Assuming we will all still be primarily indoors and isolated come Easter — Donald Trump be damned — the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence has announced that the beloved annual tradition of the Hunky Jesus and Foxy Mary contests will be moving online, like most other live events these days.

The announcement came on Facebook Monday and BrokeAss Stuart picked it up this morning. So, the Sisters won't be able to celebrate in Dolores Park like they did for last year's anniversary blowout — that celebration is officially "delayed."

But, as they write, contest entries will be accepted until April 6, and prior to Easter, "A group of highly judgmental Sisters, including Sister Roma and Sister Dana, will peruse [contest] entries and select the top 15 Hunky Jesus and top 15 Foxy Mary contestants." Those will be posted to the Sisters' Instagram (@SFSisters) on Easter Sunday (April 12), where the public will "vote" with likes and comments to choose the winner.

Here are the official rules:

To compete you must live in the United States, be 18 years or older, and follow the Sisters on Instagram @sfsisters
1) Prepare a short bio including your instagram account name, where you live, your Hunky Jesus or Foxy Mary name, a photo of you in character, and a one minute video featuring your “Holy Inspiration” in action.
2) E-mail everything to [email protected]
3) Entries are due by April 6th 12am PST
4) The Sisters will pour through entries and select 15 candidates for Hunky Jesus, 15 candidates for Foxy Mary and announce contestants on Easter Sunday.
Voting will be done by the community via likes and comments. One Winner will get a very special gift and world-wide bragging rights as the first ever online Foxy Mary and Hunky Jesus!

See? Not everything's cancelled! And you might actually be able to get a good look at the contestants this time, and not from far away!

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