Coming off a hiatus, the Blue Angels — a six-member team of Super Hornets that serve as ambassadors of U.S. naval aviation — will again take to the skies above San Francisco next week for Fleet Week, deafening onlookers down below.

Much like every other event last year, Fleet Week morphed into a virtual affair in May of 2020, which featured a collection of digital demonstrations and happenings that attracted around 170,000 unique viewers. But for 2021, as things begin to resemble some semblance of normal, this year's Fleet Week will look familiar.

And that includes being able to see the Blue Angels perform their aerial gymnastics over the San Francisco Bay... IRL. (And their practice flights will likely kickoff mid-week, like Wednesday?)

As mentioned by the SF Examiner, this year marks the 75th anniversary of the U.S. Navy Marines Blue Angels; per the Chronicle, the Blue Angels air displays next week will be about one week after the 71st anniversary of the first time the Blue Angels crisis-crossed the skies above San Francisco.

For 2021, spectators can watch these planes execute aeronautical wonders over SF Bay next Friday, Saturday, and Sunday — free of charge. Those wanting an optimal viewing of the Blue Angels flying in and around SF can pay a premium for seats ($85-$325) at Marina Green.

This year's waterfront airshow will also include demonstrations from the Coast Guard, the Navy Parachute Team, and the Red Bull Helicopter. But it's without question that the aerial acrobatics conducted by the Blue Angels remains the highlight of Fleet Week's various displays.

Love 'em or hate 'em: Make sure you've got your noise-canceling headphones at the ready starting this Friday.

For more information on this year's Fleet Week — which is the only airshow in the country to have a performance by a commercial airliner — visit

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Photo: Gregory Shamus / Staff