San Francisco is known for picturesque beauty, internationally recognized landmarks, and, of course, as the number 1 American city for bars per capita, with a whopping 16.5 bars per 100,000 households. Get your pre-game on with one of these 9 top beer delivery companies in SF. Why is this list free?

Cheers on Demand
#1 of 9 Best Beer Delivery

Cheers on Demand boasts about 500 different beer products available for delivery in San Francisco. Including roughly 100 IPAs, 40 pale ales, 20 pilsners, 20 light beer brands, and countless "specialty" labels, Cheers on Demand is your one-stop shop for beer delivery. Cheers also carries a number of ciders and flavored beer, in case you are looking for a different type of refreshing beverage.

Drizly #2 of 9 Top Beer Delivery San Francisco

Drizly, more correctly a platform than an actual beer delivery company in SF, lists the products of other stores that carry your favorite beers. They can deliver a wide selection of beers from ales to lagers to IPAs to wheat beers and even sour ales, if that's what you like. With on-demand beer, Drizly lets you peruse the catelog of products from places like Bevmo and even some local specialty stores. When SFist accessed Drizly, the app estimated 20 minute delivery times with a $9.99 fee.

#3 of 9 Leading Beer Delivery Near Me

Instacart is one of the more well-established food delivery platforms around. Founded in 2012, Instacart now has over 300 options for beer delivery in San Francisco. Great for the basics and some indie brands, this platform has infrastructure and options. Instacart's delivery fee was $8.99 with about a 1.5 to 2 hour delivery window when the SFist team looked last.

#4 of 9 Top-Notch Beer Delivery Service

BevMo is one of the country's liquor store giants. With over 150 locations on the West Coast, 3 stores in SF, and at least 15 in the Greater Bay Area, BevMo is never too far away. Worry not if you can't make it into a brick-and-mortars, BevMo delivers domestic & imported beers, hard seltzer like White Claw, cider, and of course malt liquor too - all same-day with a $9.99 delivery fee.

#5 of 9 Top Beer Delivery

On-demand service, Minibar, is much more than a great place to order up beer online. This service delivers everything from whiskey to vodka and everything between, but their selection of roughly 300 beer products makes Minibar one of the top options for beer delivery in San Francisco. Minibar will deliver within 1 hour, but has a $30 minimum order quantity & charges $4.99 in delivery fee.

Room Service
#6 of 9 Leading Beer Delivery San Francisco

At around 240 beer options, Room Service is great place to start your same-day beer delivery experience. That catelog of beers is divided among its 19+ beer styles, including red ales, saisons, and hefeweizens, plus nearly any other type of beer that you can think of. Room Service charges $5 for alcohol delivery within SF.

#7 of 9 Top-Notch Beer Delivery Near Me

Saucey has nearly 300 items in its beer department. Use their app to access each one, though they lean towards the mainstream brands. Saucey delivers in San Francisco within about 1 hour and has a minimum order of $30.

#8 of 9 Best Beer Delivery Service

SWILL focuses on its hard alcohol selection over its beer selection, but with about 40 beer options, SWILL does have at least 1 beer from each beer category. SWILL tends to have delivery times under 30 minutes, with a $30 minimum order quantity.

#9 of 9 Leading Beer Delivery

DoorDash is another platform that gives physical stores the ability to deliver through their drivers. DoorDash's beer selection is actually not that extensive, though you can peruse the BevMo! lists and can generally find something that you like delivered in as little as 30 minutes. Delivery fees vary and can be as much as $10+.



The above list includes Beer Delivery Companies that SFist believes actively provides superior services. In some cases, they are among the most successful teams in San Francisco. In some cases, variable, sponsorship listing fees or commissions effect the ranking position of the teams, but every one has a history of providing great services. To learn more about SFist's classifieds listings read more here.


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