A perturbed frenchman, caught peeing in his garden by Google's popular Street View feature, is suing the company for humiliation and invasion of privacy. The photo, posted online, has reportedly made him the laughing stock of his tiny village. "My client lives in a tiny hamlet where everyone recognized him," said lawyer Jean-Noel Bouillaud, client of the urinating man who has asked to remain anonymous, adding that the image was snapped while the man was on "his own property and the gate to his garden was closed at the time the photo was taken."

The man has taken the mammoth Mountain View company to court for having his photo, taken on his private property, published without his consent. He would also like the image scrubbed from the site. Google's lawyers have called the suit "implausible," noting that Street View is allowed to take photos by their specially equipped cars.

In related news, outdoor peeing in France seems to be some sort of cultural phenomenon and pride, at least according to a 2009 article in EuroKulture. To wit: "Public urination in France is more than just a problem. It’s an adrenaline rush. It’s convenient. It’s a true test of friendship for partners in crime. Urinating in the street has been added to the Ô Chateau-Parisian Wine Tasting blog, 'Stuff Parisian People Like.' "

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