SF

SF Bay Area Law is a highly effective firm that works with clients in need of a truck crash attorney. They specialize in helping clients who have been injured at work, and they are tenacious in their efforts to help their clients get every penny they have coming to them. Furthermore, they offer a free case evaluation for potential clients to see if they are a good fit. People are injured at work all the time, but they don't always realize that they are entitled by law to many benefits. SF Bay Area Law knows all of the pertinent legal issues when it comes to work-related injuries, and they are experts at getting outstanding work-compensation packages for their clients. This firm is easy to work with, and they provide their services in Spanish as well as English. They are with their clients from being hired to the final case resolution.

The Law Collective
#5 of 12 Best SF Semi Truck Injury Lawyers

Award-winning personal injury attorneys at The Law Collective are based in San Francisco and have 21 office locations throughout California. They provide legal representation for all those who have been in a car accident, and they are willing to take on any type of case. Their car accident lawyers, truck accident lawyers, motorcycle accident lawyers, and train and bus accident lawyers are experienced and friendly. They also take on clients with pedestrian accidents, slip and fall accidents, and wrongful death cases. They stress that they don't like when insurance companies take advantage of victims. Their team members are hand-selected by founder Elliot Eslamboly. Their expert attorneys have a good track record, winning several multi-million-dollar settlements for their clients. They only get paid when they win their cases. The Law Collective has passionate lawyers available to take calls.

Stats show deaths in accidents involving semis and other haulers are most likely to happen on major roads, by a 52% majority. 33% happen on interstates and freeways, and the remaining 13-14% happen on minor roads.

The City of San Francisco is working to make some changes that would decrease the number of fatal semi-truck accidents, especially on main roads where they’re most common. The average speed drivers have been going during rush hour on the city’s roads and freeways have been decreasing steadily through the years but congestion remains a major problem.

About a third of accidents involving large trucks happen outside of the travel lane, and a little less than a third are because of a loss of control in the vehicle. 22% of semi-truck accidents are rear-end collisions. Speeding and rollover accidents are common, but some crashes are caused by cargo being loaded on unsafely.

Rahman Law PC
#6 of 12 Top SF Truck Collision Law Firms

Rahman Law PC is a truck injury attorney located in San Francisco with an impeccable record of winning personal injury cases. Rahman Law PC has practiced law for over 30 years and has won countless personal injury cases. The firm's attorneys have experience handling all types of trucking accidents, from tractor trailers to semis, including those involving passenger vehicles. The attorneys at Rahman PC are passionate about fighting for the rights of injured people so they can focus on their recovery without worrying about legal matters or medical expenses. Rahman Law is a law firm that specializes in personal injury cases. The team at the Law PC has been providing quality legal representation for over 30 years. They have experience with many injuries, from tractor-trailer accidents to semis. Their attorneys are passionate about helping people who need it most and keeping them updated on their cases so they can focus on getting better without worrying about the expenses or legal issues involved with their accident.

Anna Dubrovsky Law Group
#7 of 12 Leading Truck Crash Attorneys Near SF

Anna Dubrovsky is a truck collision lawyer at her own personal injury law firm based in San Fransisco, CA. Anna Dubrovsky Law Group Inc., represents clients who have been involved in motorcycle, car, truck and slip and fall accidents. The law office fights for financial compensation for a victim's medical expenses, loss of income and pain and suffering. The firm prides itself on protecting the victims from large insurance companies' defense tactics by presenting a solid case before the court.

The Brandi Law Firm
#8 of 12 Best SF Truck Collision Law Firms

The Brandi Law Firm provides help for those who are involved in truck crashes. This firm uses the experience that its lawyers have to come up with a plan to look out for each one of their clients. This truck crash attorney partners with its clients and makes sure that they know how their case is going to go and what is going to be expected of them as the case is appearing in court.

Law Offices of John P. Strouss III
#8 of 12 Best SF Truck Collision Law Firms

A truck accident lawyer in San Francisco, John P. Strouss III, has been helping people for over 27 years. He is committed to both his clients and the community, always striving to uphold a high level of integrity. His firm focuses on truck accidents throughout California's Bay Area region, including Oakland and Hayward. John P. Strouss III is available to help people 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with their legal needs. The Law Offices of John P. Strouss III is a truck accident lawyer located in San Francisco, California. They have been helping people with their injury cases for over 27 years and are available just when you need the help the most. The focus of the law office is on truck accidents throughout California's Bay Area region, including Oakland and Hayward. If you've been injured in a truck accident, please don't hesitate to call the Law Offices of John P. Strouss III today.

#10 of 12 Leading Truck Crash Attorneys in SF

Tractor-trailer operators must complete special training and health and safety requirements to secure and maintain their commercial driver's licenses. While most people would assume that it would be safer to share the road with these motorists, that's not necessarily the case. Equipment can fail, and trucker driver errors still occur, often resulting in San Francisco motorists who truckers share the road getting hurt. Truck injury attorneys at JML Law regularly work with drivers who tractor-trailer operators have struck. They've often suffered debilitating brain or spinal cord injuries, burns or amputations. California law may allow them to pursue legal action against truckers and their fleet companies to recover compensation for these injuries.

iAccident Lawyer
#11 of 12 Top-Notch SF Semi Truck Injury Lawyers

iAccident Lawyer is a California-based company with a settlement success rate of 95% and over 30 years of combined experience. Car accidents, and injuries caused by car accidents, are their specialty. These truck collision lawyers can help individuals get their cars out of tow yards and get them repaired. They can also help clients get the medical treatment they need. They reimburse clients for any out-of-pocket expenses. Victims who already have lawyers can change their representation at no additional cost. Additionally, clients have no obligation to pay for legal services if their case is unsuccessful. iAccident Lawyers usually speak with clients clients the same day they reach out for help. They can meet clients at a location of the client's choosing to offer guidance and advise them on what legal action they should take, if any. These trusted truck collision lawyers are available for consultation when you need them.

Law Offices of Alex G. Tovarian
#12 of 12 Best Truck Crash Attorneys Near SF

Truck drivers are supposed to inspect their tractor-trailers before leaving their depot. Federal law prohibits them from drinking within a few hours of their trip or while they're on the road and requires them to take rest breaks along the way. Truckers must abide by California law much like any other motorist, including obeying the speed limit and staying off their phones when driving. Truckers are like any other motorist and may violate rules and regulations, leaving motorists who share the road with them vulnerable to getting hurt. Truck crash attorneys such as the ones at the Law Offices of Alex G. Tovarian regularly represent injured San Francisco motorists as they look to hold negligent truckers liable for their indiscretions.



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