We now know the identity of the victim and the alleged killer in Sunday’s grisly Milpitas high-speed chase, where the victim was an aspiring realtor, and her ex-boyfriend a registered sex offender.

Some key details have come out in the wake of a strange and heartbreaking story of a high-speed car chase in Milpitas Sunday where a man had allegedly stolen his ex-girlfriend's car and led police on a high-speed chase with her body in the backseat. That victim has been identified as 35-year-old Christina Raymond, a Chabot College graduate and realtor. Additional police information shows how close Raymond got from escaping danger that day, and KTVU spoke with Raymond’s grieving boyfriend, who told the station how she’d been stalked and threatened by her previous ex.

That grieving boyfriend is Lennart Persson, seen above with Raymond, who said she had been receiving “very threatening emails” from her ex, 42-year-old Anthony Jon Juco of San Jose. “It was just getting worse and worse the prior month. He just kept saying some really nasty things about when he sees her it’s going to be a problem, ‘I’m going to kill you and your family.'"


Raymond was apparently driving for DoorDash on Sunday, and Persson says he was on the phone with her when she realized she was being followed by Juco. "She’s like, ‘Oh my God, babe. That’s Anthony,' Persson recalls. He said she was trying to drive to the police station, almost making it, and got as far as a public works parking lot next door. That’s where police noticed Raymond’s Toyota Camry, with Juco driving, which led to a chase that ended with a crash in Fremont, and the discovery of Raymond’s body in the backseat. Police say she was fatally stabbed.

The suspect, Anthony Jon Juco, was apparently a registered sex offender. KTVU adds that “Police also arrested Juco's mother, Simona Atondo, 60, for allegedly helping her son in his escape attempt.”

Persson had been dating Christina Raymond since October, and the two had future plans that are now broken. "We talked about kids. We talked about our goal to buy our own house by 2022 because we both do real estate, save to purchase our first home. We talked about our dreams, our ambitions," Persson told KTVU. He added, "Christina was such a sweet person, she had a heart of gold, and she always thought of other people ahead of herself."

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