Be prepared for any situation with one of these handy gadgets in your pocket.

Time to upgrade that arsenal of loose change and old receipts rattling around in your pockets and bags for stuff you’ll actually need. Whether it’s this durable key fob or this wallet and toolkit in one, these are the everyday carry items you should have on you at all times.

1. American Bench Craft Dual Snap Key Fob

Sturdy, made out of premium leather and high-grade stainless steel, this American Bench Craft Dual Snap Key Fob features a dual snap design — you can attach or detach single keys, or the entire fob itself from your belt loop.

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This high quality fob is $19, reduced from $29.

2. Saberlight Rechargeable Plasma Lighter


No more tossing out faulty lighters - the Saberlight Rechargeable Plasma Lighter is made to outlast them out. It uses an electricity generated plasma beam instead of butane, making the flame not only hotter, but totally weatherproof.

Buy now: The most reliable lighter ever is $15.95 — that’s 84% off retail price.

3. Bundeze Bandit Multi-Tool Wallets


Why be content with just a wallet, when you could use one of these Bundeze Bandit Multi-Tool Wallets instead? It features a utilitarian, waterproof design — and even includes metric and standard wrenches, Phillips and Regular bits and a bottle opener.

Buy now: The most use you’ll get out of a wallet for $19.99, reduced from $25.

4. PicoPen


You’ll want to stash this in your pocket: the PicoPen is stylish and totally portable. Have it ready for all those last-minute moments you need a pen.

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Get ready to sign for $18.95.

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