A rare François langur monkey was just born at the San Francisco Zoo, and boy is s/he cute.

Zookeepers don't yet know the gender of the infant, which was born to 17-year-old female Kathleen and 9-year-old male Jun Wan last week (September 8). And as NBC Bay Area reports, the Zoo will be having a naming contest once they figure it out.

Photo via SF Zoo/Marianne Hale

Fun facts:

  • François langur monkeys are native northeastern Vietnam and southwestern China
  • They are also known as Francois' leaf monkey, Tonkin leaf monkey, or white side-burned black langur
  • There are only about 1,500 believed to be in the wild in China, with fewer than 500 left in Vietnam
  • Around 60 of these monkeys live in captivity in North American zoos
  • The monkeys grow long, silky black hair in adulthood, but infants are born with bright orange hair
  • François langur monkeys have historically been hunted in China, with some communities believing that a wine made from their bones has medicinal value
An adult Francois langur monkey at the Los Angeles Zoo. Photo: Wikimedia