Well, it looks like SF "Karen" Lisa Alexander  — the skincare CEO filmed scrutinizing a local man for writing "Black Lives Matter" outside his home earlier this month — has a male counterpart: this "Ken" named William Beasley who blocked a Latino man from entering his apartment complex Tuesday.

There sure does seem to be no shortage of smartphone-captured Karen (and Ken) behavior as of recent. These episodes of white entitlement and brazen ignorance continue fueling dialogues about racial injustices and birthright privileges, with the recent racist actions of a San Francisco male now attached to those conversations.

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PLEASE HELP ID HIM. TRIGGER WARNING: On the topic of #racism in San Francisco. Excuse my language in the video, I was a bit shaken up and my Chicano from Compton came out! Today I was not let into my complex by a white couple from Florida that said they would not let a criminal into their complex as they needed to protect it. They thought I was trying to tailgate them to break in and rob them/other cars in the garage. They were driving in full speed, stopped poked their head out and saw a brown boy in a hat and put their car on break. They called me a criminal, told me if I TRULY lived there then I should be ok going around and trying again after they went inside. I showed them my keys and garage remote and they still insisted I leave. My neighbor was out smoking and tried to intervene. As soon as they threatened to call the cops, I started recording. This video is four minutes long and I dealt with this for 4 minutes prior to this. My neighbor, who’s also white felt bad because he was not going to tolerate racism, and tried to get them to move. The man in the passenger seat came out and beat him, and threatened to shoot us if we didn’t leave. Security eventually arrived and the man still insisted I leave. The girlfriend tried to pay us to not call the cops and not press battery charges. Police arrived and I have filed a report along with my neighbor. I had to move parking spots as he threatened to shoot us both. This is NOT ok and this goes to show you that racism is well and alive in SF. The gf claimed that “we don’t see color”. 🙄🙄🙄 *Apparently his name is William and she’s Ellie

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According to SFGate, Michael Barajas, a 28-year-old health professional and resident at the SOMA Residence apartment complex, was blocked from entering the building’s parking garage earlier this week after a white couple in an SUV pulled ahead of him. Titled with out-of-state license plates (from Florida; go figure), the driver and passenger later identified on social media as William Beasley was filmed verbally attacking Barajas, accusing him of  "criminal” conduct.

"Hey you f–king criminal, you're not coming in here," Beasley says on the recorded video, stating Barajas didn't have a key fob to enter the apartment complex. "You're not coming into the f–king garage. I called the cops, so you got about five minutes to get out of here."

Alas, Barajas told Beasley he did, in fact, have a key fob multiple times throughout the interaction.

As ABC7 notes, Barajas was wearing almost all black in the video, with his arm tattoos showing — which Baraja believes, perhaps, led Beasley to think he was a threat. Nevertheless, the confrontation lasted north of 20 minutes and at one point escalated to physical violence; a bystander who smacked Beasley's white SUV and yelled for him to move was knocked to the ground.

Eventually, Beasley and a female passenger — she afterward saying to on-site ABC7 News photographer James Mann that Beasley "didn't know" Barajas lived at the complex — left the altercation and allowed Barajas to enter, though the damage was done. And recorded.

Per Newsweek, Allison Maxie, an SFPD spokeswoman, wrote in a statement to the outlet that officers were called to the apartment complex for a report of a battery.

"Officers met with a [the bystander thrown to the ground] who said that he saw a verbal argument ensuing between residents about entry into the building," she writes."The victim attempted to intervene and was assaulted by a male suspect. The suspect left the scene prior to police arrival." It was later mentioned that the male victim wouldn't press charges.

APEX Systems, where Beasley was employed, said in a tweet that they've conducted an internal review and "made the decision to terminate the employee," adding they will not "tolerate violent or racist behavior."

The viral video's now amassed almost 90k views on Instagram. Hate crimes — which include verbal attacks — and other Karen and Ken spottings can be reported to the SFPD’s Special Investigations Division at (415) 553-1133.

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