In his first trip to the Bay Area as a private citizen since taking office as the 44th POTUS in 2008, Barack Obama flew to San Jose yesterday where he's staying downtown at the Fairmont Hotel. NBC Bay Area reports that Secret Service agents were securing the premises and that guests claim they've seen bomb-sniffing dogs roaming the hallways.

During the visit, Obama will reportedly meet with technology leaders. But why? Is he, as has been speculated before, looking for future employment in Silicon Valley? Or, as conspiracy theorists hold, is he working with them to continue his "shadow presidency" leading the "deep state?" Probably neither!

Remembering the 44th president's legacy on technology, Engadget called him the most tech-savvy leader the country has ever had — President Trump's Twitter fixation notwithstanding.

"Obama made it one of his priorities to modernize the federal government on everything from telecommunications policy to White House IT," recalls Engadget. "He tackled infrastructure, STEM education, net neutrality and climate change in serious and substantive ways." And let's not forget Obama's great enthusiasm for drones, shared by many in Silicon Valley.

Obama's flight to San Jose wasn't a non-stop: It included a layover yesterday in Omaha, Nebraska for lunch with Warren Buffett and Susie Buffet according to the Omaha World-Herald. Maybe the former president has a new product or business to pitch and just needed some funding — perhaps some kind of smart, camera-connected microwave?

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