Trattoria Pinocchio, a North Beach eatery known for plating authentic Sicilian dishes, served up a side of hate speech this week after the owner posted a slew of problematic signs on the restaurant’s windows.

There's been no shortage of racist, hateful actions and attacks on minorities as of late. People have been blocked entering the parking garages to their homes; subjected to criticism for writing "Black Lives Matter" on their own property; racially profiled and lambasted while macerating meals. (Read: the actions done by local Kens, Karens, bombastic CEOs.) And the owner of the quasi well-rated Italian touchstone Trattoria Pinocchio in North Beach joined that collective Thursday when he put up divisive signs on Trattoria Pinocchio's windows.

"He's anti-social and anti-community in everything he has done," Dan Macchiarini, president of the North Beach Business Association, said about the owner to SFGate.

In the handwritten signs, the owner labeled media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and ABC as "fake news," questioned whether or not Michelle Obama is a man or a woman, called San Francisco a "cesspool," and much more — in both English and Italian.

"He hasn't been a part of the community in any way," Macchiarini continued when talking about the "racist, bigoted" signs, adding that the owner is an "extreme individualist."

The restaurant was also subjected to negative, not-food-related review on Yelp based on the problematic messaging on its windows: "This is just a review of the owner and all of his racist propaganda that is spewed incoherently all over the building, it is truly disheartening [...] there is no way that we will ever step foot in this building while this owner occupies this space. Move along," wrote one user.

The posts, as well, have also piqued the attention of District 3 Supervisor Aaron Peskin who told KRON4 that the owner — which according to Trattoria Pinocchio's Facebook page "is owned and run by Giovanni Zocca and his wife Maria" — is considered "to be unhinged" by neighbors.

But rampant racism and cringe-worthy assumptions aside, the restaurant is already set to close because of financial problems spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Though, it looks like they won't exactly get a fond farewell when they do close up shop.

“Nobody in the neighborhood is sad to see him go,” Peskin added to the news outlet. Off the record, other business owners told KRON4 that these signs are "repulsive" and they, too, are pleased to see the owner leave.

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