A gentle reminder that the East Bay wildlife park began welcoming zoo visitors on February 3 and officially reopened its Glowfari festival — a wonderland of illuminated lanterns inspired by global fauna — this past Friday.

Bay Area wildlife hubs are back in business (sans a few of them, like the Aquarium By the Bay, as its indoor-only display layout doesn’t fall under current COVID-19 reopening guidelines). The San Francisco Zoo opened last week to well-spaced crowds and eager fans of the zoological institution gawking over the zoo's Chilean flamingos, critically endangered Sumatran tigers, and more. As of last Wednesday, the Oakland Zoo, too, reopened to the general public.

"We are excited and eager to again offer Bay Area families a safe place for outdoor recreation and education," reads a statement from the zoo regarding its reopening. "In compliance with the State and Alameda County Public Health Departments, we are continuing to implement all ongoing COVID-19 safety protocols put in place to protect the health of our guests, staff, and animals."

Like SF's namesake wildlife hub, the Oakland Zoo will continue to operate with limited capacity and ensure social distancing guidelines are met; reservations must be made in advance are required to enter the zoo; soon-to-be visitors can choose their preferred day and time when purchasing online tickets. And to remain open, the zoo would like to remind the public that "the Zoo and our guests must comply with the health and safety protocols set by Alameda County Public Health Department."

In addition to Oakland Zoo's outdoor exhibits now accessible to the public — among them being displays featuring American black bears and bison, camels, and crowned lemurs — its Glowfari festival is also available to the public.

Encompassing three distinct worlds (BLUE PLANET, WILD KINGDOM, and LAND OF THE LOST), these "larger-than-life" illuminated figures highlight the importance of every species on our planet, and the Oakland Zoo's commitment to conservation and fostering global biodiversity. The mile-ish-long path weaving through the expansive exhibit has dozens of towering and even interactive artworks, like 15-foot-tall penguins, massive tiger and lions, and towering dinosaurs; a ride on the park's iconic gondolas come nightfall puts the entire exhibit below your feet to see in its full, bioluminescent-like glory.

Relevant signal boost: You can learn about donating to the San Francisco Zoo, here; visit oaklandzoo.org/donate-to-oakland-zoo to support the Oakland Zoo, as well.

Go to oaklandzoo.org/plan-your-visit to... well... learn more about planning your visit to the wildlife hub amid the pandemic.

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Image: Courtesy of Twitter via @oakzoo