Yes, St. Patrick's Day is still four days away, but SF typically does their parade and official celebration on the Saturday before the actual day, which this year meant that the festivities happened a full six days before the real St. Patty's.

Here we bring you some photos from the parade, after which many people gathered downtown at places like The Irish Bank and Johnny Foley's, and the sunny weather meant that the end of the parade route at Civic Center Plaza was also one big outdoor party.

This is one of the longest running traditions in San Francisco, this city having been a longtime magnet for Irish immigration. As the Examiner notes, this was the 166th annual St. Patrick's Day parade here.

And if you were out of town over the weekend or somehow missed the memo about the parade, many people will no doubt be out cavorting Friday when the actual holiday is happening, so please make use of SFist's list of the best Irish bars in town.