While the circumstances around this one two-bedroom condo in downtown's Infinity building may be specific, a price slashing may point to a larger issue for similar properties.

Unit 29A at The Infinity, a two-bedroom tw0-bath with a 200-square-foot balcony terrace, was originally listed for $2.345 million in early 2014. It sold later that year for $2.1 million, and as Socketsite reports, it hit the market again last fall for $2.099 million. The pricing seemed to recognize the fact that that twisty new tower designed by architect Jeanne Gang at 160 Folsom had newly obstructed the unit's views of the Bay.

The unit then sat on the market, got reduced to $1.999 million, got pulled off the market, then got re-listed in May for $2.099 million again, only to get pulled off the market again three weeks later.

Socketsite notes that the unit returned to the market this month for $1.899 million, and just sold after officially being on the market for only 14 days, for $1.9 million — a 9.5 percent reduction from its 2014 sale price.

As one commenter on the site notes, this area of SoMa around Salesforce Tower is "star-crossed," and a long-ago promise of new retail and 24/7 vibrancy in the neighborhood has been seeming like an empty one. The neighborhood has thousands of new residents, and yet the streets are pretty ghostly and desolate on nights and weekends with little to draw people from elsewhere in town.

Has the luxury condo market in SF officially collapsed? Obviously not. But the days of being guaranteed tidy returns on these condo units in just a few years may be fading.