Iconic 53-year-old nightclub The Stud, endangered now for nearly three years, has got a new lease on life today, literally.

In a news release Wednesday, The Stud Collective — as the 15-person ownership group is known — says that despite earlier reports of an imminent eviction, The Stud shall be staying put at 9th and Harrison until at least 2021.

"We're still actively searching for a permanent home, where the Stud can continue to serve the Bay Area's queer community," says Stud Collective president Rachel Ryan. She adds, "It's now more important than ever to support the Stud and similar places that hold space for our community through all the changes that San Francisco is experiencing."

Back in 2016, things looked fairly dire for the LGBTQ club following the departure of longtime business owner and manager Michael McElhaney. He cited a doubling of the rent by the property owners, who are the children of an elderly couple who had long been The Stud's landlords.

Then the Collective was formed to purchase the business from McElhaney, and in December 2016 they secured a two-year lease from the property owners. Lots of new programming was added, from furry parties to burlesque shows, and the place has appeared to thrive in the two years since. But as far as most of us knew, the club was doomed to close by the end of 2018 with no new location as yet found.

So, today's news comes as a relief to The Stud's many fans.

As some of you may recall from early in the last decade (or the 90s, gasp!), The Stud was the birthplace of Trannyshack, Heklina's famed drag shitshow that morphed and evolved into what's now Mother on Saturdays at Oasis — the club Heklina now co-owns with all her Trannyshack money. Earlier than that, once upon a time, it was a Western-themed gay bar that was originally located on Folsom Street where Holy Cow is now.

Today's announcement is also coupled with news of a brand new slate of parties and shows to celebrate the lease extension. These include:

Drag Alive – A new Friday weekly happy hour drag showcase (6:30 to 8pm) hosted by longtime Friday hostess VivvyAnne ForeverMore (of SomeThing fame)

Other Stranger – A party showcasing "cutting-edge underground electronic sounds, featuring some of the most intriguing players on the scene." Every third Friday 10pm-3am.

Sunday Situation – A monthly tea dance from legendary New York DJ Rich King. Every first Sunday 5 p.m. on.

Awooga! – A new variety show showcasing the "avant-garde elements of the queer community," plus dancing all night with hosts John F*cking Cartwright and Kochina Rude. First Thursdays 10pm-late.

XO – A new queer dance party centering on women. First Fridays 10pm-3am.

See The Stud's regular calendar here.

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