A cat of unknown color or gender was given their privacy by Google Street View's facial-recognition software, and perhaps that's as it should be.

This example of an oddity on Street View was picked up by the subreddit devoted to all such hilarity on Google Maps and Street View, called r/googlemapsshenanigans. Google Maps Shenanigans dates back two years, and it all started with a funny stunt that's referred to as "the original shenanigan," in which a couple of guys were spotted pulling their car off to the side of the road, jumping out, and jumping on the roof and hood of the car to pose for the passing Google camera van.

But on a weekly basis, the subreddit's following can be counted on to find all sorts of blunders and funnies, including this privacy-protected feline (at least we all assume it's a cat?)...

Photo: Google Street View

... and there's also this classic...

... and this amazingness captured in Hoboken, New Jersey, in which a man falls backwards off a front stoop.

The subreddit has actually expanded beyond just Google Maps to include any flubs in any mapping software, now that there are a number of them out there, as one user explains to The Next Web.

Be forewarned, they don't take just any content — a moderator says he gets a few submissions per day, most of which go in the trash heap because they aren't funny enough.

[h/t: The Next Web]

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