Getting to or coming from the Golden Gate Bridge became a royal pain in the ass during daytime hours this week as Caltrans started its paving work on the section of Lombard Street between 101 and Van Ness. You should avoid this route at all costs.

Caltrans is in the midst of a four-plus-month project doing roadway maintenance on a 1.4-mile stretch of Lombard Street — and it's going on through July and WHY DIDN'T THEY DO THIS WHILE NO ONE WAS DRIVING LAST YEAR?

You'll understand the all-caps sentiment if you end up stuck in traffic going either northbound or southbound between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., when the work is ongoing. Traffic in both directions is going to be reduced to one lane on various days — and the process of condensing the three lanes of the southbound freeway down to one lane coming from the Golden Gate is a major clusterfuck. Be warned.

"The last roadway maintenance project took place approximately 30 years ago and Lombard Street has since developed various roadway imperfections," Caltrans says. They say they "regret the noise and delays associated with the project," but, the agency adds, "once this critical work is completed, motorists and residents will benefit from a smoother, safer drive for years to come."

via Caltrans

The project — which began in late March but progressed to actual paving this week — includes replacing parking slabs and parking spots, grinding and repaving the roadway, upgrading various curb ramps, utility work, electrical work, and restriping lanes and crosswalks.

Unfortunately, as SFist recently reported, traffic is basically back to pre-pandemic levels all over the Bay Area, so Caltrans picked a hell of a time to schedule this work.

Make sure to take 19th Avenue if you're trying to get to the Golden Gate Bridge, and don't forget and head toward Lombard when you're coming into the city — there's no signage until you're already stuck in the mess.

Once again, this is through July.

Top image via SF Department of Public Works